Robots and why they suck

Robots are becoming bigger and bigger in technological advancements. No doubt that robots are going to be a big part of our future, but is that a good or bad thing? Plot twist, they’re probably going to do more harm then they are worth. Of course everyone has heard of the “robot uprising” however what if they become active members of society, they are able to think and operate on their own. If robots would be made to have the same consciousness as people they could think for themselves, so on top of them being able to commit crimes just like any human being they would also be better than us in almost every way. Like what would happen if you were just walking down the street and a robot just came up to you looking like and android and just tries to fight you like what are you gonna do? you don’t have any weapons because that’s the law and if you punch the robot its probably going to hurt because they’re made of steel. Not to mention the scientists who made the robots are like super nuts so chances are they will equipped the robots with like lazer guns or something deadly. I’m not one hundred percent sure about anyone else reading this blog but I don’t really want to get into a fight with a robot because let’s be real here they’re probably going to destroy me or disintegrate me or something horrible. Basically, what i’m saying is that I don’t think robots should have rights if we do develop them like we should just reduce them to worker bots or something because if there isn’t a robot uprising where it’s basically terminator I would hope we just treat them like robot slaves because honestly who wants to compete against a dude that is literally made of steel and circuit boards? I sure don’t so here’s what I propose, we just don’t develop robots at all. Like do we even need robots? probably not. Like sure they’re pretty cool but who would want to run the risk of getting totally destroyed by some robot with heat vision? I bet no one would.


Chameleon Markers and the Scribble Pen

Markers are a hit or miss for me personally, they can dry out, they can run dry, and if you have a yellow marker you have to watch carefully not to draw over black ink or chances are it will be ruined. Luckily there is new innovative markers coming out to suit your creative needs! With the brand new Chameleon markers you can add colorless tones to the tips of your markers allowing for a seamless transition from light to dark tones. These special markers come with the option to purchase both refillable ink cartridges and replaceable tips. These new additions will definitely make for a easy to use option when creating things like depth, shade, or even just changing colors, because you can add another colour tones to the marker tips to easily transition from colour to colour.


There is also a another new marker that i’m sure at least a few people would have heard about. A while ago there was a concept for a pen that could scan any colour off of your surrounding objects and use that same colour to draw. This concept is being developed by a company called Scribble, it is unknown whether or not the original concept artist is still assisting Scribble, if she isn’t hopefully she gets respect where respect is due.


The way the “Scribble Pen” works is pretty cool. It uses a scanner that can detect the colour of say, an apple. It then saves the hexadecimal number in the Scribble Pen. You can then write with the colour using the red blue green colour cartridges attached to the pens rear.  The red blue green cartridges then mix colours into the tip in order to create the colour that was scanned. Currently you can pre purchase the pen on kickstarter for $150.00 (American)
In my opinion both the pen and the markers are super cool. I feel like both of these tools would be a great addition to any artist, professional or casual. When the Scribble pen gets released and some reviews are made I would be more excited for it, because at the moment the pen could actually last you maybe an hour worth of drawing before you had to refill. With the colour markers the refillable tones and tips may cost a lot.

The Ouya and why it failed

On July 10th 2012, Team Ouya (pronounced Ooh-ya) started a kickstarter in hopes to fund their open source gaming console. This project hyped itself up with people calling it the next ‘big console’. Five years later and Ouya is no where to be seen amongst the console lineup. What happened to the console? even after raising over 8 million dollars it basically vanished. The “innovative” console failed horribly, but why?

The console claimed to ‘welcome’ hackers with opened arms, claiming that the Ouya was meant to be exploited, modified, and changed. It was advertised as a sandbox game console, where the buyers could do whatever they wanted with it. What people got was a modified android phone without the actual phone elements. people just saw it as, well, garbage. The only thing it could really do well was play iphone and android games, which obviously didn’t look all that appealing on the big screen.

