Interactive Car Windows

A few different car companies recently have come out with an interactive car windows or “tech windows”. These windows are designed to help passenger have more of an entertaining ride. These windows have many different abilities. There are a few different games you can play, different displays as you are passing different scenery, the ability to “draw” with your finger, window dimmers, and educational purposes.

The window comes with a little “traveling companion”. His name is Otto. He is an animated character who was created to be an educational helper, he will respond to the landscape, weather,
and car performance, Otto will be moving more quickly as the car speeds up. He can also provide lights or be controlled in his environment via gestures.

Another feature is “Spindow”. It provides you with a real time view from other peoples window from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is select the city you would live to view. This provides you with a realistic experience as you drive.

Next is “foofu”. The window turns into a “fog-like” background that you can create pictures through with only your finger.

One of my favorite features of them all is “pond”. It is kind of like an app where you can share music and messages. These are not only sent within the vehicle from window to window, but to other people that have these vehicles.


I think this is an overall great idea. It would not only help keep kids busy on road trips, but help keep teens pre-occupied as well. The idea of interacting with many other people around the world is super creative, but being able to see what other people see everyday as they are driving to work or school etc. is even cooler.

The down sides would be that these windows can not be put in the “shotgun’ seat because of the drivers vision purposes. I also think the windows would have to be cleaned constantly with all of the fingers on the screen all day.


Noise-blocking Device


Do you have a hard time focusing while there are loud distractions around you? Do you have an issue falling asleep at night because of loud vehicles and rowdy roommates? Most of us do. Well this noise-blocking device promises a solution for you.

This device is called a “Muzo”. It was created to provide you with more of a quite surrounding. By sticking it to a flat surface, like a window or a wall, the Muzo will send vibrations throughout the surface to block out the sound by using a large speaker membrane.

The Muzo has three different settings depending on what you are looking for; serenity, sleep, and secret.

Serenity – creates more of a silent surrounding area by using an anti-vibration system to prevent the surface from vibrating.

Sleep – Allows you to sleep better by using a soundscape.

Secret – Uses voice-masking sounds to create a bubble of privacy.

Depending on your situation, this device can help solve a lot of problems for concentration or sleep. But when it’s turned on the sound levels can be adjusted in an app, so you can completely customize what you want.

The device was funded from “GoFund Me” It not only reached their goal of $100,000, they reached over $430,000 from their goal. It is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

The Muzo sounds great, a little too great. In the add it shows a person working in a coffee shop using this device. It also shows the “bubble” of space that would be cancelled out from sound.

Although I do not think 100% of the sound can be cancelled out, I do think it is very possible to help get rid of the unwanted sound.

Although I could not find prices, I am interested to see how expensive it really is.

Overall, this was a great idea, and can be taken very far.


Laser Pens

Image result for laser pen that heals wounds

When the words “laser pen” comes to mind, we think a little red light that we were always told not to shine in people eyes.  Now, when we think of a laser pen something else might come to mind. Cold Laser treatment or Portable laser pen .

The portable laser pen is made from optical fibers.  But, before scientists came up with optic fibers they first started using a carbon-di-oxcide laser pens. Those are a lasers that are also referred to as “Welding Lasers”. They are meant to heal wounds in a matter of minutes. Scientists have been working on these pens for over 10 years. But their first main issue was that they are unable to control the heat that is produced. So they then moved to the optic fiber pens, which worked a lot better. The only down side to this product now is it leaves scars and messy “healing” lines.

Personally, if I had a fatal wound and was no where near a hospital I wouldn’t care if it left a messy scar if it saved my life. Doctors aren’t using these on the surgical bed, it is strictly for emergencies.



Cold Laser Treatment pens are similar in the sense that it is good for healing and rejuvenating. However, it will no heal open wounds. Some of the treatments benefits include

-Relieving acute and chronic pains

-Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair including reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

– Increases blood supply

– Stimulates the immune system

– Stimulates nerve function

– Develops collagen and muscle tissue

– Helps generate new and healthy cells tissue

– Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation

– Reduces inflammation

– May significantly reduce bone on bone knee pain

– May reduce tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

– May reduce Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

– May help promote healthy hair regrowth

– The Laser Therapy Pen may aid in weight loss, reduce anxiety, depression, help with allergies and smoking cessation.

These pens can even be used on your pets!

Although you can go somewhere to get this professionally done, you can also buy them and do it yourself at home.

However. the down sides to the pen are that it stimulate already existing cancer cells, so if you have/had cancer it may not be the right treatment for you. It is also very expensive.



