Technology in Farming

With the new age of technology, with all the phones and gadgets we use these days there was no doubt that farming would eventually change as well. Now I’m no farming expert but I’ve grown up on a farm, and I wanted to share some stories and my opinion on new farming technology.

My grandpa has been farming since he was young, and back then they didn’t have cabs on the tractors or combines, so that was great technology to get use to! Last harvest my grandpa got into a new state of the art John Deere tractor and was blown away. He was use to driving a rusty old red tractor that he had to fix every time before going out and that had bad reception on the barely working AM radio. This new tractor had a great radio and he barely had to drive, it had cruise control and all he had to do was turn the wheel when he got to the end of the field.

One of the hardest things I’ve experienced with farming has been loading the grain truck. You have to line it up perfectly and not let it overflow, make sure the grain isn’t coming out to fast, etc. It may have been stressful, but I had a lot fun with my grandpa and dad trying to figure it all out. When I heard about Automatic Grain Off Loading, I laughed, because it does everything by itself, the arm will move itself so it won’t overflow, it knows when to stop, etc.

I love technology and I think most things in life are better with it, but I also think some things should be left alone. Farming is a family business and I’m all for making a business flourish and if you really want to spent lots of money to cut down on a few minutes everyday because you’ll eventually make more money, then by all means get the new fancy gadgets, but remember why you started farming in the first place, was it to make money in a business like fashion, or was it because your dad or grandpa took you out on the field when you were young and you fell in love with it and want to continue the family business making money doing what you love with your family.



link to new technology in farming:


Make any pair of headphones wireless with this device

Chords are messy and get in the way of everything, speaking from experience here. Although braided chords are a lot better then most normal chords, they still get tangled and kink. Because companies noticed this they have come up with devices that don’t use headphones jacks, forcing you to purchase adapters. Which can range from $5 for a cheap knock-off brand to buying wireless ear buds from Apple for $220.

This device is called the “Jack” by Podo Labs. This device is available for $40 on Kickstarter. Its a device you plug into yo ur headphones and it communicates wirelessly with your phone. You can also sync your headphones with blue tooth and share with friends. Jack also has up to 12 hours of battery life with its 300 mAh battery. This device also works with headphones and all in-line remotes. The device also features high definition sound, with CD-like quality.

Jack has 3 modes.

Share: Lets you sync headphones and share music wirelessly with a friend. you can also sync two jacks and receive audio from the same Bluetooth source.

Receive: Receives audio from any Bluetooth source. You can play it through your headphones, speakers, and any other audio device.  Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Transmit: You can use Jack to transmit audio to another jack, or Bluetooth headphones from a normal aux output.

The Kickstarter campaign is also offering a free 3.5 male to male connector when you pledge and share with a friend. Now let’s talk technical and get to the specs. Jack measures to be 1 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighs 20g. It also includes a USB port and a 3.5mm AUX jack. The audio is aptX audio codec. Making it high definition stereo sound. On the Jack there is a metal clip included so you can clip Jack to anything as well as a LED indicator and a button.

What do you think about devices like this? I personally don’t mind plugging in my stuff into my audio devices. But for people who get annoyed with chords being everywhere, and having to unplug to share and add an audio splitter. This s a good device for them. For $40 this is a pretty good deal.

My only question is ow durable is it? I take my audio with me everywhere so durability and sustainability is my biggest concern.



Hoversurf Scorpion-3

Have you ever wondered if you can have a motorcycle that can hover and move like a speeder bike from Star Wars? That has now become a reality. On February 20, a Russian company called Hovercraft Inc. has created the first handmade hover bike called Scorpion-3.

It’s a four propeller, single seated bike that can hover and fly. It reaches the height of 10 meters and travels 50 km/hour. It can carry the weight up to 120 kg. This is the company’s first prototype and looking at the video, it looks like a successful ride. Both professional and amateurs can fly this hover bike, but with proper training. Hopefully we would see more of these soon in the near future. Who knows, we might even see a hover board in the mix.

The price and availability is currently unknown, but in my opinion, I would diffidently would buy it and fly it to school everyday (except for winter and when it rains.) I think it’s a whole new way of travel because of two reasons. 1. It’s looks safe to fly to almost anywhere. 2. For star wars fans, it makes you feel like you are on the Endor forest while blasting scout troopers as you are being hunted down by the empire. It’s a dream come true for star wars fans. But the bad part is that this ride doesn’t have blasters.

