Creativity is a Curse

Most people think of creativity as a blessing rather than a curse, but the latter is truer than the former.

Now, not everyone is creative, such as how not everyone is extroverted. Needless to say, but creative people are really different than non-creative people. If everyone was creative, then the term loses all of its meaning. In creative people, there is a high motivation and almost compulsory drive to do creative things and chase down aesthetic experiences. Whether that be through art, movies, literature, plays, poetry, and unconventional music.

On the contrary, there is also the burden of monetizing ones creativity. It is a high risk, high return game; a game in which creative people are forced to play. To say this is difficult would be an understatement, in fact it is virtually impossible. Systems do not nurture the artists, in fact they are the antithesis of creativity. To explain yourself to someone who isn’t creative is like trying to explain color to someone who is colorblind.

If you create an original product, a good and creative one, you have just barely solved 5% of your problems. You need to do sales, marketing, customer support, build an organization, pricing, and articulating yourself well enough so people will become interested in your product. There are steps to building a business out of your product. It is a gruelling, horrible process with a 99% chance you are going to fail. So why bother? Because it is how creative people function. To be stripped of all creative opportunities to a creative person is akin to self-inflicted torture. They are a tree bearing the freshest of fruits just waiting to be plucked.

Now being creative isn’t all bad, because it opens up avenues that aren’t otherwise opened up to non-creative people. There is an overwhelming probability that you will fail, but a small proportion of creative people succeed spectacularly. It’s the lottery of creativity and that is what keeps creative people functioning, that chance of winning the jackpot of innovation. It is the risk that leads humanity into the unknown to transform the world.

One thought on “Creativity is a Curse

  1. This article is well-written and concise. There’s a lot of great structure used in your writing. It wasn’t too complex so that one wouldn’t be able to understand it, and it flows nicely.

    The creative process is a special kind of hell, and it can be rough on someone who’s struggling to create their vision of their project. You also bring up another good point, which is using your creativity to earn a living; a subject that is not often spoken of in the creative process because it could make one look like a sell-out, but it’s a subject that cannot be ignored.

    Creativity is a must here in the Interactive Media Arts program here at Assiniboine Community College, and I noticed that each time we complete a huge project, the instructors just keep raising the bar. Good luck to you.

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