Upcoming Movies: Cars 3

New movies are coming out in 2017, Disney and Pixar are working on Cars 3 as they released two trailers and a teaser. What do we know so far. In the first trailer it shows new cars on the race track and around the end it shows Lightning McQueen crashing just like Doc and the King from the first movie. The one comment they added in the trailer, “From this moment, everything will change”, it make you thing what going to happen to lightning. Will he retire, or will he bounce back from his crash? The second trailer shows the same thing, but they added new scenes that adds more depth to the story. They introduce two new cars, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. These two are millennial. Don’t worry, Mater will be in this movie as well as the Radiator Springs residents, I hope.

Here are three pictures that Entertainment Weekly provided. It also has some information about their bio. Now looking at the art frame, not much has change for Lightning, comparing to the first movie, he has less stickers and kept the flame lightning from the second movie. Owen Wilson returns as Lightning McQueen.

Now looking at Jackson Storm, his design looks more sleek and custom built. The black and purple color design has that “I’m the next generation” look as appearance is more unique than the other cars. Comparing this to Lightning’s design, Storm’s stickers are grey and the 20 kind of looks like 2.0, and the S on his side, with the different shades of purple, it looks fierce. Smooth and cool. I would like to see this years NASCAR racers driving this vehicle type on the racetrack. He is voiced by Armie Hammer.

Finally, looking at Cruz’s design, she (you can tell by the eyelashes) is also a millennial, and is on Lightning’s side as you can tell from the red Rust-eze 95 sticker on the side of her. Yellow is a good match to her with that red sticker. Her design looks sleek but classy like the new cars coming out in 2017. In my opinion she looks pretty good to go for a ride in if there is the exact same car that has her model. She is voiced by Cristela Alonzo.

Here is a link of the trailer and character teaser in one video.

Cars 3 comes out June 16, 2017.

Pictures provided by Entertainment Weekly



Cars 3 first look: Meet Pixar’s new millennials

Loon Copter Drone, air and water!

Have you ever wanted to have both an RC plane and boat?  Well now you can, with the Loon Copter you can both fly AND dive!  This abnormal drone can land in the water, upon landing it begins to draw in water into its buoyancy chamber, causing it to sink.  As it sinks, the copter tilts sideways so that it’s propellers can pull it through the water at blazing speeds!  That was sarcasm, it is very slow both in the air and underwater as it is only in its prototype stages, however Oakland University hopes to make it into the next big thing and mass produce it for the public to use!

Currently the drone is still being worked on, one of the biggest issues right now is the range of the signal from remote is only a few meters while the drone is underwater, this and the fact the drone cannot withstand many pounds of force that the water puts on it.  This presents a rather large issue as people want to see the drone dive deep underwater so that people can utilize the camera on the drone to get some nice shots.

Members of the university say that this drone is just a prototype for a bigger version that people can actually ride in, however they do tell us not to get our hopes up as it is still in the making and may take quite some time before it is released.

Developing your Originality

As a student in the Interactive Media Arts program at Assiniboine Community College, we are taught how to use our creativity in our commercial design projects while trying to keep our originality. I find this extremely difficult to do, why? Because I don’t know who I am as a designer yet. I’ve heard it takes years to be able to find your niche and what sets you apart from other designers, however I have a few tips to help that process along.

When you first sit down to design, whether it be a logo for a school project, or art you produce in your spare time (students don’t have much of that) you should always start by sketching your ideas. Our teachers are very fond of thumbnail sketches. Which at first can seem tedious and time consuming, but it works! It seems to focus your brain on what is important and filtering those ideas down on something tangible, like paper, gives you the ability to really zero in on the good ideas and the bad.

Experimentation is another good practice. For example if you wanted to recreate a picture with fire what better way than to see fire. I’m not suggesting you start a fire by any means, I’m saying you could watch a video or look at images and see the unique ways in which a fire acts like a living creature. It will give you a better understanding of how to create your designs.

