Video Game Classics

Have you ever played a game that was just so good. So good you still play it every once and awhile. Maybe you play it a lot. There are some games that are just so darn good that they’re basically a classic. But, what makes them a classic.

One game I can always count on for hours of fun is Golden-eye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Sure the graphics aren’t up to today’s standards. Aside from that there is so much replay-ability value. The levels are designed well and the controls are pretty good too. The amount of times that I’ve booted up the old 64 just to play it, is countless.

If you look at what makes a game a classic is how much fun you had playing it and how many times you went crawling back to it. Games with a lot of content, and good game design are attractive for a long time. Sure graphics can be amazing , but without good design or thought , they really do not matter. Even Mario has had some major hits. The color palettes and the characters , and the game-play always brings back a lot of fans. Fans who will always stand by Super Mario Bro’s. I know I will .They just stand the test of time , because they were designed well and fun to play. Design is so important in video games.Good design is the difference in whether people will actually want to play your game or just chuck it in the garbage.

Some games have even made me want to play them twice , or send me on a wild goose chase just to find a copy of them. If you have ever played Commander Keen , good on you ! If not , Commander Keen is a plat former where you travel around as a little astronaut who has crash-landed on some alien planet. Sounds simple enough, it did have its difficulties.But if i could get my hands on that it would be a dream come true. The colors they used , the level design, and the replay-ability always kept me coming back for more, which by my standards makes it a classic.

Classics are games that keep you coming back for more and more over the years.

Are there any games that you would consider to be a classic ? Any games that you’ll always go back to ?  Let me know in the comments below.

Plot Holes & Special Effects

Have you ever watched  a movie with amazing special effects. Have you ever wondered if the plots in some movies suffer because more time was invested into special effects rather than the script. Well, maybe you haven’t but I have. I was recently watching a movie with a lot of special effects and action. It was fun to watch but, as I took a closer look at some of the effects , I  started to see the seams of the movie unraveling.

An action movie with heavy special effects can be fun the first time, but that can sometimes distract the viewer from noticing how terrible the story actually is. So I thought it might be interesting to see how much money actually goes into special effects.

CGI can be really expensive.What really makes CGI costly is the people and the hardware that is used to make it.There are so many programs that developers need to accomplish some of those beautifully generated scenes and characters we have grown to love over the years. Plus you need to pay the people who do it , and you also need talented people to get the work done right. Sometimes its not done right , even with a large budget.

I can think of just a few movies with not so amazing CGI , but with amazing budgets. For example R.I.P.D had an interesting story line. But, when it came to CGI, the effects were terrible and not fun to watch . They were grotesque and just not appealing , and the story itself suffered and didn’t really receive raving reviews. Their budget was $130 million dollars.  So in some ways they had potential but failed.  Another movie that was heavily plagued with CGI is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, their budget was $250 million dollars. In my opinion they had some very good effects , especially the Smaug the dragon. Unfortunately the story failed in some ways because it dragged on. The adaptation of of the story itself suffered and didn’t please some of its long-time fans. I personally did not enjoy the effects and they verged on being creepy sometimes.

I think that CGI does have the potential to enhance a story but sometimes , it takes away. I can’t wait for the day that CGI becomes so seamless that you don’t even notice it and fall in love with the story.





Game Costs & Donald Trump ?

Video games, are expensive right? What if I told you that they are only going to become more expensive. And what if I told you that it has something to do with America’s new President.

Of course for the average consumer, game prices are currently outrageous. Paying $80-$100 dollars for a game hurts. Especially if that game does not live up to our expectations ( *cough cough * No Man’s Sky ).

It is not exactly clear when this price adjustment will actually take effect or if it will happen. But Donald Trump has mentioned in the past that his administration may impose certain taxes on companies that manufacture their products outside of the U.S. That will mean an increase on consoles as well as games.

As a gamer myself, in Canada, games are already costly and I never pay for them at full price, I try to get them when they’re on sale. But with the threat of game prices going up I can’t help but think will it impact Canada as well. Will we also see a further rise in our games?

Sure developers work hard to come out with some of our favorite games, but should they not try and work a little harder to develop games that are worth the pricey price tags. I think, just as advice to any developers, remember the people who buy your games are ultimately the people who support you and allow for you to make more games and be successful. So please make your games worth the price tag.It seems that some developers today, not all, just slap their name on a package in hopes that fans will buy into the company. But we can smell a dud from a mile away. People can also smell the hands of greedy developers that sneak in season passes, as well as microtransactions atop of it all.

With games that promise so much, but don’t live up to our expectations it feels like a waste of money. And the average consumer is not made of money. As a student, I know gaming is not a cheap hobby. Consoles are expensive, and gear is expensive. I may just have to opt out of gaming and sell my console so I can afford to eat for the rest of the year.

The new president of the states will affect us all in some way or another, but I hope that he just leaves our games alone.Will you still buy a new PS4 or Xbox? Or is it just not worth it?


Amazon Go or No ?

If you’re like me and you hate grocery shopping, Amazon Go might be the thing for you.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the benefits of using a self-checkout, the idea of simply “walking in “ and “walking out” might also appeal to you.

How does Amazon Go work?  There is an app that the consumer will download and upon arrival, you will scan your phone and shop.

