Exploding iPhone 7 Plus?


Brianna Olivas posted a video to twitter of her melted up rose gold iPhone 7 plus. Her iPhone 7 Plus allegedly began to smoke and melt away the aluminum body. When it had began smoking her boyfriend began recording the incident, did he do anot incident report? I have no clue personally.


There is a link to the video I had explained.

Issues with the iPhone had begun the day before. Brianna had said that her iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t turning on. She had taken it to the local apple store in Tucson Arizona. The employees at the Apple Store had ran a few tests on the device and told Brianna her iPhone 7 Plus seemed to be working fine and nothing of serious importance had come up. That night she had her iPhone 7 Plus plugged in charging beside her head when her boyfriend had woken up to use the bathroom and he said he heard it making weird noises. He had moved her iPhone 7 Plus from the bed and placed it on the dresser where it had began smoking and melting away the body.

The video she had posted to twitter later that day had caught apples attention and they are now allegedly reviewing the incident.

The whole incident makes me wonder if Apple rushed the production of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and took a couple short cuts in the testing of their devices. Like Samsung Apple’s largest mobile device production competitors had the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 line. They rushed the production and design of the note 7 leaving not enough room for the batteries electrodes to expand and reduce in size while charging.

With lithium ion batteries, while charging need at least an extra 5mm spacing around the battery pack. While charging electrodes that pump power to the battery and regulate it expand while heated; if not given sufficient room they will expand to much and press on the metal sides and cause a fire with then melt the device.

I hope this isn’t the case of this iPhone 7 Plus battery issue. This would set Apple back millions of dollars in getting the affected devices back and releasing new devices and it would make mIllinois of customers mad and loose trust in them.

Blackberry update lol


Blackberry was one of the worlds largest mobile phone creators around for years. I remember when my cousin Joél Gaétane Fleury had his first blackberry i was around 8 years old, I was super envious of him and so mad i never had one. Back in 2007 when Apple released the first iPhone is when blackberry started to see their decline. Then Blackberry made some horrible decisions as a company in a whole, including hiring a dud of a CEO. over the few years after the iPhone had released Samsung became a huge power house in the mobile industry as well. With those complication and Blackberry releasing “out of date” technology in their devices and mostly updating the physical design of the devices to make them look more classy and sleek with the same old graphic user interface and hardware with the device, only releasing slight updated to the devices. Don’t get me wrong Blackberry does have a very nice line of mobile phones and i like their graphic user interface as well, even though it can be a bit confusing at first.

Blackberry has announced at CES 2017 that they will no longer be designing their own devices anymore. Instead they will be partnering with various companies who will be creating their own blackberry branded devices. That may sound like bad news for BlackBerry loyalists but the CEO said the shift will actually enable the company to get more of its handsets on the market via partnerships since it will no longer need to devote its resources to hardware. I feel this could be a good step for blackberry to make a move like this, because they have not been doing a good job in my opinion keeping up with other cellular device manufacturers. Blackberry has had a small amount of success in the past two years, they had released a phone called “Blackberry Priv” which was their first blackberry device released with a non blackberry software and had a full android based graphic user interface and software. This is a great move I feel on Blackberrys part. There has been large success in this type of development. For example the Nexus line, many companies have developed and produced a Nexus. I look forward to see how this works for blackberry.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will launching this year!

Even though it will not be launching at mobile congress this year in Barcelona,

Which is held from February 27th 2017 until March 2nd 2017.

The GSMA, Mobile World Congress is a combination of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile

Industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators,

Device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

With the huge success of the galaxy S7 and S7 Edge I am sure the S8 will do just as good and more.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to have the best tech specs that are currently out.

It is rumored to have a 4k 5.8 inch display and sd835 chip and now converting to the USB type C as did the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (which was a fail in all cellphone tech).

The Galaxy S8 could have a full face glass display, with no home button. The home button is rumored to be just a touch sensitive portion of the screen. Kind of like the home button on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The finger print scanner is said to be rear mounted like the LG G5.