Now we can have those storm trooper chases we all once imagined about, but lets not do it in the forest because I don’t want to end up hitting trees.

Compare it to the PAL-V helicopter car, the Scorpion-3 has the image of a motorcycle with propellers like a drone. Both of them only have one seat. I can diffidently see James Bond riding these two rides for top secret mission. The only difference is that the PAL-V has three tires, while the Scorpion-3 doesn’t.

Here is a video of the Scorpion-3 in action. I have also provided the link to Hoversurf’s webpage.

What are your opinions on this ride? Do you like it or do you hate it? Remember, this is a prototype and there might be some improvements along the way. Leave a comment below.


Video Game Classics

Have you ever played a game that was just so good. So good you still play it every once and awhile. Maybe you play it a lot. There are some games that are just so darn good that they’re basically a classic. But, what makes them a classic.

One game I can always count on for hours of fun is Golden-eye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Sure the graphics aren’t up to today’s standards. Aside from that there is so much replay-ability value. The levels are designed well and the controls are pretty good too. The amount of times that I’ve booted up the old 64 just to play it, is countless.

If you look at what makes a game a classic is how much fun you had playing it and how many times you went crawling back to it. Games with a lot of content, and good game design are attractive for a long time. Sure graphics can be amazing , but without good design or thought , they really do not matter. Even Mario has had some major hits. The color palettes and the characters , and the game-play always brings back a lot of fans. Fans who will always stand by Super Mario Bro’s. I know I will .They just stand the test of time , because they were designed well and fun to play. Design is so important in video games.Good design is the difference in whether people will actually want to play your game or just chuck it in the garbage.

Some games have even made me want to play them twice , or send me on a wild goose chase just to find a copy of them. If you have ever played Commander Keen , good on you ! If not , Commander Keen is a plat former where you travel around as a little astronaut who has crash-landed on some alien planet. Sounds simple enough, it did have its difficulties.But if i could get my hands on that it would be a dream come true. The colors they used , the level design, and the replay-ability always kept me coming back for more, which by my standards makes it a classic.

Classics are games that keep you coming back for more and more over the years.

Are there any games that you would consider to be a classic ? Any games that you’ll always go back to ?  Let me know in the comments below.

Chameleon Markers and the Scribble Pen

Markers are a hit or miss for me personally, they can dry out, they can run dry, and if you have a yellow marker you have to watch carefully not to draw over black ink or chances are it will be ruined. Luckily there is new innovative markers coming out to suit your creative needs! With the brand new Chameleon markers you can add colorless tones to the tips of your markers allowing for a seamless transition from light to dark tones. These special markers come with the option to purchase both refillable ink cartridges and replaceable tips. These new additions will definitely make for a easy to use option when creating things like depth, shade, or even just changing colors, because you can add another colour tones to the marker tips to easily transition from colour to colour.


There is also a another new marker that i’m sure at least a few people would have heard about. A while ago there was a concept for a pen that could scan any colour off of your surrounding objects and use that same colour to draw. This concept is being developed by a company called Scribble, it is unknown whether or not the original concept artist is still assisting Scribble, if she isn’t hopefully she gets respect where respect is due.


The way the “Scribble Pen” works is pretty cool. It uses a scanner that can detect the colour of say, an apple. It then saves the hexadecimal number in the Scribble Pen. You can then write with the colour using the red blue green colour cartridges attached to the pens rear.  The red blue green cartridges then mix colours into the tip in order to create the colour that was scanned. Currently you can pre purchase the pen on kickstarter for $150.00 (American)
In my opinion both the pen and the markers are super cool. I feel like both of these tools would be a great addition to any artist, professional or casual. When the Scribble pen gets released and some reviews are made I would be more excited for it, because at the moment the pen could actually last you maybe an hour worth of drawing before you had to refill. With the colour markers the refillable tones and tips may cost a lot.

The Ouya and why it failed

On July 10th 2012, Team Ouya (pronounced Ooh-ya) started a kickstarter in hopes to fund their open source gaming console. This project hyped itself up with people calling it the next ‘big console’. Five years later and Ouya is no where to be seen amongst the console lineup. What happened to the console? even after raising over 8 million dollars it basically vanished. The “innovative” console failed horribly, but why?

