Espionage or writing utensil?

How about Both?

Have you ever found it almost impossible to take notes while in a meeting or a lecture hall and still keep up with what the speaker is saying? Or have you ever wanted to remember a special moment in your life and not be that obnoxious person with a huge camera snapping pictures that results in a huge flash every five minutes? Or have you ever wanted to do something slightly more devious and spy on or record someone without their knowledge? If you answered yes to question one or two and okay three (even though i totally do not condone spying on someone FYI) then the Spy Camera Pen is probably the thing you are looking for.

This little gadget comes equipped with  a built in lithium battery that can be recharged by using any USB port (perfect if you are doing covert espionage and only have your laptop near you) and it can record up to 2 GB of video, which again would be perfect for those who love to record the memories as they happen or spy on people as things happen. Either way, that’s a lot of video for your viewing pleasure once it’s all said and done. That video would also be good quality for your viewing pleasure as it takes crystal clear video through 1080p and 780p. It will also allow you to take smooth action shots if you are the type who will settle for a snapshot instead of a video. Also for those night owls who love to take pictures at night it also has the capability of a low light performance with minimal pixilation. Which for me would be handy because I absolutely can’t stand it when a picture looks pixalated. And the last feature but certainly not least, it comes equipped with a Time/Date stamp feature so that you can remember when and where exactly those photos were taken. It also has the dual feature of turning it off just in case there are some pictures or videos you’d rather forget when they were taken.

I personally love to record things, and remember passed events via video or pictures but i also don’t really like carrying around a camera or even my phone all the times. This pen would be perfect for me as I could just pop it in my pocket and be good to go to record and remember things as long as I had a USB port nearby just in case the battery life was used up before

Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine

Have you ever gone camping and gotten your favorite shirt dirty? Or do you live in a small apartment that doesn’t come equipped with a washer and dryer and you find yourself not wanting to use the provided facilities in the building? If you answered yes to either of these OR you just simply want to know what I’m going to be talking about, then consider this…A washing machine that does not use electricity, is small and compact, and PORTABLE.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to tell you about the Drumi: the foot powered washing machine….

Costing only 299$ USD, this little guy is perfect for those who have a small apartment with no room for a washing machine. With it’s small size, the Drumi can easily be put in a corner of a room or packed away into the bottom of the closet until it is needed again to make room for something else that might be necessary. I also mentioned before that this little gadget is also portable. That is absolutely correct. Since this little thing does not use electricity but rather foot power (stepping on a peddle to make the mechanism run), it is perfect to have in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip to wash those soiled pieces of clothing that the kids don’t want to be without. This would sure beat using a washboard and a piece of soap in a river or a lake.

Convinced yet that you should get this washing machine?

Well how about a couple more facts about the Drumi that might sway your decision. Not only does it not use electricity and has a compact size but it also has a handy handle to make carrying this little gadget a little easier for those of us who might be strong enough to carry it without a handle. I know it would definitely be good for me to have a little gadget like this with a handle as my hands cannot manage carrying something this size and I also like to multi task. Why carry one thing when you could carry multiple things. Right?

So, what did we learn?

That the Drumi is perfect for those people who love camping but also love having clean clothes over those extended camping trips and for those who might live in a tiny apartment and don’t have a regular washing machine. Definitely a good investment!

Gadget Accessories

In my last blog I wrote that technology has definitely come a long way, well so have the accessories for said gadgets. It used to be that you needed a cord and an electrical outlet to charge your phone or laptop; but now, there are devices available to allow you to charge your phone while on the go without the need of an electrical outlet in the wall. An example of one of these nifty gadgets would be the La Cross Atomic Alarm Clock  this little gadget is primarily an alarm clock as the name suggests but it has a few other neat features besides being able to charge your cellphone. The La Cross Atomic Alarm clock  has other interesting features such as: Atomic time & date auto sets, Time display (hour/minute), 12/24 hr. time & 10 minute snooze alarm, 7 time zones selection, Calendar (month, day, date), USB Charging port for mobile devices (as previously mentioned)  and other cool features like: Indoor temperature, indoor humidity, moon phase, multi-color display, continuous illuminated black light using AC power, Back light dimmer, and like every other gadget it also has a low battery icon.