The technology used is like the technology used in self-driving cars. With the different sensors, it is able to tell when you pick up something and when you put it back.

Through the app, you’ll be able to tell you what you have in your virtual cart. When you’re done you simply “walk out”.Amazon charges your account and you receive a digital receipt.

They are currently in the testing stages right now, and their first store is in Seattle. Amazon employees are testing it out.They are planning to open up to the public sometime this year.

Of course, as many pros that there are, there are certainly just as many cons. For example, one problem I see is what if the servers crash or the Amazon Go app crashes. Technology isn’t perfect and even the best apps out there do experience bugs from time to time. Also, what happens if someone puts and item back in the wrong place, we have all done it before. If that happens are the censors somehow embedded in the product, is it based on weight, are there people there to monitor. Of course, there are no clear answers for theses concerns right now. Hopefully, Amazon will have thought of everything so they can give us the best experience possible when they do finally open.


I personally love this idea as a student who is constantly on the go. You’re in and you’re out and there are basically no checkouts or waiting in lines. It may be unappealing for people who aren’t tech savvy or willing to learn new technology. Also, you do need to have a phone capable of downloading the app. Some people still just have flip-phones.  For people who already know how to use their phone, this is just another app that could be very useful. I’m curious to see if other people would use this  if it was available. Sure it will provide us with fewer jobs if it actually works out, but it will be more convenient right?

Do you think it’s for you? 



Should You Get A PS4 Pro?


All gamer’s want a console that is fit for a king. Everyone wants that system that brings their games to life. A game is only as good as the console that you run it on. If the console doesn’t run like it should, everyone will complain about it. So if you’re looking for a console that has some of the best graphics out there  (right now ) look no further than the PlayStation Pro. The Pro promises amazing graphics in 4K but is it really worth the price.

I’ll start off by saying if you already have a PlayStation 4 you may not want a PlayStation Pro. If you have the base model you are set, you can play all the same games on both. Where the Pro has the upper hand is in the graphics department.  If you are already rocking a 4K setup, the Pro will give you some of the best graphics out there. You are able to customize the settings and make your games look crispy in a good way.


So far the Pro does deliver on looking better than your usual 1080p display but it’s not perfect.  Some reviewers found that some of the games looked a little “soft” and not as crispy. Also if you are looking to just set it to normal 1080p you will have to manually do that, and it’s not the most simple process.

Some of the games that only run at 1080p, start to lose some natural luster. Some games do implement the different settings that allow for games to look good, but not all games will deliver the best graphics. Unfortunately, not all games give you the options to have full customization either.  In fact, some games run worse on the console. So the general consensus is that until a majority of the games are properly patched for the Pro that may be a turn-off for some. You will experience some dropped frames, but that might be okay for others.

In conclusion, you won’t benefit from the Pro if you already have the base model. If you don’t have a 4K TV you won’t benefit either. If you do have the right setup, not all games are optimized to play in 4K and you will lose some frames. There is some talk about fixing theses issues. Hopefully,  the bugs will be worked out and the Pro will finally be worth it.

So to answer your question, should you get a PlayStation Pro right now? Maybe not just yet.


5 Delicious Upcoming Games of 2017

With a new year, and a new you, why not embrace a new kind of resolution. One could spend all their time getting fit, but you could also just play all the new games coming out for consoles this year. Sure, you won’t be buff anymore, but you’ll have strong fingers with all of these games in your library. Here are  5 delicious games coming out this year (hopefully):


1.Telltale: Guardians of the GalaxyImage result for telltale guardians of the galaxy

Games these days are becoming more and more cinematic. So why not bring a cinematic movie to the console. Telltale is an amazing story telling gaming company that brings us brilliant stories and fun gameplay.  So what better movie to bring to the console than Guardians of the Galaxy. With so many interesting characters with great back stories, there are so many concepts to explore.

2.Ni No Kuni II: Revenant

Speaking of cinematic, if you’ve ever had a chance to watch a movie produced by Studio Ghibli and enjoy them. You may enjoy  Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. It’s got that epic adventure and some amazing visuals that I think a lot of people can enjoy. It’s almost like you’re watching one of  Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful masterpieces. The only difference is you get to control the characters.

3.Gravity Rush 2

If you’re one of those people that like to defy all rules and regulations, or maybe just defy gravity. Gravity Rush 2 might just be the game for you. Gravity rush has interesting mechanics that allow the player to literally defy gravity, float, and essentially fly anywhere. With powers like that, you’ll be defying the one thing you can’t in real life from your couch. With gorgeous graphics and an intriguing gameplay, there is much to be anticipated.

4.Kingdom Hearts 3

Now picture this, all your favorite Disney characters fighting by your side. Yes, I sad fighting. Kingdom Hearts is just that. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the latest installment in the franchise and if you’re a fan of RPG’s you’ll be a fan of Kingdom Hearts 3.  I know I am.

5.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image result for the legend of zelda breath of the wildFinally,  if you loved Legend of Zelda, I’ve got good news for you, Nintendo is bringing us another spectacle. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks gorgeous, and everyone has high hopes for t. We hope it is as amazing to play as it is beautiful.

Of course there are many other games coming out in 2017, and of course, you can still find time to work out. Take a break every once and a while.  Gaming isn’t all bad and with games like this in 2017’s roster you’ve got to at least give them a look.