The console claimed to ‘welcome’ hackers with opened arms, claiming that the Ouya was meant to be exploited, modified, and changed. It was advertised as a sandbox game console, where the buyers could do whatever they wanted with it. What people got was a modified android phone without the actual phone elements. people just saw it as, well, garbage. The only thing it could really do well was play iphone and android games, which obviously didn’t look all that appealing on the big screen.

Although Ouya was advertised as a smart phone game emulator, no one could have expected the lack of selection. With a very small amount of games available at launch, customers felt ripped off. The fact that there was without a doubt thousands of games already available on smart phones at the time and there was only around 100 games available at launch left people feeling scammed.

On a more technical level the Ouya faced many bugs and operating errors on the first few weeks of launched. a vast majority of their customers couldn’t even log in to the Ouya servers when they first unboxed their new console. That is, if you even received your console. The console suffered from physical problems too. Customers claimed the Ouya’s controllers were clunky to use, awkward to hold, and had unresponsive hard to maneuver joysticks.

Although majority of the features on the Ouya were a failure, there was a few features that were still awesome. Like the ability to emulate older game consoles like the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, and various others.

Without a doubt the Ouya was a failure, even with an impressive funding campaign the product failed. With a failed product comes disappointed customers, which is why its always important to never pre order a product, unless you’re absolutely sure that the product is quality.

Upcoming Movies: Star Wars The Last Jedi

With Rogue One now out, Disney and Lucasfilm will now focus on the next chapter in the Star Wars franchise. Here is what we know so far. Most of the cast, except Harrison Ford, will be back for episode 8. There will be some new faces in the mix. It will continue off from the Force Awakens cliff hanger. This will be Carrie Fisher’s last movie when she passed away in 2016, even though she had completed all of her shots before her death. January 23rd was the day they released the title “The Last Jedi”. So far there might be a trailer, that is going to be revealed during Super Bowl LI(51). We might see more along the way with Star Wars Celebration, which is coming up on April 13 to the 16 in Orlando, Florida.

There are some people trying to get some details about the movie, even Josh Gad(Olaf) tried to get some info from Daisy Ridley, twice and failed to get any info from her.

Lets talk about the title, The Last Jedi. What does it mean, and why is the font color red instead of yellow? He is what I think. Luke is the last “trained” Jedi from experienced Jedi, like Obi-Wan and Yoda in the original trilogy before he trained his fallen nephew/apprentice. There are some theories about this movie involving Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren being the last Jedi. One of the theories is if they should bring back Anakin Skywalker in ghost form. It would make sense because in The Force Awakens, we heard Yoda and Obi-Wan’s voice in Rey’s vision. Lets hope Hayden Christensen can come back to play him again.

About the red color font. It makes you think something bad is going to happen. Take the Clone Wars for example, they used a red color font for the title when Darth Maul took over Mandalore and killed Duchess Satine in front of Kenobi’s eyes.

If there is any other theories out there, or if you have some theories of your own, comment them below.

Mark your calanders. The release date is in theatres December 15, 2017.


Dolfi is a hand sized device that washes your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. Dolfi is the next generation of cleaning, It’s gentle on clothes and rough on dirt. The Dolfi is giving washing machine’s a run for it’s money, but say goodbye to damaged clothes caused by washing machine’s. The Dolfi is portable and fit’s in luggage or any bag you use to travel for where you travel in the world. The Dolfi requires no effort to turn on just switch it on and enjoy!

Dolfi saves you from going to the laundromat to wash your clothing. The device will never cause your clothes to fade or stretch during washing. The ultrasonic technology cleans within the fabric fibers which keeps your favorite clothing item’s looking great. Dolfi’s ultrasonic technology sends sound wave’s throughout the water which creates bubbles which then explode creating millions micro jet liquid stream’s that wash away all dirt. Dolfi creates and admits ultera sound waves that are multi-mode, wide band and progressive.

How does it work you might be wondering right now.

Well you just have to put your clothes into any sink you have in your home, fill with water then add detergent and place Dolfi into the sink to let the magic happen. Dolfi glows blue as it clean’s you’re clothes which only take’s 30 minutes. Dolfi the hand sized device save’s you time and money. Once the Dolfi is done washing you’re clothes you just have to hang them out to dry and put them on once their dry.

Dolfi was made in Switzerland and developed by MPI ultrasonics.

I personally want to try and test out this device to see if it actually work’s. This would save me time on washing my laundry and keep me from fighting over who gets to use the washing machine. Although I would get worried having to put detergent in my sink. I think the Dolfi is a pretty cool device. There are pros and cons to this device like any other device. I like how Dolfi can travel where ever I may travel in world. In conclusion I find this hand sized device very amazing with the technology that’s in this small device.

