Best Music Production Equipment if you’re on a Budget

Music Production Suite for Beginners – On a Budget

To be involved in music production is a daunting task,  and the choices involved will cost a fortune. The first thing to worry about is the gear you will be picking. So this will determine the budget. For this tutorial we will go over a  recording kit for a solo artist.  In my home I use the Apex 435B, I think this is perfect for vocal recordings,  if you have a filter or a soundproof room it makes it the better.  Opting for the USB input mic is not an option if you need high fidelity, so I use the Scarlet i2 interface, it has 2 XLR Inputs. It can cost between $149-240.  If you have interest in doing MIDI work, I would recommend the Akai mini pad controller for only the reason that it is great for beginners and it’s portable. It is $129.

Now you just need the DAW.  This will also be determined by what your’re looking to produce, budget, or personal preference. If you are an IMA student I would only recommend Adobe Audition if you are not interested in using any virtual instruments. Now personally haven’t tried Reaper but I have heard great things about it. It is $60, with a free trial Reaper is cheapest paid option out on the market, and is widely used. The versatility of this program is also impressive as it looks to be able to work with any kind of project needed. Ableton Live seems to utilize the live aspect of music creation, and being able to warp any sound easily with its reliance on patterns on loops. 

 Now FL is the most downloaded DAW for a reason. I like the intuitive drag and drop GUI, the presets sound great. the improvements seen over just the decade this DAW has seen great changes that  revamped to make it have a modern and sleek look. If your looking to do Hip-Hop or EDM production this program is right up your ally.

Now even with all this new equipment and software, there is still left a lot to be desired.  Not everyone has to be the next big producer with the rehearsal studio. You will have the bare essentials to start recording. but this is only the sand castle to your empire, and once you start creating music you can start building up more.