Interactive public art

Do you ever go to an art show with interactive art pieces but they have a sign that reads “do not touch the art work“, well I got some interactive art that you can touch and interact with.


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Musical swings

This musical swing set of 21 is located in Montreal in the busiest quartier. This contemporary swing set is one way to bring people together in a public space with balance of fast-paced urban environment. Each swing has a different instrument that was pre-recorded and will play as you swing. The swings are equipped with motion sensors. The swings will play a complex melodies when the swings move together.


The Think sphere

The interactive think sphere was created for the TEDx Somerville that promotes “ideas worth sharing.” As people walk in the group’s building the bright sphere is like a beckon that draw’s people toward it to give it a go. It’s a public work but also acts as an interface between conference attendees and random passerby’s.


A flexible field of grass

This flexible field of grass will entertain you to no end, this fun interactive field was created by Daniel Lyman. Find this interactive piece of art in Salt Lake City that is composed with more than 1,000 moly-filled nylon rods which are each 10 feet long. People are invited to walk through this urban field and interact with the flexible rods that bend and undulate mimicking grass or tree’s blowing in the wind. During the night is when this field of grass gets colorfully lit creating a magical feeling.


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Roller Coaster Staircase

This roller coaster staircase of fun and excitement is on top a hill in Duisburg, Germany created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. They call it the Tiger and turtle: Magic Mountain which is a 70 feet tall sculpture that looks like a winding thrilling roller coaster but is actually a staircase. People can explore this staircase for its view while others are recalling childhood memories of theme parks.

These interactive art pieces are very exciting and makes me want to travel to test out and see them first hand.

Which one of these interactive art pieces is your favorite?


Dolfi is a hand sized device that washes your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. Dolfi is the next generation of cleaning, It’s gentle on clothes and rough on dirt. The Dolfi is giving washing machine’s a run for it’s money, but say goodbye to damaged clothes caused by washing machine’s. The Dolfi is portable and fit’s in luggage or any bag you use to travel for where you travel in the world. The Dolfi requires no effort to turn on just switch it on and enjoy!

Dolfi saves you from going to the laundromat to wash your clothing. The device will never cause your clothes to fade or stretch during washing. The ultrasonic technology cleans within the fabric fibers which keeps your favorite clothing item’s looking great. Dolfi’s ultrasonic technology sends sound wave’s throughout the water which creates bubbles which then explode creating millions micro jet liquid stream’s that wash away all dirt. Dolfi creates and admits ultera sound waves that are multi-mode, wide band and progressive.

How does it work you might be wondering right now.

Well you just have to put your clothes into any sink you have in your home, fill with water then add detergent and place Dolfi into the sink to let the magic happen. Dolfi glows blue as it clean’s you’re clothes which only take’s 30 minutes. Dolfi the hand sized device save’s you time and money. Once the Dolfi is done washing you’re clothes you just have to hang them out to dry and put them on once their dry.

Dolfi was made in Switzerland and developed by MPI ultrasonics.

I personally want to try and test out this device to see if it actually work’s. This would save me time on washing my laundry and keep me from fighting over who gets to use the washing machine. Although I would get worried having to put detergent in my sink. I think the Dolfi is a pretty cool device. There are pros and cons to this device like any other device. I like how Dolfi can travel where ever I may travel in world. In conclusion I find this hand sized device very amazing with the technology that’s in this small device.

Air Selfie Drone

The Air Selfie drone is taking the selfie game to a whole new level of taking pictures. It fits in the palm of your hand and its light weight. The drone works with IPhone 6/S, 7/ plus, Huawei P9, Samsung galaxy s7 and google pixel. The drone is designed to store and charge in its case that can also charge your phone which is a plus. The Air Selfie drone gives your arms a break and does the picture taking so you don’t have to stretch out your arm to take a selfie. If your worried about shaky or blurred photos don’t worry it’s a thing of the past with this picture taking drone because of its vibration absorber and in-flight stability system. The drone can fly 20 feet above the ground and comes with 5 megapixel camera making this drone excellent for your selfie needs. Air Selfie comes with its own self-generated Wi-Fi, which I find pretty sweet. When the drone is at a full charge it has about 3 minutes of flying time but it’s easy to charge it only takes 30 minutes to get it back to a full charge again. Air selfie comes with a 4 GB micro SD memory card for storing the pictures you take with this drone. The drone is half an inch thick which makes it easily to fit in your pocket. I personality would love to test out how well the image quality of this drone really is because I for one need to see to believe it before saying a product is great. The fact that the drone works with an app on your phone is really awesome but for a person who takes tons of selfie’s a day I wonder if the drone has enough storage. I would use the drone more for taking pictures of other things then myself because I’m not a huge selfie fan.

Air selfie is the new fun way of taking group selfies while you and your friends are having some fun at the beach or having a great time in your back yard having a Barbecue. Air Selfie is you’re on the go pocket size drone. You can take the selfies that you took on the drone and post them on your Instagram because the drone’s app wirelessly shares the photos with your smartphone. Air selfie is slowly replacing the selfie stick which I personality didn’t really get why the selfie stick was all that great in the first place.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual reality (VR) is not only for gaming, but it is also used to treat mental disorders, such as anxiety. Virtual reality is used as a form of therapy that helps treat phobias, such as the fear of heights and the fear of flying, by putting the individual in a life-like plane that the software creates by mimicking the sounds, sights, and feelings that one would get when flying on a plane. Although the VR has been around for many years, it is not widely available due to its cost. Patients who do use this form of treatment only use it for a limited number of times per session. During these sessions, it helps them to identify and recognize a change in disturbing thoughts and feelings, all in a controlled environment. The main challenge with the virtual reality treatment is the lack of clinical evidence and supportive data.

Virtual Reality is quite amazing once you’ve had a chance to try it out with either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Once you start doing something in the virtual reality, it feels so life like because you have to reach down if the object is on the ground like you would in real life. VR is like a trick that makes our brains believe it is somewhat real when we in fact know that it is not real. The software is customizable depending on what It’s being used for like gaming or a treatment method.

I find virtual reality therapy extremely interesting because I have a phobia called Arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders and many creepy crawlers. I’m curious if being put into a virtual reality with them would help me get over my fear. I found that after researching more about VR therapy that Canada had brought two copies of the software in 2014 for $17,000 each. It’s nice to know there are treatments like Virtual reality to help treat mental disorders without the use of drugs. Virtual Reality is mainly used right now because it is very expensive to buy the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. I’m very excited to see what they will come up with next for the Virtual Reality treatment and how they will  improve its use in the future. I am definitely a big fan of Virtual Reality because it is so mind blowing to know what you are able to do while playing with this software.