Competitive Gaming


Its without a doubt that gaming has definitely expanded its audience in the past 20 years, now with the rise of games that are meant to have a competitive environment how exactly do they work?

Video games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch all share the same trait. Each game has a competitive ladder where the better you get the higher you climb. What this means is each games has a mmr which stands for Match Making Rating, this rating is used to describe how good of a player you are and help the match making system find mores players similar to your skill level. Typically the mmr rating is hidden from players with the exception of Defense of the Ancients and Overwatch (which is shown to players at ant point of their climb),  usually the mmr system  is hidden and replaced by a rank that players can see.

The rank system is completely based off your mmr so you have a rough idea of what your rating is but not exactly. I’ll use League of Legends as an example, their ranking system from bottom to top goes bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and challenger. With each rank comes 5 divisions, what this means is you cant just go straight from silver to gold, you have to go up divisions from silver 5 to silver 1 in order to get to the desired gold rank.

With a very competitive matchmaking system developed it started a trend of people watching “pros” (highest ranking players) play these games with streaming websites like  Competitive tournaments with thousands of people coming to watch teams of players fight each other for prize pools (in the 2016 League of Legends worlds tournament the prize pool was 4 million dollars) is proving to be one of the most successful trends in gaming over the years, with the U.S government acknowledging gaming as a sport. Players from around the world are now able to get visas and play in these tournaments.

But with a very competitive ranking systems and tournaments worth millions is likely to bring some bad apples. These games are very notorious for sparking hate filled communities, a lot of players desperate to climb the competitive ranks are known for getting angry with other players. League of Legends is especially notorious for having the most “toxic” players (a term used to describe rude or hateful players in online video games) infesting their servers.

With these features it is without a doubt what made gaming go competitive, i highly encourage anyone to at least try League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients as they are both free to play and could kick start a love for climbing ranks and maybe even being the best.

Xbox One S

We’ve all heard about the new Xbox One S and its 4K Blu-ray and video streaming, but what else does it have to offer?

In August of 2016 Microsoft released a new and improved Xbox One, called the Xbox One S, but how “improved” is it actually?  Now although there aren’t very many differences between the 2 consoles, the Xbox One S does have a new design and newer features.

Speaking about the design, the dimensions of the Xbox One are 333mm x 276mm xx 78mm with the power supply being external, the Xbox One S is 40% smaller, with the power supply inside the unit which is remarkable.  A new design the creators brought to the table are the holes covering half of the system, this in no way improves the console but it does help with cooling purposes and gives it a pleasing atheistic.  The design of the Xbox controller has mainly stayed the same other than making it sleeker with a grippy underside.

Now the newest feature to this system is it’s 4k capabilities.  These capabilities include HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, 4K Ultra HD, and 4K Blu-ray.  With HDR it means that supported games will look a lot better thanks to it’s high contrast ratio and sharp resolution.  Although it may not make a huge difference with the TV you have now, it will definitely be a game changer to those with a 4K TV.  The 4K Ultra HD makes streaming a much better experience, and with the console having a 4K Blu-ray built right in, it’s the cheaper route for wanting a 4K Blu-ray player.

Other small differences to this console consists of storing the system in an upright position, possibly making it easier to tuck away.  They have added and IR Blaster which, when configured, will be able to turn on other devices.  There is now no sole port for the Kinect since there has been a huge decrease in interest around the product, but there is an adapter available to purchase if wanted.

Now, is the Xbox One S really worth it?  Speaking for myself, I would definitely purchase this system.  For the sole reason of not owning my own Xbox to begin with.  If I already had an Xbox One and didn’t care for the 4K capabilities I really see no reason to be getting a whole new console.

Illustrator vs. Photoshop

In the IMA program we have access to a lot of helpful software that allow us students to complete our work. Most of which can be attributed to the Adobe creative cloud.
Here we find things such as after effects, premier pro, audition and other products but the software that have caused discussion amongst peers are illustrator and Photoshop. Now, I myself like to use illustrator to accomplish my projects as, to me, it is easier to handle and more user friendly but I will admit that Photoshop will do things easier than illustrator can such as being able to manipulate, edit, and crop photos and then save them for web postings. This is especially important  and useful to me (and probably other future web designers) as I intend to make a career out of coding and making websites where images and graphics will be useful and necessary.