HiCan High Fidelity Canopy

This is the new High Fidelity Canopy, or HiCan for short. As shown above; this bed is very different than what someone would think about when the word “bed” comes to mind. Other than an adjustable mattress for optimal comfort, the HiCan is a “sleeping pod” that has everything you could ever dream of. No pun intended.

To start off, this bed has retractable blinds. So whether you do not like sunlight, or don’t make your bed in the morning, it can be fixed with the click of a button. HiCan also has a built in projector and retractable screen at the foot of the bed. To make that even cooler, it has a complete surround system to give you that “theater like” experience.

Do you like reading before bed? Well the HiCan has you covered with their reading lights inside of the canopy.

Are you a gamer? Well, not only does this bed have a multi-media PC, but it also has a gaming console inside of it as well.

This Canopy even has 8 different colors to chose from to personalize it even more.

The company says  “It’s designed to bring in our most personal space the emotion of driving our life through our dreams and passions.”

That sounds great, and as you could imagine there is a huge wait list of people who want this bed. Which would not be that surprising…. if the bed didn’t cost $67,018. However, the company knows that their bed is far more than expensive for a bed and having many failed efforts on trying to lower the price. The company offers people to try the bed for themselves for one or two nights. They are also offering a “smart-coupon” for 10% off any of the companies products, so maybe you can save a couple dollars on the canopy.

Although this invention is very innovative, I think I would rather buy a new vehicle, maybe put a down payment on a new house, or just save my money for something more logical for my life.


At Home Touch-less-Flush Kit

Over the years, cleanliness has become more and more important. Whether it is in public or in the comfort of your own home, we seem to become more aware of our surroundings as the generations go on. (Which I believe is a very good thing) From the ascetically pleasing look of clean surroundings, to the concern of your health; What is the next step? Some may say it is the new at home touch-less toilets.

We have all been there. You were at someones house and need to use the washroom, but the last thing you want to do is touch the toilet when you are finished. It may have nothing to do with the owner of the house, it could be that they have young kids, or maybe you are just a complete “germafobe”. On average the bathroom carries more germs than any other room in the house. Being able to just wave your hand over the toilet and not physically push the handle down would make the situation easier. I also think this is a less expensive alternative for schools.



How do these things work?

Not so surprisingly, it is pretty simple. There is a battery powered compartment that goes inside the back of your toilet. When it senses your hand motion it triggers the arm to move, causing the chain to be brought up. Which then flushes your toilet.


When I first heard about this I thought it was a great idea, I still do. The convenience it provides you with to potentially make potty training easier, or to help everyone stay a little more sanitary. But, the more and more I looked into it; the more questions I had. When I searched the down sides to this products. There was not as many concerns as I thought. There was no complaints on the batteries getting wet, or the machine draining the batteries quick. There was also hardly unhappy costumers at all.

But, one person in particular had a very unique experience with theirs.

They claimed that the toilet would flush multiple times throughout the night. They had no pets or children to set the sensors off. They began to call in the “Phantom Flush”. So whether it was a defect in the system, or their house was just haunted. I still think this was a great development.


New 360 Bed

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Sleep Number just came out with a new bed that adjusts while you sleep. The new technology is meant to make adjustments accordingly while you sleep all night, for your maximum comfort.

How is it any different from all of the other “smart” beds?

The company claims; that inside the mattress there are air chambers that detects where your body is positioned on the bed. The chambers can also detect vibrations, which comes in handy if you are tossing and turning, or snoring. This new bed uses those technologies to track your sleep patterns and how well you slept by monitoring your heart rate, breathing and how much you actually are moving around at night. When it comes to snoring, the air chambers sense the vibration and inclines the top half of your bed to enhance your breathing. They have really covered it all when it comes to comfort.

But whats the best part of it all?

I am a cold sleeper, so my personal favorite feature is the foot warmer.

What happens to all of this information and where is all of it stored?

The company has an app, “Sleep Number”, where the information is sent to; through Bluetooth. The bed uses an algorithm to calculate a number that is classified as your “Sleep IQ”. Although Sleep Number has had the technology that could track how well you slept for a while,  adding in the automatic moving features and adjustments is a huge step.

Now, let’s talk price.

Something like this seems as though it would cost an arm and a leg. But when you put together all the factors it does not seem as bad.

A plain, king sized mattress from most furniture stores, on average, vary from $900-$2500. Tempur-Pedic beds that give you the ability to adjust your bed accordingly ranges from $2500-$6000. So when I tell you that Sleep Numbers King sized 360 bed starts at $4000 it does not seem as drastic when you factor in the technologies and the Sleep IQ you are provided with.


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