After a big leak, Warner Bros. has officially announced that they are developing the game: Middle Earth: Shadows of War, Shadows of Mordor sequel, which is once again lead by Monolith Productions studio. The launch of the game is scheduled for August 25, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC this time it will be on Windows Store and Steam. It will also have support for PlayStation 4 Pro and the Project Scorpio. Middle Earth: War Shadows places its events between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, to continue the story where it was left on Shadows of Mordor. Talion, Celebrimbor and a new Ring of Power will once again be the protagonists in an adventure that will lead players to cross enemy hordes, and form an army to return to Mordor and fight against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

After the incredible reception of Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, we have greatly increased every aspect of the game, such as the world, history, role-playing systems, game style and, of course, the personal stories of the Nemesis system ” , Says Michael de Plater, vice president and creative of Monolith Productions. Middle Earth: War Shadows will be available in up to 4 editions: Standard; Sliver with expansion The Tribe of Death and The Tribe of the Outlaws; Gold that adds two other expansions centered in the history (the Sword of Galadriel and the Desolation of Mordor); And Mithril, which includes the four expansions and a statue of Balrog Tar-Goroth against the Carnan dragon among other contents. Warner Bros. has also confirmed that Middle Earth: Shadows of War will be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program on Microsoft platforms.

The Nemesis system, which generates personal stories through enemies generated procedurally and who remember each confrontation, will continue to be present. The novelty will be the introduction of the followers, who will form new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Nemesis also expands through strengths, allowing players to use different strategies to conquer bastions with their own army. All decisions and actions of the player will influence the environments and characters of Shadows of War, creating a personal and unique world with each new game.



Nintendo Switch?, what about the games?.

Although Nintendo company has spoken in the last few hours about some games coming to Nintendo Switch from other consoles in the house such as GameCube, Wii or WiiU, many of its fans expected some kind of compatibility in the new Final Console It can not be, Something that, seeing the hardware of the machine that will come out on March 3, becomes more evident.

Remastered Yes
It has been the president of Nintendo that has closed any option to a possible backwards compatibility of Nintendo Switch: “In some cases, systems games can be relaunched for Nintendo Switch as improved versions with respect to the original games. And that’s it. remasterización yes. Retrocompatibility no.

As we can see, you did not have to be too smart to know that Nintendo’s plans with Switch did not go through making a retro-compatible machine. And we do not say it for its graphic power, which is surely above Wii and Wii to launch any of its games, but because it is physically impossible to do.
Firstly because if GameCube, Wii and Wii U became compatible with each other, the first with the second and the second with the third, was by the presence of a disk drive, which allows us to insert and play quietly. But as you know, Nintendo Switch is impossible. What’s bought in digital and we could play it? Well the same, but from the company will have thought that doing that favours one format over another and that is not the policy they want to follow.

Remastered, the new reef
This remasters policy yes, backwards compatibility was not seen since the first moment in the announcement of the console a few weeks ago, when we saw images of Skyrim, a now old game that makes it seems that Bethesda is preparing for the new console , It is about Of a remastering like the one we saw last year for Xbox One and PS4.
We hope that in addition to all things Nintendo and third parties make a good original catalogue with names that decide to leave in Nintendo Switch because they trust the machine and its possibilities. And not because it is easy to remaster a game of four, five or more years ago to get them from 40 to 80 dollars.

The Monitor Predator

Acer has finally introduced the Predator Z301CT, the monitor that had years of preparation and the first 21: 9 monitor with eye-tracking functionality from Tobii. The model has a robust design thanks to the stylish black frames with sharp angles and details, and feature NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to game without interruptions.

Acer curved monitor

The 30 “Acer Predator Z301CT is in the pinnacle of game immersion and its demonstrated by its “Best Innovation” award at CES 2017. Tobii’s eye-tracking integrated technology is added to the arsenal Of the player, shoot and explore intuitively .. The eye tracking of Tobii technology uses the movement of the players eyes to create a new mode of interaction.  A more immersive experience for the player who may be able to imitate real-life actions like looking to cover or aiming at a target.The angles of the belt also surrenders automatically when the player’s view Fixed in the frame of the screen, once the characters and scenarios of the game react when the player looks around.

The sounds and graphics of the video game adapt dynamically depending on where the players look. In addition, the Ultra Wide Full HD (2560 X 1080) and 1800R curve display makes the gaming experience even more attractive and powerful.

It is necessary to emphasize the refresh rate of 200Hz and the response time of 4ms. In addition, it offers wide 178 degree viewing angles and an extremely narrow frame for maximum viewing area. For optimal comfort.

It also comes equipped with GameView technology, gamers can comfortably switch between three customizable monitor profiles to correct the settings in the game without having to navigate the OSD menu, a significant advantage when every second counts. Configurations include adjusting the level of blacks to see clearly any threats in the dark, and the possibility of choosing on the screen the refresh rate.

Thanks to Acer EyeProtect technology, Acer’s new monitors combine anti-blinking, blue light filter, ComfyView and low dimming technologies to protect the eyes from flickering images, screen brightness, blue light emissions and excessive illumination. it will help crease eye fatigue during long gaming sessions. Its powerful connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort v1.2 and a USB 3.0 hub (1 up / 4 down).

