Chameleon Markers and the Scribble Pen

Markers are a hit or miss for me personally, they can dry out, they can run dry, and if you have a yellow marker you have to watch carefully not to draw over black ink or chances are it will be ruined. Luckily there is new innovative markers coming out to suit your creative needs! With the brand new Chameleon markers you can add colorless tones to the tips of your markers allowing for a seamless transition from light to dark tones. These special markers come with the option to purchase both refillable ink cartridges and replaceable tips. These new additions will definitely make for a easy to use option when creating things like depth, shade, or even just changing colors, because you can add another colour tones to the marker tips to easily transition from colour to colour.


There is also a another new marker that i’m sure at least a few people would have heard about. A while ago there was a concept for a pen that could scan any colour off of your surrounding objects and use that same colour to draw. This concept is being developed by a company called Scribble, it is unknown whether or not the original concept artist is still assisting Scribble, if she isn’t hopefully she gets respect where respect is due.


The way the “Scribble Pen” works is pretty cool. It uses a scanner that can detect the colour of say, an apple. It then saves the hexadecimal number in the Scribble Pen. You can then write with the colour using the red blue green colour cartridges attached to the pens rear.  The red blue green cartridges then mix colours into the tip in order to create the colour that was scanned. Currently you can pre purchase the pen on kickstarter for $150.00 (American)
In my opinion both the pen and the markers are super cool. I feel like both of these tools would be a great addition to any artist, professional or casual. When the Scribble pen gets released and some reviews are made I would be more excited for it, because at the moment the pen could actually last you maybe an hour worth of drawing before you had to refill. With the colour markers the refillable tones and tips may cost a lot.

2 thoughts on “Chameleon Markers and the Scribble Pen

  1. I personally would love to test out these new markers and pen. I always ruin a ton of markers by accidentally going over some black marker I had just drawn with, so to test these products out and have them do their job would be a bonus.

  2. I don’t color very often, because I am always nervous that I will end up ruining what I have drawn, but I would actually really like to test these out! I saw a short video for the Chameleon Marker just the other day and it was honestly quite satisfying to see it at work. It blended all the colors so seamlessly regardless of what the artist was doing. Needless to say, such an invention makes things much easier when it comes to coloring. You don’t have to worry about accidentally going over a section again that’s supposed to be the same color and then getting a darker streak due to the overlap.
    The pen would also be great for either simply writing things or just wanting to do differently colored line inkings as well.

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