Although Ouya was advertised as a smart phone game emulator, no one could have expected the lack of selection. With a very small amount of games available at launch, customers felt ripped off. The fact that there was without a doubt thousands of games already available on smart phones at the time and there was only around 100 games available at launch left people feeling scammed.

On a more technical level the Ouya faced many bugs and operating errors on the first few weeks of launched. a vast majority of their customers couldn’t even log in to the Ouya servers when they first unboxed their new console. That is, if you even received your console. The console suffered from physical problems too. Customers claimed the Ouya’s controllers were clunky to use, awkward to hold, and had unresponsive hard to maneuver joysticks.

Although majority of the features on the Ouya were a failure, there was a few features that were still awesome. Like the ability to emulate older game consoles like the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, and various others.

Without a doubt the Ouya was a failure, even with an impressive funding campaign the product failed. With a failed product comes disappointed customers, which is why its always important to never pre order a product, unless you’re absolutely sure that the product is quality.

Youtubers and Creativity


Over the past couple of years Youtubers have been quickly gaining recognition and wealth through frequent uploads on the popular video sharing site. Most notable well known Youtube persona “Pewdiepie” known in real life as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has been at the top of his game for several years now, amassing an estimated $124 million (not included taxes being based in Sweden) it is without a doubt that he is very successful for such a young age, being 26 years old.

With the success of Pewdiepie comes other Youtubers wanting to make a profit and a name for themselves. Youtubers like Jackseptieye and Markiplier were able to amass large viewer numbers by preforming similar content to Pewdiepie.Not all Youtubers are limited to preforming voiceovers on gameplay, other Youtube stars made a name for themselves in the form of blogs, or controversial prank videos (like Swoozy and JoeySalads, or Twinztv) and many other subjects. Video Bloggers like Swoozy attract viewers by sharing stories of their lives while prank videos are self-explanatory, they prank random people in the street in order to get a reaction out of people (my favourite is Bait Bike in the Hood go ahead search it up).

Some Youtubers got their following from on the spot humor like VideoGameDunkey or penguinz0 by taking jabs at the games they play. VideoGameDunkey reviewed Grand Theft Auto V and gave it a 0/5. This means is that anyone can be rewarded for sharing their own humor and content. Some Youtubers have perfected this and are creating a large profit off of this effectively making Youtube content creation their full time job which is very interesting to say the least.

This means that you can share your own content or personality with others and get rewarded for it by fame or perhaps a profit. Although I would probably never get into making Youtube videos I think that it is a great advancement in media to allow Youtubers to essentially survive by providing content. The video sharing site really rewards creative thinking and different personalities. I feel that Youtube is one of the best websites available and I bet that’s not a unpopular opinion. 

Infinite Ideas comes some controversial ones, primarily controversy in the prank video field some ideas go over the top in order to horde more and more viewers. Trollstation, a Youtube channel run by a group of prank artists faced jail time after robbing from the National Portrait Gallery. This “prank” caused panic, property damage, and even caused one woman to feint.

Even with possible controversy I feel the good heavily outweighs the bad and will be a primary force for people to really let their creativity and uniqueness shine. 

Competitive Gaming


Its without a doubt that gaming has definitely expanded its audience in the past 20 years, now with the rise of games that are meant to have a competitive environment how exactly do they work?

Video games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch all share the same trait. Each game has a competitive ladder where the better you get the higher you climb. What this means is each games has a mmr which stands for Match Making Rating, this rating is used to describe how good of a player you are and help the match making system find mores players similar to your skill level. Typically the mmr rating is hidden from players with the exception of Defense of the Ancients and Overwatch (which is shown to players at ant point of their climb),  usually the mmr system  is hidden and replaced by a rank that players can see.

The rank system is completely based off your mmr so you have a rough idea of what your rating is but not exactly. I’ll use League of Legends as an example, their ranking system from bottom to top goes bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and challenger. With each rank comes 5 divisions, what this means is you cant just go straight from silver to gold, you have to go up divisions from silver 5 to silver 1 in order to get to the desired gold rank.