Acer Predator Z301CT available in February 23 in EMEA from an estimated price of around 860 euros.

And in February 1 in the United states and Canada for 920 American dollars.

The future of fashion

The Technological Institute of Georgia (America), in collaboration with the University of Chongquing (China) , have been in conjunction efforts  of investigation on a new textile material. According to the official Chinese press, these clothes are capable of charging a single mobile e electricity. Any small gadget that needs electrical power can benefit from this new property, including wrist watches.

The composition of the material that converts clothing into a dynamo (brand name) are polyester fibers combined with a metal layer. To the recipe are added solar cells, nanometer generators and semiconductors capable of storing and transmitting energy. You will think that they are a very thick thread with the above mentioned characteristics, but in fact it has a thickness of 0,32 mm

According to the process of the triboelectric effect there are certain materials that generate the electric charge by coming into contact with others. This is the method by which it is explained, for example, like a balloon attracts hair from the human body after rubbing them, or the static enegy generated by some type of sweaters, or how electricity generates the energy that loads our phone any kind of fashion that can take advantage of this energy surely has a big business ahead

As you will know, the human body conducts electricity and you may be asking yourself some questions about this topic like if clothing made from this material can cause discharges that harm people. you can breathe easy because according to Chongquing University professor of chemical engineering, Xing fan, “the clothes are safe for the human body”.


Another important issue is the duration of these clothes generating electricity. Although they still have many tests to do regarding this problem, such as water resistance and other materials that may damage it, what they do know is that these clothes can be folded 500 times without losing their effectiveness. Will this invention reach the general public to satisfy them enough that people start to abandon the use of portable batteries or will this technology be forgotten? what d you think do you feel attracted to this types clothes? would you wear them?.

Razer Project Valerie

CES 2017 has been giving us big surprises such as Razer new project, which has been presented as what could be considered the most innovative video game laptop of the moment.

Is well known that laptops dedicated to gaming are anything but portable, despite being able to be
transported way more easily than a desktop computer, the great weight and huge
dimensions that usually distinguish this Computers, makes it a good reason to
leave them on your desk, but it is also a fair price to pay for bringing your powerful
entertainment center everywhere.

And now Razer arrives with an amazing
laptop called Project Valerie, which has the amazing peculiarity of having three
screens of 44 centimetres inside, which unfold to provide a wide-angle coverage without beeing bulkier than common gaming laptops.

For the rest of the components we
find a similar design to that of the Blade Pro 17, but obviously with a large
increase in the thickness of the cover, which now houses 3 screens with 4K resolution,
where NVIDIA Surround View technology it’s needed, along with a powerful GeForce
GTX 1080 card to work perfectly.

The best thing is that Razer
maintains an amazing design and ensures that your laptop has a total thickness
of 3.81 cm while its weight amounts to 5.44 kilograms, measures and weight are
similar to a laptop focused on video games, but if we count that it has 3, 4K
displays, Razer demonstrates its amazing handling of the subject in portability.

But before we create any illusions, we
must wait until they present the final model to know the complete
specifications of the equipment, where we have to put a great deal of  attention to the
battery, since feeding 3 4k screens is not an easy task, as well as seeing the price
since a Equipment of this caliber will surely not be at all accessible.


That’s if it ever comes out.
Shortly after that presentation, the company reported that two of its prototypes had been stolen from the event count, initiating an investigation with the organizers of the same, as well as with the authorities, to find out what exactly happened with them and Who was behind

Razer did not rule out at any point that it could be some type of industrial espionage, although they did not mention which prototypes disappeared exactly from all the presented ones, they did mention that one of them had 3 screens.

Nintendo Switch

Video games lovers have marked the calendar on Friday, January 13, as Nintendo will present its new console in London for the press and in japan and New York for the public.

The Nintendo Switch is a highly anticipated console, as the company former president, Satoru Iwata, announced it in March 2015, that is, almost two years ago. The code name of the project was Nintendo NX and since then many people wanted to know more details about the console of this Japanese brand.

According to Europa Press reports, the Nintendo Switch will cost around 250 euro, Which would rise to 300 if a game is added to the console, and will go on sale in March. The new console is hybrid, it can be a desktop device but at the same time it is portable. That allows us to start a game at home but, if we have to leave, we do not have to leave it halfway, we can continue on the go.

The console is formed by different modules that can be gathered and separated according to the liking of the player. The user can connect the console body to a stand that connects to the television and plug in the controls to form a control like the traditional ones.

But at the same time, the controls can be mounted on the Nintendo Switch and turn it into a seemingly powerful portable console. The controls are wireless and the intention of Nintendo is to create a series of accessories that are going to make the experience of the users get constantly better, with additional products and elements that will allow better enjoyment of the game.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the specifications and accessories that will be compatible with Switch. It is already known with almost total certainty that the brain of the console is a chip of Nvidia, the Tegra X1. This turns it into a device with less power on paper than PS4 or Xbox One.

It is not completely confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s most anticipated game for the beginning of 2017, is going to come next to the console, but everything points to that will be the case.

Nintendo bets one more time on cartridges games, which will have a memory capacity of about 32GB. The basic package of the console will include the controls and the screen and, if you want to have the dock to play in desktop mode, you will have to buy it separately. But to clear all the doubts and know all the details we just have to wait a few more hours.