Brain Controlled Devices

Brain Controlled Devices: Good or Bad?

Technology has definitely come a long way from us thinking that microwave ovens, toasters and televisions are the new and exciting thing (which they are. I mean who doesn’t want to make food with ease while watching television?). Now, you can buy a headset that will control your mouse and keyboard while working on the computer. Now I can see the appeal here as I am someone who suffers from wrist and hand injuries so constantly working on a computer and using a mouse are not always a fun undertaking as they can re-aggravate the injury so the appeal of the headset would be good for some one who does not have the ability to use their hands. But what would be the downside to this? Well, a controller such as this is not just a pick up and use controller; there is some work that goes into being able to use this piece of tech. Now, if you’ve got the patience to be able to put this controller together and placing each sensory pad into it’s own separate place (and with a controller like the EPOC EEG there are sixteen of them) and then carefully sliding it onto your head without letting letting those sensory pads fall out and all over the floor. And the same thing applies to when you are done using this piece of tech as you have to carefully slide it off and take each sensory pad out and put them back in their carrying case. Phew! That sounds like a lot of work and I don’t even own one!
So aside from being time consuming, would this piece of tech be user-friendly and beneficial for everyone? My feeling is no. This is because of the fact that things like the EPOC EEG read brain patterns and facial expressions to complete the users desired tasks. However what about those people who have brain disorders? Or even turrets? reading facial expressions and brain patterns might not be the easiest thing for the tech to do, leaving the user unable to use it with ease. Now if that is the case, someone with the kind of issues i just described probably should not buy this kind of thing. But what happens if this becomes the way of the future?Then these are going to have to be some issues that will need to be worked out, now won’t they?