Chromosphere Isn’t Just A Science Thing Anymore

I’ve always love the idea of creating your own art style and own identity that makes you stand out from the crowd. One day while was I scrolling through YouTube I came across this video:

I fell in love with this video, but also with the animation and style. So, I decided to do some research into finding out who created the video, it wasn’t until one day when @rebeccasugar on Instagram tagged @chromosphereLA, was went I drove head first into this creative and wonderful world of Chromosphere.

Chromosphere was created in 2014 by Creative designer Kevin Dart to collaborate with other visuals artists from around the world. Chromosphere motto is “To provide commercial-quality 2D, 3D, and hybrid animation, as well as concept art for film & TV, branding, title design, and almost any sort of thing which needs to look rad” 


Some of their best work Chromosphere has created includes Forms in Natures which became part of the National Geographic Short Film Showcase and was picked as the best video by Vimeo, and it was also the official selection for MountainFilm 2016.

Their other projects include Sprint Vector, My Moon, Greetings From, and even the Kevin Dart and his team were part of projects for Big Hero 6, Steven Universe, Her, and Yuki 7: Looks that kill. They were also recently nominated for “Best New Studio” by the Motion Awards. I felt great for discovering them and if I didn’t research into who created the video I would not have fallen in love with Chromosphere and Kevin Dart’s creative work.

(June: Life is Better When You Shared the Ride)

(Steven Universe)

I’m not going to explain any further why I love this company so much, instead I’m going to let the beautiful, creative, visuals do the talking.

Forms in Nature:

Greetings From:

My Moon:

Sprint Vector:

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2 thoughts on “Chromosphere Isn’t Just A Science Thing Anymore

  1. Great article Zachary! I simply love the Steven Universe art aesthetic as well, so I am glad to see more similar works. I have never heard of this company before, but from what you have shown, I am very intrigued. The lightened blacks and soft pastels are especially aesthetically pleasing to me as it brings a gentle warmth that other animations lack. This is especially why I love Wes Anderson’s movies so much, because he offers pastels and an alternative to simple colours. Like if someone wanted a brown in a movie, Wes would go for a burnt umber. There is also Guillermo Del Toro with the lights and shadows, and dark blue tones to highlight the nightmarish and fantastical imagery that exists in his films. Tim Burton with gothic sensibilities and visuals, to signify his campy aesthetic. I love how artists incorporate their own aesthetics in their creations, as it helps expand our imagination and creativity.

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