The batter will still be encased in the phone. It is to be a 3000 mAh battery. I think Samsung should have opted to create a design that allows the batter to be removed and replaces by the user and not have to go to a cell shop or send it away for a in or out of warranty repair. If Samsung had stuck with removable battery design it could have brought over more customers and have kept previous that have left due to the battery being in-cased in the phone itself.

Gladly the Samsung S8 is said to be keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack and not following Apple’s lead and removing it all together. I feel this is a good decision because not everyone has the time or money to replace lost expensive Bluetooth headphones.

I am overly excited for the Samsung Galaxy S8. I can’t wait to see what the final design looks like and how well the body’s design will work with the user. I am praying to the phone Gods that the Galaxy S8 has a GUI similar or comparable to the GUI of the galaxy Note 7.


Pokémon Go: World Economic Forum at Davos.

Pokémon Go is a mobile app that uses augmented reality to place little Pokémon into the real world.

By now pretty much everyone and their moms have heard of Pokémon Go.

In the game you can go to select location around your hamlet, village, town or city and collect special items to help further you in the game.

You can also get eggs that will hatch into other Pokémon, and incubators to hatch the eggs.

The World Economic Forum is an annual meeting held at Devos-Kolsters. It is the most creative force for bringing  the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of each year. For 40 years now the World Economic Forums plan has been to improve the state of our home, planet earth our vessel through the universe.

This year Pokémon Go is taking advantage of the meeting and have implemented special Poké Stops around the events and city. Each special Poké Stop gives you quick reading about the issue with the world it is representing.

The 17 special Poké Stops are spread across Davos. Below is a list of the new 17 Poké Stops being released.

17 Davos Poké Stops

Goal 1 – No Poverty

Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

Goal  4 – Quality Education

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 7 – Affordable and

Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13 – Climate Action

Goal 14 – Life Below Water

Goal 15 – Life on Land

Goal16 – Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goal

I think that this is a really good idea of getting the issues talked about. If more businesses or awareness groups jumped on this kind of advertising I think it would be extremely successful.

Pokémon Go was designed to get people to gut up and be more active in the same time helping them get healthy. People who haven’t walked, went outside or have been very social had broken those barriers people made, and helping spread awareness of global issues is another way the game is helping in what seems a small way but it could have a larger impact than expected.

Elder Scrolls 6: Valenwood

Elder Scrolls is a series of open world action role-playing video games, developed by Bethesda game studios and published by Bethesda Soft Works. There is currently 5 installments in the series as well as a MMORPG variant. Out of all the installments Skyrim is the most known and most successful.

Skyrim is the most northern province of the continent Tamriel. In the game you play a character known as the “Dragon Born” a human with the soul of a dragon. In the game an ancient dragon naned Alduin returns to Skyrim after the extinction of dragons 1000 years before. A proficey  is said he will return to destroy all life and the planet. As the dragon born you are to defeat him. At the same time skyrim is in the middle of a civil war between Imperials and the Storm Cloaks.

With the large success that skyrim has seen, fans if the Elder Scrolls series as well as player that are new to the series because of Skyrim many feel that a 6th installment is long over due. Now there is many roumors and speculation that the 6th installment is being released sometime near 2019 and will be based in the province Valenwood, a province in the south western region of Tamriel.

Valenwood is a largely uninhabited extremely dense forest wilderness, home to the Bosmer (Wood Elves).  The coasts of Valenwood have massive mangrove swamps and tropical rainforests, while in-land heavy rain fall nourishes the thick dense rainforests.

Due to the “Green Pact” the Bosmeri people don’t harm any sort of plant life, leaving their roads and houses under developed. Giant trees in the province house their homes and cities.

The Green Pact or also known as “The Treaty of Fond and Leaf” is a strict set of rules upheld by many of the Bosmer people. It is said to have guided their existence since the beginning of the “Great Story”. The Rules of the Pact are clear, Do not harm the forests of Valenwood, Do not eat anything made of plant life eat only meat, when enemies are conquered their meat must be eaten not left to rot and do not take form of beats.

With the Green Pact the Bosmer attack anyone who threaten the forests of Valenwood. But the do let other races in to cut trees, more specifically the Wood Orcs. Eating their enemies is one major thing that sets them apart from other races, that rule was mostly diminished by the second Era and is only upheld by the most remote villages in Valenwood.