Make any pair of headphones wireless with this device

Chords are messy and get in the way of everything, speaking from experience here. Although braided chords are a lot better then most normal chords, they still get tangled and kink. Because companies noticed this they have come up with devices that don’t use headphones jacks, forcing you to purchase adapters. Which can range from $5 for a cheap knock-off brand to buying wireless ear buds from Apple for $220.

This device is called the “Jack” by Podo Labs. This device is available for $40 on Kickstarter. Its a device you plug into yo ur headphones and it communicates wirelessly with your phone. You can also sync your headphones with blue tooth and share with friends. Jack also has up to 12 hours of battery life with its 300 mAh battery. This device also works with headphones and all in-line remotes. The device also features high definition sound, with CD-like quality.

Jack has 3 modes.

Share: Lets you sync headphones and share music wirelessly with a friend. you can also sync two jacks and receive audio from the same Bluetooth source.

Receive: Receives audio from any Bluetooth source. You can play it through your headphones, speakers, and any other audio device.  Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Transmit: You can use Jack to transmit audio to another jack, or Bluetooth headphones from a normal aux output.

The Kickstarter campaign is also offering a free 3.5 male to male connector when you pledge and share with a friend. Now let’s talk technical and get to the specs. Jack measures to be 1 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighs 20g. It also includes a USB port and a 3.5mm AUX jack. The audio is aptX audio codec. Making it high definition stereo sound. On the Jack there is a metal clip included so you can clip Jack to anything as well as a LED indicator and a button.

What do you think about devices like this? I personally don’t mind plugging in my stuff into my audio devices. But for people who get annoyed with chords being everywhere, and having to unplug to share and add an audio splitter. This s a good device for them. For $40 this is a pretty good deal.

My only question is ow durable is it? I take my audio with me everywhere so durability and sustainability is my biggest concern.



Meet Gita, your new best friend

Technology is changing everyday and so are human emotions. More and more people are getting insecure and lazy. So the robot industry is having a heyday on what kind of products to invent for consumers. Because if the money’s right, lets make robots do everything.

This is where Gita comes in. Gita is a smart vehicle designed to act as your personal assistant. The bot is circular shaded and features 2 wheels that take up the sides of its body. Gita can carry things for you, like groceries and personal belongings. It can also follow you around using live 3D mapping. It can also teach itself to navigate through urban spaces. Gita can stroll for 8 hours on a single charge, while holding your belongings. Gita also features color changing LED lights so you don’t lose them at night.

The robots features/specs include the following: Gita is 22 inches tall and features a smooth and shiny surface. Gita has 2 large rubber treads and cameras on the front and back to help Gita navigate. Unfortunately Gita does not use GPS, but Gita can follow a person wearing a special belt, which connects to the robot via Wi-Fi. If you open the hatch at the top of Gita, you will find a small compartment that can hold up to 40 pounds.

Gita is also made by the same company who made the Vespa. That company is called Piaggio and they are working on developing a bigger sized Gita called “Kilo” which is supposed to hold more stuff. When you stop moving Gita sidles up close to you. The other mode is the autonomous mode. This will allow Gita to map out a area and travel on its own. This is used for running errands or delivering, doing this Gita only unlicks its compartments once its reached its destination. Gita’s can also work together to convoy in a train. Wouldn’t that be a site to see? They communicate with each other too.

So far there is no set price for Gita as it’s still in development. I would be worried personally about someone damaging or trying to steal Gita when I’m not looking. So hopefully they develop some sort of security feature to help prevent that. There is also talk about using Gita in hospitals and on campus’s. I think this is a good idea for people with disabilities, but for people who are completely capable of moving around and carrying stuff on there own, there’s no need for it.

The interesting science behind RealD 3D

If you follow social media closely, you most likely have a Facebook account. Facebook is a great way to find out interesting stuff about new tech. Although 3D movies and TV’s aren’t exactly something new, RealD 3D just released a video on their Facebook page explaining the science and tech behind something as simple as 3D glasses. Back when we were kids, 3D glasses where tacky and looked gross with those red and blue lenses. Then one day these new hipster-styled 3D glasses came out and it was a huge advancement to 3D glasses, and they really haven’t changed since then.