However, for things like making posters, icons, logos etc., illustrator is what I prefer. This is because when manipulating shapes using the direct selection tool will allow the user to have access to bezier handles on the shape that can move them in the desired way which comes in handy when you need to make a really obscure shape to give the finished product a desired look.

Now there are benefits to both, such as being able to link an illustrator file to a Photoshop file or vice versa to be able to combine the software and abilities from both to create the desired look for your finished product. But the downside with this feature (as with all technology) is if the Photoshop file gets deleted or the illustrator file gets deleted, then there goes half your work. So, if you are going to use this feature of these programs be careful and make sure you backup your work.

At the end of the day though, both programs can be beneficial both combined and separate for creating a good quality product (providing you know how to use both of them..Ha..Ha..) but the user must take into account the qualities of both and decide which program and which features would be more useful in creating the work that is desired and ultimately what is their preference and what is the desired end goal.

So after all of this information, I’m just going to throw it out there; which piece of software do you prefer?

Upcoming Movies: Cars 3

New movies are coming out in 2017, Disney and Pixar are working on Cars 3 as they released two trailers and a teaser. What do we know so far. In the first trailer it shows new cars on the race track and around the end it shows Lightning McQueen crashing just like Doc and the King from the first movie. The one comment they added in the trailer, “From this moment, everything will change”, it make you thing what going to happen to lightning. Will he retire, or will he bounce back from his crash? The second trailer shows the same thing, but they added new scenes that adds more depth to the story. They introduce two new cars, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. These two are millennial. Don’t worry, Mater will be in this movie as well as the Radiator Springs residents, I hope.

Here are three pictures that Entertainment Weekly provided. It also has some information about their bio. Now looking at the art frame, not much has change for Lightning, comparing to the first movie, he has less stickers and kept the flame lightning from the second movie. Owen Wilson returns as Lightning McQueen.

Now looking at Jackson Storm, his design looks more sleek and custom built. The black and purple color design has that “I’m the next generation” look as appearance is more unique than the other cars. Comparing this to Lightning’s design, Storm’s stickers are grey and the 20 kind of looks like 2.0, and the S on his side, with the different shades of purple, it looks fierce. Smooth and cool. I would like to see this years NASCAR racers driving this vehicle type on the racetrack. He is voiced by Armie Hammer.

Finally, looking at Cruz’s design, she (you can tell by the eyelashes) is also a millennial, and is on Lightning’s side as you can tell from the red Rust-eze 95 sticker on the side of her. Yellow is a good match to her with that red sticker. Her design looks sleek but classy like the new cars coming out in 2017. In my opinion she looks pretty good to go for a ride in if there is the exact same car that has her model. She is voiced by Cristela Alonzo.

Here is a link of the trailer and character teaser in one video.

Cars 3 comes out June 16, 2017.

Pictures provided by Entertainment Weekly



Cars 3 first look: Meet Pixar’s new millennials

Loon Copter Drone, air and water!

Have you ever wanted to have both an RC plane and boat?  Well now you can, with the Loon Copter you can both fly AND dive!  This abnormal drone can land in the water, upon landing it begins to draw in water into its buoyancy chamber, causing it to sink.  As it sinks, the copter tilts sideways so that it’s propellers can pull it through the water at blazing speeds!  That was sarcasm, it is very slow both in the air and underwater as it is only in its prototype stages, however Oakland University hopes to make it into the next big thing and mass produce it for the public to use!

Currently the drone is still being worked on, one of the biggest issues right now is the range of the signal from remote is only a few meters while the drone is underwater, this and the fact the drone cannot withstand many pounds of force that the water puts on it.  This presents a rather large issue as people want to see the drone dive deep underwater so that people can utilize the camera on the drone to get some nice shots.

Members of the university say that this drone is just a prototype for a bigger version that people can actually ride in, however they do tell us not to get our hopes up as it is still in the making and may take quite some time before it is released.

Developing your Originality

As a student in the Interactive Media Arts program at Assiniboine Community College, we are taught how to use our creativity in our commercial design projects while trying to keep our originality. I find this extremely difficult to do, why? Because I don’t know who I am as a designer yet. I’ve heard it takes years to be able to find your niche and what sets you apart from other designers, however I have a few tips to help that process along.

