Deadlifts, dumbbell curls, and danger?

Deadlifts, dumbbell curls, and danger?
-Dan Botan


Assiniboine Community College’s Athletic Centre comes under fire for repeated health and safety violations while repeatedly ignoring complaints.


Brandon-For many, the Assiniboine Community College’s (ACC) Victoria East Campus athletics centre is one of, if not the, quintessential ways of releasing pent up stress. Frequented by dozens of students, instructors, custodians and others who attend Assiniboine Community College, the athletic centre boasts a wide range of fitness equipment including a squat rack, a bench press station, elliptical machines, and treadmills. However, in recent months the athletics department has been drawing heavy criticism which has gone ignored by members of both the ACC student council, as well as the staff.









(The ACC Athletic Centre)

As early as September of 2017, complaints have been made by several members of ACC staff with regards to the improper maintenance, and deteriorated condition, of gym equipment in the athletic centre. As of April 2018, their voices have gone completely unheard as management staff has done little of nothing to remedy the situation. An effort was made, some time after December, rubber mats were placed across the floor of the gym, but this has done little to repair the mangled equipment


(Damaged Equipment Found In  The Athletic Centre)

Safety has become the  primary concern for those who voice their opinions about the situation. Specific focus has been drawn towards an unevenly level bench press machine which, for several months, had been balanced out with back-copies of lifestyle magazines, and is now supported by a small plastic disc.

Other student concerns raised include the deteriorated condition in which support cables were found. A barbell – broken since December – has yet to be replaced. Missing equipment such as safety knobs have become lodged in machines due to improper use, and many pieces of safety equipment are missing. Further upsetting gym-goers is what appears to be ACC’s repeated sidestepping of the issue.

ACC Student Vice President, Shelby Mymko, could only attest that “It’s not even our problem,” when asked about what is being done to fix the problems, and asserted that it was a staff issue.

ACC Student Services, Human Resources and Managerial Staff could not be reached for comment on the issue, and while rumours persist that the athletics centre is due to be upgraded in 2019, no official plans have been announced.

For ACC Newsline, I’m Dan Botan.


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