According to what I’ve learned from RealD 3D’s Facebook video, human eyes are 2.5 inches apart and each eye views an object at a different angle, the brain then combines those angles and forms a 3D object inside your mind. Movies are equipped with a special 3D projector also known as a Z-Screen. They can play both 2D and 3D movies. You have probably noticed that when you take your 3D glasses off you can still watch the movie just fine, only the camera is slightly out of focus to allow the 3D effect. The movie projector symbolizes both left and right human eyes, merged numerous angles to create that 3D picture, and the system alternatively filters the light waves in each frame at 144 frames per second. The projection is so fast your brain views both images simultaneously.

The human eye is filtered using a process known as Polarization. The RealD 3D glasses use polarization lenses so each eye only sees the image it’s supposed too. Unlike the gross red and blue lensed glasses we used as kids. The way those worked was, movies were filmed using 2 different cameras each with a red or blue filter. Then both are merged to create anaglyph images, they create the illusion of depth.

When you think of something as silly as 3D glasses using science in order to work it’s quite amazing. Most people don’t care to see how far technology has come since 3D glasses are so cheap to make and easily get thrown away. I personally don’t think 3D really needs to evolve considering that its stayed the same for years. I cant think of anything else that would make 3D movies better, considering its just the image. You cant really make something more 3D. Either way I quite enjoy 3D movies.

The Bacon Express!

Mmmmm bacon.

Have I caught your attention yet? (unless you’re vegan of course). Meat lovers will enjoy a good, juicy piece of bacon every so often, but are often faced with the fears of cooking such a delicious meat because of the hazard of the grease “spitting” at you and burning you. I know that’s my reason for not cooking bacon very often.

Well now there is a new way to cook bacon. Introducing the Bacon Express aka the BCN6BK. This little machine is a perfectly healthy way to cook bacon without a mess or hassle. This machine can cook up to 6 pieces of bacon at once. Regular or thick cut. To use this machine you simply adjust the timer dial to suit your bacon preference and boom, you got bacon. The design of this machine is vertical so it drains away the fat and grease from the bacon with the slide out drip tray. It also features cool touch handles to make it easier to open the doors and view the cooking process. When your bacon is done cooking the non-stick cooking plate and insulated door liners remove for easy cleanup. You can buy this amazing device for only $40 USD. 


What do you guys think of new cooking tools such as this? I think its great that more and more technology is involved when it comes to cooking food. Food doesn’t take as long to prepare like it use to.  Instead of taking 2 hours to prepare a meal you can now have it done in under an hour. When you walk into stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire they have huge sections of machines you can use to make cooking easier. Now for some people who enjoy cooking, machines may not be in their favor.

Now I know there is probably a lot of machines like this one out there for cooking. It’s all personal preference honestly. Most machines are pretty affordable so experiment which one you like better. Or better yet look up videos or reviews online to see which cooking machine is best for you. Being a person like myself who is terrified of anything hot, and getting burned, these machines are great because I don’t have to use a stove.

KIQ: The kitty with attitude!


Remember your favorite plush toy as a child? Do you still have them? I know I still do and many more. We all know how much technology has improved since we were kids. Especially when it comes to smartphones. Meet KIQ, the interactive personal assistant that happens to resemble your favorite plush toy.

KIQ is a interactive personal assistant that was originally launched on Kickstarter. Although the Kickstarter campaign didn’t quite make it’s deadline, the company gained enough interest to try and develop the toy through other methods. They may also improve the toys design and re-launch there Kickstarter. KIQ uses Bluetooth technology, (although its nothing new), to hook up to your smartphone. With KIQ’s app, KIQ will manage your texts, calls, emails and more! KIQ is also intelligent and will develop a personality. You can customize his words and phrases as well as punch lines. He can also learn new ones too!

KIQ’s voice dialogues are updated weekly so you will always have new content to heart from your KIQ toy!. The toy itself is a small, plush kitty that’s good for travel. The toy also understands gestures like touch and can sense when you’re in range of it. He can also register not so gentle touches. That’s right. if you don’t like what he’s saying you can throw him across the room and he will learn to avoid that kind of humor in the future! KIQ can also talk when he’s sitting but if you put him on his side he will stop  talking. The battery lasts 8-10 days and he will tell you when he needs charging.

I personally think smart companions like this is really cool. We could use more companions like this, especially those who struggle with time management and scheduling like myself. I just wish the Kickstarter went through. They were really close to reaching there goal. They pledged $38,934 out of a $50,000 goal. The website for KIQ claims you can order one in the near future if you leave your email. The site, however hasn’t been updated in ages. So one can only hope. One other thing is KIQ can some in different colours so you can customize him to suit your tastes even more!



