Basic guide to Creating looped music

Do you need a loop of music? A nice piece that just repeats itself over and over? Well with this simple guide you will be well on your way to making your own great music loops!

Now one of the first thing you need to find to actually make music loops is, well, the loops themselves. If you already have a few that’s great! However if you need to get some their are quite a few sources online where you can acquire copyright free music loops to use. In this demo I will personally be using only loops I got from¬† to acquire loops and Adobe Audition to combine them.

Now you need to search up specific loops. To make it easy you should acquire loops that are in the same key and the same bpm. That way when you take the loops into Audition you can just put them together without having to edit any thing. In a future post I will show you how to adjust the keys and bpm to match with each other.

Now when you have a variety of loops selected, its time to get started. Open up Audition or whatever audio editor your would prefer to use. Begin taking your loops and sorting them together. Now most loops end up counting on beats. Basically every four beats. Now to make things simple you could just put them one after another. However editing them on separate tracks and mixing the sound is really the main point. Start putting your loops into different tracks.

Your loops will probably be different lengths. Some may be half the size of others. This is completely fine, as long as they have the same BPM then the tune should still match! Now start placing them around and mixing them and you’ll be on your way to having your first loop!

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