Hoversurf Scorpion-3

Have you ever wondered if you can have a motorcycle that can hover and move like a speeder bike from Star Wars? That has now become a reality. On February 20, a Russian company called Hovercraft Inc. has created the first handmade hover bike called Scorpion-3.

It’s a four propeller, single seated bike that can hover and fly. It reaches the height of 10 meters and travels 50 km/hour. It can carry the weight up to 120 kg. This is the company’s first prototype and looking at the video, it looks like a successful ride. Both professional and amateurs can fly this hover bike, but with proper training. Hopefully we would see more of these soon in the near future. Who knows, we might even see a hover board in the mix.

The price and availability is currently unknown, but in my opinion, I would diffidently would buy it and fly it to school everyday (except for winter and when it rains.) I think it’s a whole new way of travel because of two reasons. 1. It’s looks safe to fly to almost anywhere. 2. For star wars fans, it makes you feel like you are on the Endor forest while blasting scout troopers as you are being hunted down by the empire. It’s a dream come true for star wars fans. But the bad part is that this ride doesn’t have blasters.

Now we can have those storm trooper chases we all once imagined about, but lets not do it in the forest because I don’t want to end up hitting trees.

Compare it to the PAL-V helicopter car, the Scorpion-3 has the image of a motorcycle with propellers like a drone. Both of them only have one seat. I can diffidently see James Bond riding these two rides for top secret mission. The only difference is that the PAL-V has three tires, while the Scorpion-3 doesn’t.

Here is a video of the Scorpion-3 in action. I have also provided the link to Hoversurf’s webpage.


What are your opinions on this ride? Do you like it or do you hate it? Remember, this is a prototype and there might be some improvements along the way. Leave a comment below.


Robotic Spider Dress

Ever wonder what would fashion and technology look like together? In 2015, Intel did the impossible. A dress made up of technology. Why is it called a spider dress? It the mechanical limbs on the dress that makes it look like a spider. Intel used a 3-D printer to create the top part of the dressed and the parts as well. It was design by Anouk Wipprecht, a female Dutch designer. This is her second design. It also follows your behavior with the wireless biometric signals. Just looking at it, it looks pretty and fierce. So far the only colors is white and black, but we might see more different varieties of it in the near future. It also lights up from the six black balls along the stomach. You have nine degrees of movement along the shoulder plates. (Don’t worry, there is something covering the bra line). The dress is made out of white or black nylon.

I showed this to my roommate at home a few days ago and she would diffidently want one if they were on sale.

I’m not sure how much does it cost, but I would really like to see it on the red carpet soon. I can probably see some of the big names in Hollywood wearing this dress at award shows, the red carpet, and so on.

For my opinion, I really like this dress because now we can see technology in the fashion world. The model looks pretty good in the dress, she’s got me sold on this product. I would diffidently buy this for my daughter(s) for their high school or college grad, (if I have any in the future).

I have provided you two videos of this product. One being the whole look, and the other is a teaser of the dress.

I have also provided the link to the website I found it on. I have also provided you her webpage on here as well.

Robotic Spider Dress Powered By Intel Smart Wearable Technology



What are your thoughts of this dress? Leave a comment below if you like or don’t like the spider dress.

Upcoming Movies: Transformers 5

The next installment of the Transformers franchise will be out this Summer. This will be Michael Bay’s fifth and final transformers movie. Usually I would tell you about the movie, but this time I’m going to look at the tech they are using to make this. This will be my last upcoming movie blog as I should start looking at what’s beyond.

From the technology standpoint, after looking at the trailers, all the autobots and decepticons have a new look and new vehicles. There is a lot of detail on Optimus Prime, showing one side smooth and the other side barbaric, especially with the red mark on the left side of his face, extra points on the eye color change. He has change from the past four movies. Almost all the robots and the machines are using CGI, there is one robot that will use a little bit of CGI, and this one is 3 feet tall. Squeaks is a new small Autobot in the new movie. Not sure if it is a boy or girl so I’m calling Squeaks a “it.” It looks like it is hand built, but they might use the CGI to see “it” transform into a scooter. Here is an image of the small Autobot and the vehicle it transforms into. You can tell from its design that it has a peg leg where the other tire suppose to be.

I am so planning to go see this because I’m a huge Transformers fan and I want to see what happens next with this saga. I’m a sucker for Camaros, and Bee’s car is sweet. Here is an image of the car they are using for the movie. Now that’s a sweet ride.

Just think about it, how many cars, trucks and planes are used in the movie, and how many cars will get wrecked as well. That idea came from the Dukes of Hazards bloopers, that’s a lot of destroyed Chargers.

Looking at the poster for the movie, I hope they don’t kill Bee or have Optimus kill off his friend.

Here are the trailers for the movie coming on June 23, 2017.

