Can You Hear What I Hear?

From Baldy Phones to EarPods and Beats, headphones made quite a change over the past century. Since music has been a big part in our lives, what is better than listening to your favorite tunes when you’re the only one listening. As headphones are placed on your head we feel like it’s an escape to our own world. Everything around us just fades away.

The first ever working headphones were created by Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910, it was the only way to listen to electrical signals (until amplifiers became available). The headphones that Baldwin created were made from iron, the metal part of the headphone speakers. Think about that, wearing headphones that are made from iron? That would be so heavy, so uncomfortable and irritating (ha get it, irritating – (ear)itating). In 1958 stereo headphones became a thing, while the Sony Walkman in 1979 released the earbuds. Earbuds became very popular when they paired with the Ipod from Apple in 2001. In 2012 however, Apple designed a new look for the earbuds. A much nicer look and more fitting to the ear.


Just like any other kinds of technology, the headphones evolve from metal speaker parts to soft leather speakers. There are many types and brands of headphones and earbuds. I personally like headphones, I like how they fit and the speakers of the headphones fit nicely around my ears for that comfort. I own a pair of beats headphones, I use them all the time. The padding of the speakers are made of leather which makes them a comfortable fit. I also like the Apple earbuds, they fit nicely in my ears and are great quality. Bluetooth is also a nice feature in technology, especially with headphones because then there are no cords to get all tangled up. Apple in the last year came up with the airpods, they are the same as the earbuds that Apple uses but with no cord. They are wireless.

Big brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Beats etc. All of them have their own unique style for their products. Each one just as successful as the next. When you’re out and about looking for some new headphones or earbuds, find one that you like and that you are comfortable wearing. Let your ears talk to you (well that’s odd).  

3 thoughts on “Can You Hear What I Hear?

  1. I also have both beats and apple earbuds, and I agree the feel over headphone is better and more comfortable and that apple has the best earbuds. I’ve owned an awesome pair of sports earbuds by monster for almost five years and they are my favorite, they have a weird looking design but the are SO comfortable! They are the Monster isport- intensity, if you have a chance try those, they are amazing and they don’t fall out of your ears. I also agree that bluetooth is amazing i love the fact that i don’t get tangled, i also like that i can charge my phone at the same time! I have an iphone 7 so I don’t have a headphone jack 🙁

  2. I really enjoyed your blog post on headphones even your cheesy pun haha. I myself prefer to uses ear buds as apposed to headphones and I liked learning about the history of them. The added technology of the Bluetooth in the headphones is really appealing as cords get snagged all the time and can damage the headphone being yanked off. The airpods are not something I’m interested in as it seems so easy to loose or misplace one of them making the other pretty useless but still a cool idea. I do own Skull Candy headphones with Bluetooth and they are comfy but I find earbuds just easier to have with you as they are smaller. Great post lots of information about them I didn’t know!

  3. I need to start off by saying that I really loved your pun. It’s something in a blog post that I like to “hear”. 🙂

    It’s definitely impressive how far the evolution of headphone quality has come. I still remember when apple released their first ear-pods and started that campaign with the neon-colored silhouettes.

    I’m trying to image what it would have been like to use those metal headphones. They’d be SUPER cold in the winter. Especially here in Canada. I couldn’t wear them for too long before my ears start to ache. I can’t image the bass on them are very good either, which is something that is required to listen to the high majority of music that is produced nowadays.

    Awesome post!

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