Exploding iPhone 7 Plus?


Brianna Olivas posted a video to twitter of her melted up rose gold iPhone 7 plus. Her iPhone 7 Plus allegedly began to smoke and melt away the aluminum body. When it had began smoking her boyfriend began recording the incident, did he do anot incident report? I have no clue personally.


There is a link to the video I had explained.

Issues with the iPhone had begun the day before. Brianna had said that her iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t turning on. She had taken it to the local apple store in Tucson Arizona. The employees at the Apple Store had ran a few tests on the device and told Brianna her iPhone 7 Plus seemed to be working fine and nothing of serious importance had come up. That night she had her iPhone 7 Plus plugged in charging beside her head when her boyfriend had woken up to use the bathroom and he said he heard it making weird noises. He had moved her iPhone 7 Plus from the bed and placed it on the dresser where it had began smoking and melting away the body.

The video she had posted to twitter later that day had caught apples attention and they are now allegedly reviewing the incident.

The whole incident makes me wonder if Apple rushed the production of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and took a couple short cuts in the testing of their devices. Like Samsung Apple’s largest mobile device production competitors had the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 line. They rushed the production and design of the note 7 leaving not enough room for the batteries electrodes to expand and reduce in size while charging.

With lithium ion batteries, while charging need at least an extra 5mm spacing around the battery pack. While charging electrodes that pump power to the battery and regulate it expand while heated; if not given sufficient room they will expand to much and press on the metal sides and cause a fire with then melt the device.

I hope this isn’t the case of this iPhone 7 Plus battery issue. This would set Apple back millions of dollars in getting the affected devices back and releasing new devices and it would make mIllinois of customers mad and loose trust in them.

The Doctor called Robot.

In today’s society,where  there is an increasing shortage of doctors and nurses as well as increasing costs for healthcare. Many hospitals and healthcare systems are investing their money in robotic systems for medical check-ups, surgery and other procedures.

Medical robots can now perform check-ups on patients at hospitals without direct human assistance.Doctors have been turning to technology in order to provide innovative advancements in the medical field considering it is cost effective.

But even if it greatly helps us for efficient and accurate data on our patients, It might be a downside to some because having this technology to do all the workload might result to some nurses to become dependent and unreliable in their job.

This technology serves to improve accuracy and patient safety by reducing medical errors. Traditionally, nurses spent a significant portion of their shift walking back and forth between patient rooms, medication areas and the nursing station but with this technology it can also act as a nurse such as patrolling hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human

Below are some of the things that these medical robots can do: 

1.Medical robot can now patrol hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human intervention.

2.Medical robot can disinfect clinical equipment and also clean the rooms.

3.Medical robots can move medical supplies from one room to another without human intervention.This robot can move through hospital corridors ,elevators and departments at any time during the day to make deliveries

4.Medical robots can feed patients and help them to administer medications.

The Benefits of Medical Robots.

.Cost effective

.Direct human intervention is not required

.FDA cleared

.Contains two-way video screen so communication is easy no matter where the doctor is.

.Autonomous navigation

.Reduce waiting time

.Reduce spread of diseases

So far I believe that  from mic-robots that scraps plaque from arteries to personal assistant robots that help care for patients, medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare. What do you think about this?


Robots and why they suck

Robots are becoming bigger and bigger in technological advancements. No doubt that robots are going to be a big part of our future, but is that a good or bad thing? Plot twist, they’re probably going to do more harm then they are worth. Of course everyone has heard of the “robot uprising” however what if they become active members of society, they are able to think and operate on their own. If robots would be made to have the same consciousness as people they could think for themselves, so on top of them being able to commit crimes just like any human being they would also be better than us in almost every way. Like what would happen if you were just walking down the street and a robot just came up to you looking like and android and just tries to fight you like what are you gonna do? you don’t have any weapons because that’s the law and if you punch the robot its probably going to hurt because they’re made of steel. Not to mention the scientists who made the robots are like super nuts so chances are they will equipped the robots with like lazer guns or something deadly. I’m not one hundred percent sure about anyone else reading this blog but I don’t really want to get into a fight with a robot because let’s be real here they’re probably going to destroy me or disintegrate me or something horrible. Basically, what i’m saying is that I don’t think robots should have rights if we do develop them like we should just reduce them to worker bots or something because if there isn’t a robot uprising where it’s basically terminator I would hope we just treat them like robot slaves because honestly who wants to compete against a dude that is literally made of steel and circuit boards? I sure don’t so here’s what I propose, we just don’t develop robots at all. Like do we even need robots? probably not. Like sure they’re pretty cool but who would want to run the risk of getting totally destroyed by some robot with heat vision? I bet no one would.


Interactive Car Windows

A few different car companies recently have come out with an interactive car windows or “tech windows”. These windows are designed to help passenger have more of an entertaining ride. These windows have many different abilities. There are a few different games you can play, different displays as you are passing different scenery, the ability to “draw” with your finger, window dimmers, and educational purposes.

The window comes with a little “traveling companion”. His name is Otto. He is an animated character who was created to be an educational helper, he will respond to the landscape, weather,
and car performance, Otto will be moving more quickly as the car speeds up. He can also provide lights or be controlled in his environment via gestures.