When you first sit down to design, whether it be a logo for a school project, or art you produce in your spare time (students don’t have much of that) you should always start by sketching your ideas. Our teachers are very fond of thumbnail sketches. Which at first can seem tedious and time consuming, but it works! It seems to focus your brain on what is important and filtering those ideas down on something tangible, like paper, gives you the ability to really zero in on the good ideas and the bad.

Experimentation is another good practice. For example if you wanted to recreate a picture with fire what better way than to see fire. I’m not suggesting you start a fire by any means, I’m saying you could watch a video or look at images and see the unique ways in which a fire acts like a living creature. It will give you a better understanding of how to create your designs.

The last piece of advice I would give is to PRACTICE. Using the proper program for the job and knowing how to master that program  will give you to tools you need to create your original works of art. It will not directly help with originality but your options will be limitless when it comes to creating them on your program of choice. Branding yourself is huge part of becoming a design or developer and we all start somewhere. Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident in your work.

Is the future now? People connecting minds to computers.

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed a new technology that could allow us to harness a computer with nothing but our minds.  The tech used is supposed to read you mind as you send commands to the computer.  The tech itself is expected to be only one cubic centimeter and be able to read the brains electrochemical signals in order to translate it into commands for the computer to read, allowing for better control over the machine.

This is a great idea! Linking somebodies mind with a computer, what could ever go wrong?  I mean, it’s not like there has ever been a movie that was based solely around the premise of people being taken over by a chip on the brain.  In all seriousness, this could lead to some serious problems with people getting hurt or even killed by having the chip implanted in their mind.  Not to mention conspiracy  theorists will just have a hay-day at the mention of the military inserting chips into their brains.

After saying that about it, it could also lead to great things.  Being able to control drones with just a thought, being able to fly supplies from point A to point B without risk of lives lost while crashing and being able command it without the use of a keyboard and mouse will make for an amazing breakthrough in this age of technology, that is of course it makes it through.  On Feburary 2nd, DARPA will be meeting up with the US government to discuss whether or not they may continue with their experiment as there is a good bit of controversy surrounding its ethics and uses, feel free to discuss this in the comments section!

Integrated technology.

Technology is being constantly being upgraded and introduced into our lives so much so that the devices that we rely on today will soon become much closer to us. This will happen through wearable technology and eventually even cybernetics, but what issues will this cause? The more technology becomes integrated into ourselves the easier it is to hide and use for corrupt purposes. When we reach the point that technology becomes so advanced that the devices are a part of either ourselves or our everyday clothing it will be much easier for us as a whole to use and maybe even abuse the tech in a multitude of ways, ranging from using a hidden camera to record things that should not be recorded all the way to hacking other peoples implant chips to cause physical problems to them and their lives.

Personally I believe that any technology that is physically integrating with humans should not have any way of being accessed other than for medical purposes. Wearable technology; I believe will be far easier for many to use without issues as it is not physically connected to the user and may be removed if a problem arises . Wearable technology may likely end any remnant of privacy that is available to us and will have other issues that many people will not like and will have to grow used to as the prevalence of such technology arises. One example of wearable tech are systems like google glasses which provide a cellphone like experience mounted onto a pair of glasses, another is biometric clothing  which measures the wearer’s functions for athletic or health purposes. Integrated versions of these devices could be more convenient and useful however they would be more dangerous too.

I believe that wearable devices in our everyday lives is an inevitable development and will be much safer than true integration into ourselves.

A Holographic Environment

What is a holographic environment?  Well, I believe we have all seen either Star Wars or Star Trek, the scenes where the Jedi council meets up by using fancy blue holograms.  That is an example of a holographic environment.  Holographic environments are created by a mix of cameras, light, and Internet Telephony all in one small room, recreating an environment of sorts.  As of now, we have created simple environments that allowed people to not only view, but also interact with 3D objects that existed in the room via holograms, kind of like Tony Stark from Iron Man and his fancy machines that he used to design his suits.

Personally, I think the idea of a Holographic Environment is amazing, it will completely change the ways of business meetings, games, and even science.  Just imagine, being able to attend a meeting in Japan from the comfort of your workplace, or fighting off hordes of undead all the while getting exercise and even keeping yourself organized while doing research on a lifesaving pill!  Overall, I think it will be revolutionary…when we perfect it.  So far we are only beginning with holographic environments and it may take some time to finish and make it effective, however we do have Virtual Reality glasses, but those are large, clunky, but they are rather cheap to purchase.  Hopefully in the near future we will have accessibility to Holographic Environments the same way we do to computers.