Upcoming Movies: Star Wars The Last Jedi

With Rogue One now out, Disney and Lucasfilm will now focus on the next chapter in the Star Wars franchise. Here is what we know so far. Most of the cast, except Harrison Ford, will be back for episode 8. There will be some new faces in the mix. It will continue off from the Force Awakens cliff hanger. This will be Carrie Fisher’s last movie when she passed away in 2016, even though she had completed all of her shots before her death. January 23rd was the day they released the title “The Last Jedi”. So far there might be a trailer, that is going to be revealed during Super Bowl LI(51). We might see more along the way with Star Wars Celebration, which is coming up on April 13 to the 16 in Orlando, Florida.

There are some people trying to get some details about the movie, even Josh Gad(Olaf) tried to get some info from Daisy Ridley, twice and failed to get any info from her.

Lets talk about the title, The Last Jedi. What does it mean, and why is the font color red instead of yellow? He is what I think. Luke is the last “trained” Jedi from experienced Jedi, like Obi-Wan and Yoda in the original trilogy before he trained his fallen nephew/apprentice. There are some theories about this movie involving Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren being the last Jedi. One of the theories is if they should bring back Anakin Skywalker in ghost form. It would make sense because in The Force Awakens, we heard Yoda and Obi-Wan’s voice in Rey’s vision. Lets hope Hayden Christensen can come back to play him again.

About the red color font. It makes you think something bad is going to happen. Take the Clone Wars for example, they used a red color font for the title when Darth Maul took over Mandalore and killed Duchess Satine in front of Kenobi’s eyes.

If there is any other theories out there, or if you have some theories of your own, comment them below.

Mark your calanders. The release date is in theatres December 15, 2017.

Selfie Car

Honda has done it again. A SUV with 10 selfie cameras, wow. Five camera on the outside and five on the inside. Just think of all the carpool karaoke’s on YouTube. The exterior and the interior looks pretty good. Rear-view camera, Lanewatch technology, a seven inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, Hondalink; to connect your phone to the car’s cameras, and a navigation system. It has hands-free selfie technology.

I heard about this over winter break on the radio on my way home with my parents. But, there is some concerns about this. I’m not trying to make Honda look bad, but this leaves me some questions. Distracted driving is one of them. Just imagine these cars at a crash site. Well, we know it is distracted driving because so and so’s picture is on the car screen before they crashed. Is this a good idea? I think it is a horrible idea. Why, because of these reasons. 1. I don’t do selfies when I’m driving, and 2. It’s common sense. Frankly, common sense is pretty much an “endangered species”. Why would you create a car with 10 selfie cameras, you are creating more distractions and dangerous driving along the way. It’s just like texting and driving. I know they are trying to get the next generations attention, but I think safety comes first. What happens if there are more accidents involving this car and distracted driving? Would the company lose money, or get sued for creating a vehicle with built in distractions? It doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t we trying to teach drivers to be safe and avoid distractions?

What are your thoughts about this? Is this a good idea, bad idea, in the middle, or a horible idea?

Here is a video that Honda made for this product so you can get a better look of it, and see it yourself.

Upcoming Movies: Cars 3

New movies are coming out in 2017, Disney and Pixar are working on Cars 3 as they released two trailers and a teaser. What do we know so far. In the first trailer it shows new cars on the race track and around the end it shows Lightning McQueen crashing just like Doc and the King from the first movie. The one comment they added in the trailer, “From this moment, everything will change”, it make you thing what going to happen to lightning. Will he retire, or will he bounce back from his crash? The second trailer shows the same thing, but they added new scenes that adds more depth to the story. They introduce two new cars, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. These two are millennial. Don’t worry, Mater will be in this movie as well as the Radiator Springs residents, I hope.

Here are three pictures that Entertainment Weekly provided. It also has some information about their bio. Now looking at the art frame, not much has change for Lightning, comparing to the first movie, he has less stickers and kept the flame lightning from the second movie. Owen Wilson returns as Lightning McQueen.

Now looking at Jackson Storm, his design looks more sleek and custom built. The black and purple color design has that “I’m the next generation” look as appearance is more unique than the other cars. Comparing this to Lightning’s design, Storm’s stickers are grey and the 20 kind of looks like 2.0, and the S on his side, with the different shades of purple, it looks fierce. Smooth and cool. I would like to see this years NASCAR racers driving this vehicle type on the racetrack. He is voiced by Armie Hammer.

Finally, looking at Cruz’s design, she (you can tell by the eyelashes) is also a millennial, and is on Lightning’s side as you can tell from the red Rust-eze 95 sticker on the side of her. Yellow is a good match to her with that red sticker. Her design looks sleek but classy like the new cars coming out in 2017. In my opinion she looks pretty good to go for a ride in if there is the exact same car that has her model. She is voiced by Cristela Alonzo.

Here is a link of the trailer and character teaser in one video.

Cars 3 comes out June 16, 2017.

Pictures provided by Entertainment Weekly



Cars 3 first look: Meet Pixar’s new millennials