Another feature is “Spindow”. It provides you with a real time view from other peoples window from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is select the city you would live to view. This provides you with a realistic experience as you drive.

Next is “foofu”. The window turns into a “fog-like” background that you can create pictures through with only your finger.

One of my favorite features of them all is “pond”. It is kind of like an app where you can share music and messages. These are not only sent within the vehicle from window to window, but to other people that have these vehicles.


I think this is an overall great idea. It would not only help keep kids busy on road trips, but help keep teens pre-occupied as well. The idea of interacting with many other people around the world is super creative, but being able to see what other people see everyday as they are driving to work or school etc. is even cooler.

The down sides would be that these windows can not be put in the “shotgun’ seat because of the drivers vision purposes. I also think the windows would have to be cleaned constantly with all of the fingers on the screen all day.


Concept Or Story?


Have you ever watched a good animated movie, anime, or even played a game where the characters are just perfection and complete the whole story, almost to the point where they were created of being so? Of course, they were, and with that one character or two that usually has you cheering for them until the end rather them being a protagonist or antagonist you just find their looks seemingly memorable.

But have you really considered the time it’s taken to get the characters down rather than the story itself? It’s the director who gives his/her ideas off towards the concept art group and it’s their jobs to make his/her ideas come to life on paper or computer, if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, Naruto, or Bleach they started straight from scratch with papers before sending them towards the computer crew for coloring. Another great anime was Inuyasha created by Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha has some of the most inspiring Character Concepts including Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and all the other characters themselves.

Concept Art for Sailor Moon (School Clothes)


Concept Art for Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)


Figuring out concepts for game characters is no different than playing around with their appearance as much as you want like creating concepts for anime or such, but it can take endless hours to create that “one” appearance that sticks in the eyes of someone while after playing games, especially when it needs to be changed up once again, the nice concept gets spiced up with a whole new look or one that looks the same with just a few modifications. It doesn’t really effect the story in anyway how the character dresses, but is it reasonable to make a character wear something light in cold environments when meanwhile they could likely freeze?


Jr & Chaos Concept Art (Xenosaga).


Lightning Concept Art (Lightning Returns)



As an aspiring Concept Artist myself, I find now that making concepts to match the personas you plan for your main characters is a necessary step in moving forward throughout it. With loads of ideas and different clothing types to hairstyles for characters it’s often difficult to choose just one, but it all starts right from a single thought, endless hours of coming up with the character you’re thinking of takes time, effort and most of all, patience.

In a game, anime, or animated movie what do you look forward to most, characters or the story-line, does it impact you most with characters that are most memorable or just a story that is?


Personally, I think that today, most of our lives are controlled by electronics. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it could soon take up residence in our medicine cabinets in the form of “electronic aspirin.”   Are you a patient of Migraine, Headaches and Facial pain, and you use a lot of Aspirin tablets that don’t just help to stop the pain? Don’t worry because scientists at Autonomic Technologies Inc. (ATI) in Redwood City, California have developed a state-of-the-art neurostimulation  system that helps with the treatment of Migraine Headaches. And this device is called Electronic Aspirin. The Electronic Aspirin  is a patient-powered tool for blocking Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) signals whenever you have a sign of a headache.

This little device is a stimulator that is just about the size of an almond which can be implanted through a surgical insertion into your gum near the molar, and most often it is placed on the side of the head where the headaches occurs most of the time. With this new technology anyone suffering from headaches can just place a remote control in the side of the cheek where the pain is and stimulate the SPG nerves, stopping neurotransmitters that cause the pain. After the pain is treated you can just remove the remote control to deactivate the implant.

This are some of the reasons I think anyone having a lot of headaches should try the little device.

1.   The patient will experience an almost pain free life.

2.  The patient will be able to control when to use the device.

3.  No downfalls of pain medication such as internal issues or tolerance.

4.  It is now  readily available  .

5.  It lasts longer than any other pain medication.

The only side effects known for now occur  during and after inserting the implant. Some common side effects include throat numbness, lowered blood pressure, and nausea. Rarer symptoms include nasal bleeding, nasal infection and a temporary increase in headache pain. But my question is would you want to place such electronic device in your body and does anyone think that he or she could be controlled through the little device?.


Noise-blocking Device


Do you have a hard time focusing while there are loud distractions around you? Do you have an issue falling asleep at night because of loud vehicles and rowdy roommates? Most of us do. Well this noise-blocking device promises a solution for you.

This device is called a “Muzo”. It was created to provide you with more of a quite surrounding. By sticking it to a flat surface, like a window or a wall, the Muzo will send vibrations throughout the surface to block out the sound by using a large speaker membrane.

The Muzo has three different settings depending on what you are looking for; serenity, sleep, and secret.

Serenity – creates more of a silent surrounding area by using an anti-vibration system to prevent the surface from vibrating.

Sleep – Allows you to sleep better by using a soundscape.

Secret – Uses voice-masking sounds to create a bubble of privacy.