Nintendo Switch: The Wii U toaster?

Nintendo is Releasing a new console.

Yep you heard that right. I mean if you’re a huge fanboy like I am you would have probably already have known. After the Wii U’s terrible launch and poor sales it’s no doubt Nintendo is scrambling for money. Recently Nintendo released the NES Classic, which featured 30 classic NES games pre built into the system already. Sad thing is its small, fragile and you can’t use your old NES cartridges with it. So even though the Nintendo Switch was officially announced last year, fans were more excited to get there hands on the NES Classic. Which sold out everywhere within minutes. Nintendo has yet to restock them at any stores.

Nintendo has used this technique in the past only with their Amiibo’s. Only releasing so many of them and then never restocking them until a year later. Because of this fans have literally gone into physical fights over this and scalping Amiibos for hundreds on ebay. It’s like Nintendo is allergic to money. Here’s hoping they actually restock the NES Classic soon. So because of all the excitement over the NES Classic people have completely forgotten about the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is set to release as of March 2017. According to EB Games they were sold out of preorders online and in store within minutes.

So what kind of features can we expect to see on this Nintendo Switch? At first glance the Switch is no more then a toaster looking Wii U. It comes with a docking station for the main controller which is a tablet styled handheld. (It’s barely a console at all). The controller then hooks up to two more controls which basically turns it into a game pad. The game pad also features a stand because apparently you will be playing it long enough to get tired of holding it. Good job Nintendo, always thinking about everyone’s health. The stand alone controllers also become wireless controllers. So by default the Switch comes with three controllers. Because of the Switches portability and size the Switch will not be able to take any DVD’s or Blue-Ray disk slots. Instead, the Switch will be stepping backwards and using game cartridges.  So far the only official game that was announced is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However in the Nintendo Switch’s teaser trailer there was also a few other games shown such as Splatoon and Mario and well as some Third Party Content. That’s right. Nintendo is finally biting the bullet and allowing companies like Bethesda and Sega to make games for one of their consoles. This is a huge step for Nintendo. Below is a sample of what to expect for Third Party content for the Switch.



According to what was Seen in the teaser trailer you can also take the Switch with you on the go. This makes me question the Switch’s battery life and overall graphics and possessor. The tablet part of the Switch features a 6.2 inch screen and 720p graphics, ultimately making it better then the Wii U but still way behind the Xbox One and PS4. But when displayed on a TV the Switch will use 1080p graphics. If only Nintendo would actually catch up and use modern day tech. Seems to me like every time they release something the other companies are 5 steps ahead of them. Don’t get me wrong I will be getting the Switch myself but it won’t be for awhile. According to the specs, unlike the Wii U, the tablet must be plugged into the dock and wont offer two screen experience. So it sounds to me like Nintendo took a step back with that one. The Switch also offers a pro controller you can buy separately. It’s look and feel is a lot like an Xbox controller.

But get this. We all know Nintendo is great for being nostalgic. A function helps bring that to life. Most of you probably never had LAN parties when you were a kid. (Those were some good times). But according to the developers the Switch can connect up to eight other consoles for local wireless multiplayer. Great, time to pack up all 8 consoles and bring them over to a friends for a LAN party. Here’s hoping there’s enough outlets. I’ll get right on that. Good news is online multiplayer will be available for some games. BUT if you think you are going to get away with it being free you’re wrong. Nintendo will be offering a paid service after Fall 2017, until then it will be free. Details on how much that will be are not available at this time.

As for battery life Nintendo claims the tablet will have between two and half to six and a half hours of gameplay. That’s quite a gap. I’m already doubting the battery’s quality and how long before I’ll have to replace it for being damaged from so much charging. However, while using it’s battery power the system’s GPU will run at 307.2MHz, just 40% of its docked speed (768MHz). The docking station (aka the toaster) is apparently designed to be cheap to produce so Nintendo can sell additional docks to players to connect to multiple TV’s used throughout the household.

Accessories for the Switch so far include headphones, carrying pouches and screen protectors. Some accessories we can look forward to seeing is decals and more controller options.

So in conclusion this is a really big step for Nintendo, and a risky one. Here’s hoping the sales from the Switch can dig Nintendo out of the hole since the last two consoles they released completely flopped in sales. It looks to me since Nintendo is finally allowing Third Party content that it is highly possible that the Switch will do better then any other of their consoles. Time will only tell.




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