Newest microphone trends in tech

The newest trends in microphones are some of the most fascinating to come out in the most recent years. The different ideas used to revolutionize the way we recorded and pick up sound to hear and listen. The main ones are the newest memes mic (micro-electro mechanical systems) and a way that we are using spiderwebs are picking up sound vibration can also be used to pick up sound and disguise foreground and background noise. And how researchers use small mics  to record animal noise 

Smaller mics are being made more durable

The first advancement in microphone technology is the way that we are changing the size and durability of microphones for a more on the go recordings. According to Jonathan Shieber of Tech Crunch in the article Vesper’s new microphone technology attracts millions from the biggest names in sound technology the the memes mic allow for more durable microphones to be used for more durability the article says ‘’ mics themselves typically don’t withstand the wear and tear of harsh environments all that well.’’ the way these mics  are being created  by Vespa hoping they can change mic durability to combat harsh climates and electric shocks. The article also states that ‘’Traditionally, manufacturers have used arrays of MEMS microphones to pick up sound, but as systems become more complex, they’re more susceptible to breaking down’’ this idea could lead to more durable mics. In my opinion i believe this i great idea for microphone usage more often people are using their phones to record and having more durability for recording  

Microphones change that people are hearing

The second way that microphone is being used and Tec is being advanced is to be used for medical equipment and for the hard of hearing. In the article Spider silk could offer breakthrough in hearing aid microphones by Debbie Clason the article goes into how by creating a similar way that spiders use vibration on their webs that  the same can be used to have those that are hard of hearing distinguish between the  noise in a loud or densely packed area. The article states ‘’One of the biggest complaints among hearing aid wearers is trouble understanding speech in background noise’’  goal is to have a way to hear people without microphones in the hearing aid which is standard at this point. The goal according to the article is ‘’ eliminating microphone separation requirements and results in a hearing experience that sounds good at all frequencies,’’ .  how ever the technology for this new type is still very much in early planning the the man behind the idea Dr. Ron Miller ‘’Other folks have tried to make flow sensors that work like hairs on small animals, but they don’t move very well,” their is still much to learn and how to properly implement the technology the proper way

A new way that hearing aids are being created
A new way that hearing aids are being created
Photo by Mark Paton

Animal recordings become more clear

The third way that microphones are being used is the ability to get more clear recordings of wildlife out in the open with smaller microphones. In the scientific journal Spying on small wildlife sounds using affordable collar-mounted miniature microphones: an innovative method to record individual daylong vocalizations in chipmunks by Charline Couchoux Explains how with the power of a small spy microphone she is able to get more clear an usable audio. The way the microphone is used also allows the research team to view heart beats to be picked up and recorded. The article mentioned that with the help of small microphones are used on smaller animals such as squirrels ‘’With spy microphones, the recording is captured on the throat of the animal, which produces clear signals that sound like those recorded in lab conditions’’ this article shows that microphones have gotten to a point that even the smallest mics can be used for many great things to record with very high quality.

Microphones have changed many different ways looking to the future we can see as smaller mikes are becoming more durable to withstand more extreme weather. Mics used to help those who are losing hearing with more advanced technology by copying those of spiderwebs.  And how the smallest microphones are becoming some of the most advanced that can be used to record outside to record that of animals