New Mac’s expected at Apple November Event “One More Thing”.

As some of you may know, whenever Apple is about to release a new device, they hold an event inviting people to watch the unveiling live at the Steve Jobs Theatre on campus. This year however due to COVID Apple has pre-recorded the events, then live streams it for everyone to watch, and for the 3rd month in a row, Apple is holding yet another event named One More Thing to bring us even more products.

Many devices are expected to be released during this event, however, according to Chance Miller from 9to5mac, the major device expected to be released by Apple to release would be new Macs, that come ARM-based, with the help of Apple’s highly new anticipated Apple Silicon (Processors) instead of using Intel processors, which were announced back in July. So what does this mean?

Apple has been making processors for numerous years now, which have all been widely used in many different products, such as their iPhone. However, Apple was still using 64-bit Intel processors within their Mac. But as mentioned by Chance Miller from Back in June, during WWDC, As mentioned 9to5mac, Apple announced that they were slowly going to switch all the Macs they produce to use the new highly anticipated Apple Silicon, with the first big batch of these computers coming out at the end of the year. Since they have yet to be released, this November event leaves us with a really high chance to expect these devices, especially with Apple naming the event, One More Thing.

Image compares Apple Silicon Macs to other desktops and Notebooks.
This image, provided by MacWorld, compares the newly anticipated Apple Silicon Macs, to other Notebooks and Desktops.

With these new Macs, there will be a whole new window of opportunity to what we can do with these Macs. Apple noted that by using their own chipset, they will be able to not only have their Macs have better performance, but they will also be able to use up less power consumption, according to Jason Cross MacWorld.  This is going to be really good news if any of us were to go buy a new MacBook with Apple Silicon, as it would stay cooler longer, and not use as much battery life.

Also, as stated by Jason Cross at MacWorld, with Apple using their own chips, and with the help of macOS 11.00 Big Sur, the apps that you will be able to use with the Mac will grow significantly. Not only will you be able to use the programs we have come to love on macOS, but you will also be able to natively use apps for the iPad on the Mac. With no changes required by the app developer, you will be able to now use iPad specific apps on the Mac, and as you could imagine, this would open a whole new window of opportunity on what we would be able to so as content creators.

However, some of you may now be asking the question, “With this chipset change, some of my day to day programs may not work, does that mean I am out of luck when I upgrade?” But not to fear, Apple has plans up their sleeves. Jason Cross from MacWorld mentioned that Apple has already made sure programs such as the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office work, showing it off at WWDC. But then they also brought up another statement. If we look back to the days in 2005 when Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel, they knew that there would be many programs that would be become unsupported, so they released a piece of software called Rosetta, which would let the user run PowerPC specific programs on Intel Macs. 2020 will be no different. Apple is bringing back Rosetta with Rosetta2, which will let you run your Intel specific programs on the new Apple Silicon.

One thing we need to keep in mind, however, is that the chances of the new Mac lineup coming out on Tuesday are not 100%, as it’s all speculation right now. However, going off the information we have gathered, the chances of Apple releasing these Macs are pretty high. We can also expect to possibly see Apple’s highly rumored AirTags, the Tile Killer, and new over-ear AirPods Studio headphones.

Clipart image in relation to Apple AirTags
A visual representation, provided by 9to5mac, of the highly rumored Apple AirTags.

Be sure to tune into the Apple Event One More Thing on Tuesday, November 10th, at 12 pm.