Experiencing Virtual Reality for the first time

Virtual reality is a very exciting piece of technology that is improving and getting better since it’s introduction.

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Virtual Reality or for short, “VR”, is a headset that sits on your head or depending on which piece VR you own, you might hold it to your face. Trying VR for the first time can be scary because it’s a piece of technology you have never tried. But rest assured it’s perfectly safe for those who don’t suffer from motion sickness. Once you get past these hurdles it can be an amazing and exciting experience.

Once you start to get the hang of VR and start to understand it, it can become one of your favorite things to do on your free time. There are plenty of games that you can buy for the VR, From puzzle games, adventure games, and of course horror games; though I recommend to people who can handle horror games and movies because getting jump scared and throwing your controller at the TV isn’t the best thing to happen.

What is Virtual Reality?

For those who might be confused or simply don’t know what Virtual Reality is, VR is a technology that creates a simulated environment or world. It tracks your head movements and displays it within the simulated world, Creating the feeling that you are present within it. It’s really exciting stuff especially when you see for yourself and if you’re are thinking of buying a VR for yourself, there is the Oculus Rift and PSVR. The PSVR requires that you own a PS4, but other then that once you have it you are ready to set up you own VR.

My first time experiencing VR

My first time trying VR was when I purchased my own VR set which was the PlayStation VR. The game I played was “Deracine”, which was one of the best VR game experiences. The story was well written and game-play was fun. Once I got into the game I was captivated by the buildings and characters. It was so interesting to see the characters talk and move, and at times felt funny because they felt so real when they weren’t.

The second game I tried was a horror game called “The Persistence”. It involves you drifting through space on a space station that is getting swallowed by a black hole, and you have to escape but the ship is surrounded by crazy zombies. It was a very fun and scary game, especially in VR. if you think you can tackle this VR game I recommend it.

The Interactive Media Arts Experience

The Interactive Media Arts is a fun and exciting program for students attending the Assiniboine Community. It’s the perfect program for people who are looking to create and design.

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Things You Might Need

The classes involve a lot of creating and designing, like A LOT. Some of the main projects have you sketch out your ideas on a sketchbook, which is always good to have because going straight into designing on your laptop or computer isn’t always the best idea, I would know because I always did that, then I would have a little bit of a struggle trying to perfect my ideas on my laptop because I had already went diving straight into digital. So take my advice and “BRING A SKETCHBOOK!”. It’s probably recommended that you bring your own personal laptop for some software programs to download so that you can work on assignments and projects. Some of the Applications that you might need are Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, and Premiere Pro, basically all of Adobe’s applications. It’s crazy how much Adobe Software we use in this program. This Program is very tech related so you can expect a lot of electronic devices and equipment. you’ll be spending most of the time using the Mac computers to hone your digital craft.

Adobe Applications that are used in this program


My Time With The Instructors and Classmates

The Instructors are very educational people. The Instructors really know their stuff when it comes to teaching and guiding the students especially someone like me who is always confused when we learn something new. If you’re ever having trouble don’t be afraid to ask your classmates, after all we are all in the same group taking this program.

Working with your classmates in this program was very helpful for getting feedback and comparing your assignment and projects, being able to see your classmates work is very interesting to see their design process and how they went from a sketch on on a book to a digital design on the Mac computers or windows computers depending on which you prefer to use. Being in the same class and program, you will likely become friends with the amount of time you spend in class.

With all the classmates you have, they are more than willing to help you if you have a problem on a assignment or project and if your like me who is terrible at coding, there are others who are leagues better. And if you aren’t sure about design layout or picture you are creating, by all means ask a classmate and be sure to ask which design they would prefer if you’re having a tough time deciding from two or multiple designs. Of course the Instructors are ALWAYS more than willing to critique and give feedback on your work and fix the small or big mistakes you might make along the way.