The Doctor called Robot.

In today’s society,where  there is an increasing shortage of doctors and nurses as well as increasing costs for healthcare. Many hospitals and healthcare systems are investing their money in robotic systems for medical check-ups, surgery and other procedures.

Medical robots can now perform check-ups on patients at hospitals without direct human assistance.Doctors have been turning to technology in order to provide innovative advancements in the medical field considering it is cost effective.

But even if it greatly helps us for efficient and accurate data on our patients, It might be a downside to some because having this technology to do all the workload might result to some nurses to become dependent and unreliable in their job.

This technology serves to improve accuracy and patient safety by reducing medical errors. Traditionally, nurses spent a significant portion of their shift walking back and forth between patient rooms, medication areas and the nursing station but with this technology it can also act as a nurse such as patrolling hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human

Below are some of the things that these medical robots can do: 

1.Medical robot can now patrol hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human intervention.

2.Medical robot can disinfect clinical equipment and also clean the rooms.

3.Medical robots can move medical supplies from one room to another without human intervention.This robot can move through hospital corridors ,elevators and departments at any time during the day to make deliveries

4.Medical robots can feed patients and help them to administer medications.

The Benefits of Medical Robots.

.Cost effective

.Direct human intervention is not required

.FDA cleared

.Contains two-way video screen so communication is easy no matter where the doctor is.

.Autonomous navigation

.Reduce waiting time

.Reduce spread of diseases

So far I believe that  from mic-robots that scraps plaque from arteries to personal assistant robots that help care for patients, medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare. What do you think about this?



Personally, I think that today, most of our lives are controlled by electronics. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it could soon take up residence in our medicine cabinets in the form of “electronic aspirin.”   Are you a patient of Migraine, Headaches and Facial pain, and you use a lot of Aspirin tablets that don’t just help to stop the pain? Don’t worry because scientists at Autonomic Technologies Inc. (ATI) in Redwood City, California have developed a state-of-the-art neurostimulation  system that helps with the treatment of Migraine Headaches. And this device is called Electronic Aspirin. The Electronic Aspirin  is a patient-powered tool for blocking Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) signals whenever you have a sign of a headache.

This little device is a stimulator that is just about the size of an almond which can be implanted through a surgical insertion into your gum near the molar, and most often it is placed on the side of the head where the headaches occurs most of the time. With this new technology anyone suffering from headaches can just place a remote control in the side of the cheek where the pain is and stimulate the SPG nerves, stopping neurotransmitters that cause the pain. After the pain is treated you can just remove the remote control to deactivate the implant.

This are some of the reasons I think anyone having a lot of headaches should try the little device.

1.   The patient will experience an almost pain free life.

2.  The patient will be able to control when to use the device.

3.  No downfalls of pain medication such as internal issues or tolerance.

4.  It is now  readily available  .

5.  It lasts longer than any other pain medication.

The only side effects known for now occur  during and after inserting the implant. Some common side effects include throat numbness, lowered blood pressure, and nausea. Rarer symptoms include nasal bleeding, nasal infection and a temporary increase in headache pain. But my question is would you want to place such electronic device in your body and does anyone think that he or she could be controlled through the little device?.


Ways to maintain a smartphone battery



The mobile phone as you all know has become many users’ personal assistant, companion, day planner, wallet, health instructor, pay television station, video/audio camera, photographer and so many others. All these functions are driven by applications that could drain battery life.Statistics shows the total number of mobile phone users worldwide  for 2017  is forecast to reach 4.77 billion and by 2019 it will be over five billion.

But how diligent or otherwise the batteries of smartphones are charged can also affect its battery life, last week I read a research by Battery University which shows that Charging smartphone’s lithium-ion battery in short bursts can improve its lifespan, while leaving the phone plugged in once it is 100 per cent charged is bad for the power source, the research warned.So how do we make sure that our smartphone batteries last long. well here are some tips I like to share with you.


Remove phone when fully charged

Leaving it charging keeps the battery under high stress, which wears it down.

Removing the device from charging when it reaches 100 per cent is like “relaxing muscles after strenuous exercise”.

Regular charge at 100% unnecessary

lithium batteries do not need to be fully charged all the time, and doing so is not the best way to maintain the battery.

“It is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery”,  which will wear it down over time.

So I recommend multiple, short bursts of charging over one long charge.

Charge device regularly

Smartphone batteries respond better to multiple stints of charging throughout the day instead of one long charge when the battery is running low.

Battery University stated that charging your device every time its drops 10% of its battery life would be the best-case scenario.

As this is not practical for many people, charging your phone when you have an opportunity should be fine.