The last piece of advice I would give is to PRACTICE. Using the proper program for the job and knowing how to master that program  will give you to tools you need to create your original works of art. It will not directly help with originality but your options will be limitless when it comes to creating them on your program of choice. Branding yourself is huge part of becoming a design or developer and we all start somewhere. Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident in your work.

Is the future now? People connecting minds to computers.

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed a new technology that could allow us to harness a computer with nothing but our minds.  The tech used is supposed to read you mind as you send commands to the computer.  The tech itself is expected to be only one cubic centimeter and be able to read the brains electrochemical signals in order to translate it into commands for the computer to read, allowing for better control over the machine.

This is a great idea! Linking somebodies mind with a computer, what could ever go wrong?  I mean, it’s not like there has ever been a movie that was based solely around the premise of people being taken over by a chip on the brain.  In all seriousness, this could lead to some serious problems with people getting hurt or even killed by having the chip implanted in their mind.  Not to mention conspiracy  theorists will just have a hay-day at the mention of the military inserting chips into their brains.

After saying that about it, it could also lead to great things.  Being able to control drones with just a thought, being able to fly supplies from point A to point B without risk of lives lost while crashing and being able command it without the use of a keyboard and mouse will make for an amazing breakthrough in this age of technology, that is of course it makes it through.  On Feburary 2nd, DARPA will be meeting up with the US government to discuss whether or not they may continue with their experiment as there is a good bit of controversy surrounding its ethics and uses, feel free to discuss this in the comments section!

Integrated technology.

Technology is being constantly being upgraded and introduced into our lives so much so that the devices that we rely on today will soon become much closer to us. This will happen through wearable technology and eventually even cybernetics, but what issues will this cause? The more technology becomes integrated into ourselves the easier it is to hide and use for corrupt purposes. When we reach the point that technology becomes so advanced that the devices are a part of either ourselves or our everyday clothing it will be much easier for us as a whole to use and maybe even abuse the tech in a multitude of ways, ranging from using a hidden camera to record things that should not be recorded all the way to hacking other peoples implant chips to cause physical problems to them and their lives.

Personally I believe that any technology that is physically integrating with humans should not have any way of being accessed other than for medical purposes. Wearable technology; I believe will be far easier for many to use without issues as it is not physically connected to the user and may be removed if a problem arises . Wearable technology may likely end any remnant of privacy that is available to us and will have other issues that many people will not like and will have to grow used to as the prevalence of such technology arises. One example of wearable tech are systems like google glasses which provide a cellphone like experience mounted onto a pair of glasses, another is biometric clothing  which measures the wearer’s functions for athletic or health purposes. Integrated versions of these devices could be more convenient and useful however they would be more dangerous too.

I believe that wearable devices in our everyday lives is an inevitable development and will be much safer than true integration into ourselves.

A Holographic Environment

What is a holographic environment?  Well, I believe we have all seen either Star Wars or Star Trek, the scenes where the Jedi council meets up by using fancy blue holograms.  That is an example of a holographic environment.  Holographic environments are created by a mix of cameras, light, and Internet Telephony all in one small room, recreating an environment of sorts.  As of now, we have created simple environments that allowed people to not only view, but also interact with 3D objects that existed in the room via holograms, kind of like Tony Stark from Iron Man and his fancy machines that he used to design his suits.

Personally, I think the idea of a Holographic Environment is amazing, it will completely change the ways of business meetings, games, and even science.  Just imagine, being able to attend a meeting in Japan from the comfort of your workplace, or fighting off hordes of undead all the while getting exercise and even keeping yourself organized while doing research on a lifesaving pill!  Overall, I think it will be revolutionary…when we perfect it.  So far we are only beginning with holographic environments and it may take some time to finish and make it effective, however we do have Virtual Reality glasses, but those are large, clunky, but they are rather cheap to purchase.  Hopefully in the near future we will have accessibility to Holographic Environments the same way we do to computers.