Bike Thefts at Brandon University


Bike thefts and vehicle break-ins have been occurring at Brandon University during the last few years.  


ACC Newsline interviewed Grant Hamilton – the Director of Marketing & Communications – at Old Clark Hall on Thursday, April 26th, 2018, to inquire about the bike thefts and break-ins that occurred since September 2017.


There have been 4 to 5 reported bike thefts at Brandon University.  There are also 3 reported vehicle break-ins. For safety reasons, BU was unable to provide the number of security personnel at any particular time.


Brandon University is in the heart of the city and welcomes many people either visiting or passing through.  The city is described as a small community where everyone knows each other.


Brandon University


“One of the things we’re really proud of is that we have a really safe environment already,” Grant Hamilton said in response to what security will do to ensure the safety of students, residents, and their property.


“People tend to know each other, people recognize each other, people look out for one another — it’s everybody’s responsibility to keep all of us safe.”


Newsline asked him about what precautions Brandon University will take to reduce the number of bike thefts in the future.  He replied with several plans of action.


“We’re looking at increasing the number of [security] patrols and making sure they keep an eye out for where the bikes are and where they’re locked up.”


Hamilton also mentioned the possible use of storing the bikes in a secure bicycle cage, “That’s not something that’s on the agenda right now, but it’s certainly something that we’re looking into.”


He further mentioned the use of sturdier bike racks in more places that are more visible and well lit.  


“I’ve been a victim of bike theft and car rummaging,” he said.


“It’s a terrible feeling — it’s a feeling of powerlessness and I understand that.  I’m sorry that [the thefts and break-ins] happened.  We’re doing our best to ensure that we have a secure, safe, and welcoming campus.”


Hamilton would also love to reduce the number of bike thefts and vehicle break-ins to zero, “I don’t know if it’s possible to get it to zero, but we can certainly get it lower.”


He concluded, “We’re part of the heart of Brandon.  We’re surrounded by our community — that comes with huge benefits, and it also comes with some risks.”


Everyone at Brandon University is responsible for their own property.  It is also encouraged that everyone call the police if they witness a theft in progress.  Do not hesitate to report if your bike is stolen or if your vehicle has been broken into. Your input can help influence how security is managed at Brandon University.