This will keep your smartphone’s battery performing better for longer.

Keep device cool always

Smartphone batteries must avoid extreme heat to function optimally, and Apple advises users to remove phone cases if they notice their device heating up while charging.

“It’s especially important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 35°C, which can permanently damage battery capacity,” stated Apple.

The benefits of social media

All the many events that have taken place globally this year, what has stood out to me most is the power of social media.We have in one way or another witnessed how its use has saved lives, given job opportunities, created strong relationships and many more. It is also able to tarnish reputations, build hostility and kill relationships. So we must all realise that its power is really not in the tool or the makers of the tool, but the users behind the tool.

The mistake people make is the wrong assumptions that social networks mean social media. Wrong! Please understand that social networking is just a part of social media. There are user review sites, video sharing, micro blogging, blogging and others.  Therefore it is important to tailor your social media use to the kind of business or industry you operate in

Provide Market Insights and Money Making:

One of the many benefits of social media is its ability to provide you with insights on customers, competitors and Industry around the world. Through social media, you are able to know what exactly your customers think of your brand and those areas that can be improved. Social media chatter is a valuable source of information. What are your customers saying about your brand, what matters to your to customers? What is being said when you are compared to competitors.

Depending on how strategic your social media use is, it can lead to a strong media presence which will in the long run lead to brand loyalty.My favourite part of social media is that it is free. Well to an extent but there are so many objectives that small businesses can achieve for free using social media.

Develop relationships and Increased exposure:

The beauty of social networks especially is the ability to “package” your brand. Brands have been given an opportunity to present themselves to the world in the light that they want to be seen. Some brands have even dared to join viral conversations on politics, economics, and entertainment. Social media gives you the best view of viral content in the world as they happen.It is now a medium through which you can respond to problems immediately and show the world just how great your customer service is.There are many people who do not leverage on the connections that social media brings. It gives the opportunity to access information directly from mentors or competing businesses.


Internet Penetration In Africa

The internet has spurred the economic and social growth of most developed nations and the same effects are being seen in many developing nations in Africa. But as reported by Internet world stats, Internet penetration in Africa stands at only 37.5 percent. The growth of Internet in Africa is limited, compared to what is obtainable in developed countries. According to recent surveys conducted,listed bellow  are some of the obstacles I think is hindering information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet growth in Africa.

1.) HIGH LEVEL OF (ICT) ILLITERACY – The high rate of illiteracy in the continent is hindering the growth of internet use and this has contributed to the decline in the use of this super facility. People are ignorant of what the internet is all about, it’s uses, applications and benefits in solving their problems. Most people have not seen a computer before, not to talk of understanding internet concepts. Although it must be said that ICT knowledge in Africa is growing and being embraced, yet there remain a large majority of rural population that has not seen firsthand, the immense benefits of the internet.

2.) HIGH COST OF GETTING INTERNET – Internet doesn’t come cheap in Africa. One of the reasons for the high cost of connecting to the internet is the costs involved in using satellites due to a lack of cable infrastructure. Most Internet traffic in Africa often times needs to be routed by satellite via North America and Europe Website.

3.) POVERTY – There is high cost of feeding, education, and health in Africa. The poor will rather not waste their little income to access the internet when they have their priority as food, clothing and shelter. Many cannot afford to own a PC at home, even the fairly used ones being shipped from developed countries; talk less of engagement in internet connectivity

Emerging Technology For 2017

The technology industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. It keeps changing and improving on a daily basis. So, which trends should we pay attention to this new year? There are uncountable tech trends but these are my top four tech trends for the year 2017.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Jacob Morgan regards IoT as a concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. This includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of. There will be more research into IoT this year. Today, we have smart homes equipped with connected products that turns our home to a smart home.Artificial Intelligence

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is intelligence exhibited or shown by machines. Many tech companies are aggressively investing in the development of AI which is set to become the next big thing. A good example of AI was when Google’s artificially intelligent Go-playing computer system defeated Korean grand-master Lee Sedol in the final game of their historic match, finishing the best-of-five series with four wins and one loss. This is interesting but the more AI becomes part of our daily lives, the more robots can take over human jobs. But lets be assured that AI is something to look forward to this year.

3 Dimensional printing for everyone

According to Wikipedia, 3D printing, refers to processes used to synthesize a three-dimensional object in which layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object. Although 3D printing has been around for years, the price of 3D printing is very expensive. But according to projections, the price is expected to become pocket-friendly.

Innovative wearable’s

Wearable’s are gadgets that can be worn on our body as an implant or accessory. This year, it is expected that there will be more innovative and amazing wearable’s produced.