With a very competitive matchmaking system developed it started a trend of people watching “pros” (highest ranking players) play these games with streaming websites like  Competitive tournaments with thousands of people coming to watch teams of players fight each other for prize pools (in the 2016 League of Legends worlds tournament the prize pool was 4 million dollars) is proving to be one of the most successful trends in gaming over the years, with the U.S government acknowledging gaming as a sport. Players from around the world are now able to get visas and play in these tournaments.

But with a very competitive ranking systems and tournaments worth millions is likely to bring some bad apples. These games are very notorious for sparking hate filled communities, a lot of players desperate to climb the competitive ranks are known for getting angry with other players. League of Legends is especially notorious for having the most “toxic” players (a term used to describe rude or hateful players in online video games) infesting their servers.

With these features it is without a doubt what made gaming go competitive, i highly encourage anyone to at least try League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients as they are both free to play and could kick start a love for climbing ranks and maybe even being the best.

Today’s Technology meant to break?


Today’s technological advancements are something to be marveled at by seeing just how far we’ve advanced in terms of smart devices and household technology, some of us even have twitter on out fridges. However, with each device comes limited life eventually breaking or with the wear and tear factor of products, but are the devices really living up to their full potential? or do they have a more greedy motive behind them? Is technology meant to break.

In North America the mentality of throwing away products is called the “throw-away” ethic. This system of waste started back in the 19th century after World War 2 in order to keep warehouses from over flowing with products from the mass production that took place, so businessmen looked to designing products that would be thrown away at a faster rate to force consumers to purchase more products. The designs that are purposely meant to be thrown away even though perfectly reusable alternatives are on the market includes; disposable razers, paper cups, paper straws, plastic gloves, plastic cutlery, plastic plates/bowls and many more.

Today’s products have not been shy of this trend. Printers lead as a great example of unfairness towards consumers as a standard printer is needed in ones life at some point. Printers being seen almost everywhere like homes and stores (like Staples). I’m sure that some of you have come across the dreaded “cannot print. out of ______ ink” error. Sure if you’re trying to print a coloured picture and you’re out of the required colour then yeah I could understand that. But whats the deal with trying to print a black and white word document and getting the “Out of cyan ink” error I mean really?

Another culprit of this issue is none other than Apple, the birthplace of the ipod, Iphone, and the MacBook. Althought Apple’s products have been proven to be somewhat fragile, often cracking or breaking once dropped, a simple way to combat this issue is to buy a protective case, however the real issue with Apple is inside the phone itself. Apple has been accused of using planned obsolescence countless times in the past, leaving many people to speculate that Apple is purposely breaking older products making them completely obsolete effectively forcing consumers into purchasing the newer models of their product. Evidence of this exists with release of the Iphone 5, Apple abandoned their old chargers (compatible with the Ipod 4-s and older generations) because of this a lot of older ipod/iphone customers were left in the dust unable to purchase a new charging cable if the old one broke. Apple was sued back in 2004, accused of purposely making the battery life of the Ipod (3rd generation) fail after 18 months of use later accusations went around claiming that Apple had purposely made the battery of their products fail after just 300 charges. Later It was revealed that Apple used special 5 point screws (5 point not being a typical screw) on their devices in order to deter people from performing their own repairs. The 5 point screws also forced consumers to look to apple for replacement batteries which used to cost just under the price of a brand new device (lowered too around $100 US today).

Is this breakable trend in companies going to continue into 2017 and beyond if it does it can only mean hard times are ahead for the people who love their technology. Can we shut it down by uniting and boycotting companies that seek to abuse the customers wallets? Or will this trend continue into more and more companies leaving consumers having no choice but to upgrade their ipod 20 to the ipod 20-s in order to effectively “fix” their phones.