The cost of this clock is relatively cheap as you can purchase one of your very own at staples or on amazon for 65.00$.
Now, some people might look at a gadget like this and say “Why should I get something like this when my phone works just fine and has all of those qualities that the clock has.” And this is a valid point, as even my Samsung Galaxy 5 can do most of what the atomic clock can do with the only difference being it cannot charge other devices and can receive messages and phone calls. But those might be the reason I would choose to look into acquiring a clock such as this because I am the type of person who receives a lot of messages and phone calls and like to shut my phone off at night to get a break from those messages and phone calls. So having something like this gadget would allow me to do that while charging my phone at the same time and I’m a huge fan of multi-tasking so that would just be perfect for me.

But I did title this blog gadget accessories, so let me ask, would this be considered a gadget, accessory or some weird hybrid?

Brain Controlled Devices

Brain Controlled Devices: Good or Bad?

Technology has definitely come a long way from us thinking that microwave ovens, toasters and televisions are the new and exciting thing (which they are. I mean who doesn’t want to make food with ease while watching television?). Now, you can buy a headset that will control your mouse and keyboard while working on the computer. Now I can see the appeal here as I am someone who suffers from wrist and hand injuries so constantly working on a computer and using a mouse are not always a fun undertaking as they can re-aggravate the injury so the appeal of the headset would be good for some one who does not have the ability to use their hands. But what would be the downside to this? Well, a controller such as this is not just a pick up and use controller; there is some work that goes into being able to use this piece of tech. Now, if you’ve got the patience to be able to put this controller together and placing each sensory pad into it’s own separate place (and with a controller like the EPOC EEG there are sixteen of them) and then carefully sliding it onto your head without letting letting those sensory pads fall out and all over the floor. And the same thing applies to when you are done using this piece of tech as you have to carefully slide it off and take each sensory pad out and put them back in their carrying case. Phew! That sounds like a lot of work and I don’t even own one!
So aside from being time consuming, would this piece of tech be user-friendly and beneficial for everyone? My feeling is no. This is because of the fact that things like the EPOC EEG read brain patterns and facial expressions to complete the users desired tasks. However what about those people who have brain disorders? Or even turrets? reading facial expressions and brain patterns might not be the easiest thing for the tech to do, leaving the user unable to use it with ease. Now if that is the case, someone with the kind of issues i just described probably should not buy this kind of thing. But what happens if this becomes the way of the future?Then these are going to have to be some issues that will need to be worked out, now won’t they?



Illustrator vs. Photoshop

In the IMA program we have access to a lot of helpful software that allow us students to complete our work. Most of which can be attributed to the Adobe creative cloud.
Here we find things such as after effects, premier pro, audition and other products but the software that have caused discussion amongst peers are illustrator and Photoshop. Now, I myself like to use illustrator to accomplish my projects as, to me, it is easier to handle and more user friendly but I will admit that Photoshop will do things easier than illustrator can such as being able to manipulate, edit, and crop photos and then save them for web postings. This is especially important  and useful to me (and probably other future web designers) as I intend to make a career out of coding and making websites where images and graphics will be useful and necessary.

However, for things like making posters, icons, logos etc., illustrator is what I prefer. This is because when manipulating shapes using the direct selection tool will allow the user to have access to bezier handles on the shape that can move them in the desired way which comes in handy when you need to make a really obscure shape to give the finished product a desired look.

Now there are benefits to both, such as being able to link an illustrator file to a Photoshop file or vice versa to be able to combine the software and abilities from both to create the desired look for your finished product. But the downside with this feature (as with all technology) is if the Photoshop file gets deleted or the illustrator file gets deleted, then there goes half your work. So, if you are going to use this feature of these programs be careful and make sure you backup your work.

At the end of the day though, both programs can be beneficial both combined and separate for creating a good quality product (providing you know how to use both of them..Ha..Ha..) but the user must take into account the qualities of both and decide which program and which features would be more useful in creating the work that is desired and ultimately what is their preference and what is the desired end goal.

So after all of this information, I’m just going to throw it out there; which piece of software do you prefer?