Concept Or Story?


Have you ever watched a good animated movie, anime, or even played a game where the characters are just perfection and complete the whole story, almost to the point where they were created of being so? Of course, they were, and with that one character or two that usually has you cheering for them until the end rather them being a protagonist or antagonist you just find their looks seemingly memorable.

But have you really considered the time it’s taken to get the characters down rather than the story itself? It’s the director who gives his/her ideas off towards the concept art group and it’s their jobs to make his/her ideas come to life on paper or computer, if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, Naruto, or Bleach they started straight from scratch with papers before sending them towards the computer crew for coloring. Another great anime was Inuyasha created by Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha has some of the most inspiring Character Concepts including Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and all the other characters themselves.

Concept Art for Sailor Moon (School Clothes)


Concept Art for Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)


Figuring out concepts for game characters is no different than playing around with their appearance as much as you want like creating concepts for anime or such, but it can take endless hours to create that “one” appearance that sticks in the eyes of someone while after playing games, especially when it needs to be changed up once again, the nice concept gets spiced up with a whole new look or one that looks the same with just a few modifications. It doesn’t really effect the story in anyway how the character dresses, but is it reasonable to make a character wear something light in cold environments when meanwhile they could likely freeze?


Jr & Chaos Concept Art (Xenosaga).


Lightning Concept Art (Lightning Returns)



As an aspiring Concept Artist myself, I find now that making concepts to match the personas you plan for your main characters is a necessary step in moving forward throughout it. With loads of ideas and different clothing types to hairstyles for characters it’s often difficult to choose just one, but it all starts right from a single thought, endless hours of coming up with the character you’re thinking of takes time, effort and most of all, patience.

In a game, anime, or animated movie what do you look forward to most, characters or the story-line, does it impact you most with characters that are most memorable or just a story that is?

Entering The Game Reality

Have you ever played a game where the graphics and the story are so full of life it brings the whole game out and is so captivating and breathtaking you begin to wonder why it can’t be a game that is a reality? And no, S.A.O doesn’t apply to this though it seems the same, a game that would change the way you see everyday reality even if it only lasts a couple minutes, an adventure that wouldn’t be forgotten so easily?

Ken Bretschneider, founder and CEO opened the start-up project they’ve been working on, and already the trailer of the Void is getting views and people are becoming interested in it. If you’ve already seen some of the trailers then you’ll know how magnificent it looks, the stunning visuals, the atmosphere.  Bretschneider states “The Void,  is aiming for an experience that can’t be replicated at home.” The VOID’s atmosphere and environments are actually monitored outside of the game while your playing allowing for a more in-depth feel. If you walk outside that part of the maze will be warm or cold depending on the environment given in the game.

In the Void you are paired or either put into a space by yourself, a maze like room full of different routes whichever route you take will lead you to different levels, equipped with censored gear that allows the user who’s playing to feel an impact such as taking a bullet (don’t worry not for real), getting pushed by a monster, or even feeling an explosion nearby in-game, the gear your wearing makes this feeling come alive. The user is also given special gloves that have “motors” on them that allow them to interact with devices in the game, allowing them to pick them up or simply enter a code or key into a door to unlock/unseal it. Every move you make in-game is what you choose, either you hide and make a sneak attack or like going head-on it’s how you play.

Currently the Void is able to simulate a couple of environments though they are still in progress, the most progress they’ve had is a HALO sci-fi shooting game which allows you to co-op with several other players around the other corner of the maze to scout and take out the enemies, and a Ghost vs Hunters game which is more or less a replica of Ghost Busters that sets you and another player together into a maze which is filled with ghosts you must exorcise in order to move onto the next levels.






5 Weird Gadgets You Need To See To Believe.

We all know what cool and awesome gadgets  are about, but looking at some weird gadgets is also fascinating to see. Here are 5 weird gadgets that are somewhat useful and others that are…well special in their own way.

Charging Grass-

Here’s the first of the list, you know the struggle right? When your Ipod, Phone, Ipad, or such is at it’s last 1% the endless minutes of panic as you run towards an outlet but realize soon enough you forgot your charger. This grass will charge your phone for you, and it has a cord inside. While being kind of cool just imagine if grass everywhere could charge your phone, though it would lead to lots of little pests bugging you or maybe you enjoy the outdoors.


LED Umbrella-

A more cooler looking gadget is the LED Umbrella, with a thought by not have an Umbrella that works but also have it look like a glow stick along the way? Don’t fret it does come in different colors, depending on what color you like, purple, blue, even red maybe. You can even get the umbrella part with just LED lights going down and a normal handle.  It helps with illuminating  your path well, which can make you the bright light for any dark night.

Sonic Grenade-

Now wait I know what your thinking, but no it’s not a real grenade. Actually the Sonic Grenade has made a name for itself as “The most annoying gadget ever created!” It has three levels of noise, one being low, to medium, then high. Have you ever felt kind of moody towards someone who’s been mean towards you, why not use this to give them a what for, sure it’s mean but still just give them a small scare. But I wouldn’t actually recommend this gadget as it is a useless annoying gadget.

