Creating Looped Music Part 2

Hello, welcome to the second part of my guide on how to create you’re own unique music! I highly recommend you take a look at part one found here! Now to keep making your own beats! 

Now you see these keys? This is very important when it comes to loops. Chances are whatever loops you are looking to use won’t be in the same key. That is okay! It is rather simple to adjust such things. First thing you have to do is decide what key you want your loops to be in. This will determine how we will proceed. Once you have that selected, refer to the above chart. In whatever application you are using to assemble your loops you will simply have to pitch shift whatever loops don’t match your chosen key.

Looking at the example above, say I decided key B was my chosen key for my entire track. However one of the loops I want to use is in the A key. Using the above piano keys as guide I have two options. I can either pitch shift the A loops 2 pitches higher, or bring it down by 10. Now to preserve the quality of the loops always go for the closer option. Figure it out by counting the all the keys.

Now adjusting the BPM (beats per minute) is almost as simple. Since different loops will have different BPM, you simple have to adjust the length to your desired BPM, making it longer or shorter depending on what is needed. For example lets say I wanted a BPM of 100 for my entire track. However a loop I want to use is 120 BPM. Since 120 is bigger you will half to increase the time it takes until it matches the 100 BPM track!

Now with all this feel free to go out and create all the fabulous loops you need!