Creativity is the Future

There is a fear, a rumour, a nagging feeling perhaps, that robots will one day take over most of our jobs. Technology is advancing, and as machine learning comes into the spotlight, we start to wonder, are our jobs really in danger?

Machines have already started doing technical tasks in certain industries (and doing them much better than humans). Does this mean that as humans we no longer have a job at the company? Joseph Pistrui of the Harvard Business Review states that many knowledge jobs (such as lawyers and accountants) will soon be automated and that accountants have a 95% chance of losing their jobs. Scary, right?

But there is hope for us creatives. After all, what can we do that robots can’t (yet)? Think for ourselves, make decisions, DESIGN. Joseph says, “Humans are strategic; Machines are tactical.” They do not have an imagination. They do not have the capacity for creative analysis. They do not have emotions.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Seymour Adler and Robert B. Kaiser of Harvard Business Review say we can make ourselves valuable as employees by having a strong work ethic, drive and motivation to complete jobs no matter what it takes. Ambition and eagerness for more responsibility goes a long way in making yourself valuable. Social skills is another thing we have over machines (at least most of us). The ability to meet clients face to face, show emotion, have a conversation. To manage people and build relationships, be influential and read audiences. These things we go a long way in business (and life) and cannot be replaced so easily by robots.

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Therefore, companies should be strategizing about how to incorporate these automations into their businesses by looking at Artificial Intelligence as a way to augment and increase their production, instead of replace employees. Some of our new job descriptions may be to look after these new technologies. After all, someone will have to take care of the machines. But it will give us opportunities to look beyond the mechanical tasks in the workforce and better ourselves for more meaningful and creative positions.

Save the creatives! We are the future. xo M.

2 thoughts on “Creativity is the Future

  1. This is a really in depth look of something that I have thought about before too. I too fear that there will be machines doing many tasks that humans now do but I don’t think designing will ever be one of them. Robots are coded to act upon certain tasks and do do things certain ways when asked. Every designer has their own way of doing things and as a human, we put our emotions and thoughts into every design that we make. A robot would not be able to create original content that could please a client time and time again. I also like the point about talking to clients because this would never work as no one likes talking to an automated message maker. We need to communicate with our client to talk about their ideas and thoughts and what could be improved. I don’t think that a robot could ever be coded to truly have the same skills in designing and communication as a human. I think that we are safe and that we could be one of the few careers not affected by advanced technology in the foreseeable future.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this. I think you are right Brooks! As designers we will benefit greatly by technology, but as far as robots taking our jobs, we have way more value. 🙂

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