Printer Toaster-

Here we have the Printer Toaster, have you ever had issues with toasting a piece of bread, and wanted it to have a letter or image? The Printer Toaster does just that, though it can be fun to playfully print letters onto a piece of bread, but why not eat it put some jam or peanut butter (if you’re allergic forget that) and have a taste of the glorious printed toast you just made.

LICKI Brush-

And here, we have probably the weirdest gadget I’ve ever seen. The LICKI Brush, designed to “lick” your cat (yes, this exists) and create a everlasting bond of friendship and love the LICKI brush brings you and your cat a greater bond.


Weird gadgets are fun to discover, I want to know which one made you ask “what?” the most.

The Sims Evolution

Through years, the sims has been a fun and exciting game-play experience, from making your own sim with different features and a funny personality to mix the sims has always been one of those old games people like to play and build their sims to the top while fulfilling their sims wildest dreams.  Starting with the first Sims down to the Sims 4, here’s a small review of what is offered in each Sim game.

The Sims

The Sims, created in 2000 by Maxis and produced by Electronic Arts, an idea that came from SimCity Maxis brought the sims out, letting you live out the lives of the sims, making their choices in everyday life. In the Sims you control a sim starting out from their mothers house, your sim’s dream is to reach the top, and meet that special someone along the way. As you go up to the top house, you meet different types of people, the one most memorable would have to go to Mimi for being that vein turner in the game. Anything could be possible become a skilled pianist or maybe rise to the top of the military career. Just don’t test out if the bus will leave or stay if you’re a child it does leave, with or without you.


The Sims 2

After the Sims for the PS1 came out and was a great success, everyone’s long awaited question “When’s the next Sims coming out?” was answered. Maxis brought the Sims 2 into the gaming world, and as the last was another huge success. In this new story mode you were able to play with a friend in two player, and the newest addition: Control your sims every action from your controller! You could move your sim just by moving your thumb forward along the controllers Left stick. Each home had its very own story, with loads of mysteries and tasks to be done. You spent hours on end inside the sim world, until you finally reached the last house.


The Sims 3

Little after the Sims 3 came out, though it went up in graphics and skills to emotions, the multiplayer and controls were gone, leaving you only with a tiny cursor to deal with. The story mode was also taken away, the sims leaving you to “make your own story” that was the start when it begun to lose it’s flame, because do you really reach the last house? But with all the DLC’s that come with the Sims 3, it’s more enjoyable as you get to do more things. The Sims 3 Supernatural allows you to take on the role of a werewolf, howl at the moon feel its power, or even become a vampire or fairy. Maybe you want to send your sims to University with the Sims University Life, it’s your story and how you play that makes it fun.

The Sims 4

Though I have little to report on about the sims 4, the graphics themselves speak for it. With the cartoon-ish look and vibe of the Sims 4 leaves you wondering what happened while in development? I have downloaded the demo for it, creating a sim was neat but with the look of them they got less realistic than what we were taking from the sims 3. And with another fact, they forgot one important stage in a sim life, a toddler stage. The sims 4 is going to be one big cartoon in itself in my opinion.

What’s your take on the sims as it is now? What would you like to see be brought back before the Sims flies off into cartoon land?

Azuma Hikari The Virtual Home Robot.

Meet Azuma Hikari, the first Virtual Home Robot. Designed by GateBox in place of the Amazon Echo for those who are hard-working and don’t really have the time to check for weather reports and remembering if their lights are on. Azuma is the latest product created, compared to Siri and Cortana, Azuma has made quite a name for herself, even a small hologram such as herself is something to talk about. Her home is the Gatebox, Japan’s creation of putting a tiny hologram into the Echo Amazon has got eyes turning. Azuma comes with a full set of personal likes and dislikes, she talks and answers and will even message you from her GateBox to your phone in a matter of seconds. Her speech still isn’t fully made, but you can message her from nearly anywhere with the app that is provided when you get the Gatebox.

Azuma is also able to learn and enhance her understanding of language, leading to more responses to questions and conversations alike. Outside her gatebox are several sensors allowing Azuma to sense and recognize certain voices and people, making Azuma more life-like.

Azuma is able to control your Smart equipment from her gatebox and can be helpful when trying to remember certain tasks of the day, she can wake you up in the morning and go over everything you need to know of what you planed during the past week.

Coming equipped she gives Siri and Cortana a run for their money, being able to answer and understand your conversation and still growing on the words she doesn’t know, Azuma is one of a kind. She’s also the only model GateBox has for now, but recent reports show people bringing other characters alive in the Gatebox.

Azuma is from a sim-dating game known from Konami’s Love Plus dating game series and was designed by Taro Minoboshi, she has her own website dedicated to her and the rest of her personal information is found on her site.


Personaly, I’m rather excited about the virtual home robot like this due to my forgetfulness always getting in the way, a reminder once in a while would help getting to know what you missed during the day. And being the Otaku I am, I was almost bouncing when I learned her name meant “Light,” in Japanese. To me this is a jump for anime lovers everywhere.


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