School Security An Increasing Concern For Brandon Students

While the academic year for students at Assiniboine Community College is coming to a close, Students are not only trying to finish up last minute assignments, But in doing so they’re also spending late hours at the college in order to complete their year. Over the past year one sole problem has plagued students of Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College alike: Lack of security guards to keep them safe while they’re spending time working on assignments. With the college being open until midnight each day, This is especially an issue when students are working on projects into the early hours of the morning. Read More

Nostalgia Trip: Cassette Tapes Making A Comeback?

The year is 1989, you’re cruising down the street listening to your brand new copy of Tom Petty’s “Full Moon Fever” on cassette tape and life is good. Then suddenly cassette tapes just sort of fade away, succumbing to the infinitely superior CD.

Being born in the very tail end of the 1990’s I’m barely even old enough to remember a time when cassette tapes were one of the prefered choices for music distribution, Read More

Here’s Why Vinyl Records Are Back, And Here To Stay:

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day, sitting down and listening to your favorite album but I’ve noticed one thing as of late: It’s becoming a growing trend between music listeners of all ages to sink their money into intangible objects, things that don’t exist. Sure it’s easy to spend $0.99 on the latest single from your favorite artists, or pay $10 a month to stream almost every song ever, but where’s the fun in that? Read More

Why Your New Favourite Artist May Be Hiding On Bandcamp:



Music is right at the heart of our everyday lives, whether you’re into the latest and most popular stuff in the world of music, or you dig a little deeper into the industry, at the end of the day everyone loves a good tune. By now though, you’ve certainly heard of streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify but you might not have heard of Bandcamp. While there are definitely some similarities between the two streaming services, each site sits firmly in its own league of internet streaming services.

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