Augmented Reality is Changing Major League Sports

By Silas Koop

To start this off what is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality is the rendering of digital images or data onto real world objects. More and more sports leagues are using this to enhance the consumer’s experience. We are in such an advanced technological era that it is changing the way we watch sports. Already with the NFL they have implemented this technology, displaying virtual 1st and Ten lines over the broadcast. It lets the consumer know what down it is and overall improving the experience. It also gives coaches and players a look into the advanced statistics about the game and overall improving the leagues. 

A small example of Augmented Reality is the scoreboard display, every game that is being broadcasted across all the major sports leagues has some form of a digital scoreboard.


The main income for most sports teams comes through advertising and sponsorships. Every sports fan dreads the TV timeout during the game and with Augmented Reality more and more ads are being run even during the game. This is bringing in more sponsors and overall more money to the sports industry. With this technology teams can charge more money for ads to run while the game is being played. 

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is booming in popularity. If you are joining a league with your friends for fun or if there is money on the line the industry is growing. There are a lot of apps and websites for Fantasy sports and they are all using Augmented Reality. Fantasy sports is meant for the more hardcore fan and not the average casual fan. Being able to look into advanced statistics and trends on what player is being picked or dropped gives you the best fantasy experience. Marketing also comes into effect with fantasy sports. Apps and websites are able to run ads and some of the apps have direct sponsorships with the major leagues. 


In 2021 the sports broadcasting market is expected to earn about 78 billion dollars in revenue in North America alone. Obviously that is a lot of money and a lot of consumers. Augmented Reality is displaying more information to the viewer and overall turing their consumers into more hardcore fans. When watching any given game you are exposed to a whole new world of advanced statistics and with more and more being shown in the broadcast it is leaving the viewer with new information that they might have not known before. It is making the broadcast more interactive with the viewer.  

Overall the whole industry of sports broadcasting is changing and growing. Who knows what kind of viewing experience will be available in the next 5-10 years. The amount of advanced analytics and data that will be available to the consumer is unthinkable. Maybe they will add small cameras to the players and it adds another replay angle. Could you imagine if there was a replay angle that was a first person view of an NFL receiver catching a touchdown pass to win the SuperBowl? That would add a whole nother dimension to the viewers experience. Technology is always advancing and I can’t wait to see how major league sports use it to their advantage.