Depending on your situation, this device can help solve a lot of problems for concentration or sleep. But when it’s turned on the sound levels can be adjusted in an app, so you can completely customize what you want.

The device was funded from “GoFund Me” It not only reached their goal of $100,000, they reached over $430,000 from their goal. It is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

The Muzo sounds great, a little too great. In the add it shows a person working in a coffee shop using this device. It also shows the “bubble” of space that would be cancelled out from sound.

Although I do not think 100% of the sound can be cancelled out, I do think it is very possible to help get rid of the unwanted sound.

Although I could not find prices, I am interested to see how expensive it really is.

Overall, this was a great idea, and can be taken very far.


Chameleon Markers and the Scribble Pen

Markers are a hit or miss for me personally, they can dry out, they can run dry, and if you have a yellow marker you have to watch carefully not to draw over black ink or chances are it will be ruined. Luckily there is new innovative markers coming out to suit your creative needs! With the brand new Chameleon markers you can add colorless tones to the tips of your markers allowing for a seamless transition from light to dark tones. These special markers come with the option to purchase both refillable ink cartridges and replaceable tips. These new additions will definitely make for a easy to use option when creating things like depth, shade, or even just changing colors, because you can add another colour tones to the marker tips to easily transition from colour to colour.


There is also a another new marker that i’m sure at least a few people would have heard about. A while ago there was a concept for a pen that could scan any colour off of your surrounding objects and use that same colour to draw. This concept is being developed by a company called Scribble, it is unknown whether or not the original concept artist is still assisting Scribble, if she isn’t hopefully she gets respect where respect is due.


The way the “Scribble Pen” works is pretty cool. It uses a scanner that can detect the colour of say, an apple. It then saves the hexadecimal number in the Scribble Pen. You can then write with the colour using the red blue green colour cartridges attached to the pens rear.  The red blue green cartridges then mix colours into the tip in order to create the colour that was scanned. Currently you can pre purchase the pen on kickstarter for $150.00 (American)
In my opinion both the pen and the markers are super cool. I feel like both of these tools would be a great addition to any artist, professional or casual. When the Scribble pen gets released and some reviews are made I would be more excited for it, because at the moment the pen could actually last you maybe an hour worth of drawing before you had to refill. With the colour markers the refillable tones and tips may cost a lot.

Blackberry update lol


Blackberry was one of the worlds largest mobile phone creators around for years. I remember when my cousin Joél Gaétane Fleury had his first blackberry i was around 8 years old, I was super envious of him and so mad i never had one. Back in 2007 when Apple released the first iPhone is when blackberry started to see their decline. Then Blackberry made some horrible decisions as a company in a whole, including hiring a dud of a CEO. over the few years after the iPhone had released Samsung became a huge power house in the mobile industry as well. With those complication and Blackberry releasing “out of date” technology in their devices and mostly updating the physical design of the devices to make them look more classy and sleek with the same old graphic user interface and hardware with the device, only releasing slight updated to the devices. Don’t get me wrong Blackberry does have a very nice line of mobile phones and i like their graphic user interface as well, even though it can be a bit confusing at first.

Blackberry has announced at CES 2017 that they will no longer be designing their own devices anymore. Instead they will be partnering with various companies who will be creating their own blackberry branded devices. That may sound like bad news for BlackBerry loyalists but the CEO said the shift will actually enable the company to get more of its handsets on the market via partnerships since it will no longer need to devote its resources to hardware. I feel this could be a good step for blackberry to make a move like this, because they have not been doing a good job in my opinion keeping up with other cellular device manufacturers. Blackberry has had a small amount of success in the past two years, they had released a phone called “Blackberry Priv” which was their first blackberry device released with a non blackberry software and had a full android based graphic user interface and software. This is a great move I feel on Blackberrys part. There has been large success in this type of development. For example the Nexus line, many companies have developed and produced a Nexus. I look forward to see how this works for blackberry.

Nintendo Switch?, what about the games?.

Although Nintendo company has spoken in the last few hours about some games coming to Nintendo Switch from other consoles in the house such as GameCube, Wii or WiiU, many of its fans expected some kind of compatibility in the new Final Console It can not be, Something that, seeing the hardware of the machine that will come out on March 3, becomes more evident.

Remastered Yes
It has been the president of Nintendo that has closed any option to a possible backwards compatibility of Nintendo Switch: “In some cases, systems games can be relaunched for Nintendo Switch as improved versions with respect to the original games. And that’s it. remasterización yes. Retrocompatibility no.

As we can see, you did not have to be too smart to know that Nintendo’s plans with Switch did not go through making a retro-compatible machine. And we do not say it for its graphic power, which is surely above Wii and Wii to launch any of its games, but because it is physically impossible to do.
Firstly because if GameCube, Wii and Wii U became compatible with each other, the first with the second and the second with the third, was by the presence of a disk drive, which allows us to insert and play quietly. But as you know, Nintendo Switch is impossible. What’s bought in digital and we could play it? Well the same, but from the company will have thought that doing that favours one format over another and that is not the policy they want to follow.

Remastered, the new reef
This remasters policy yes, backwards compatibility was not seen since the first moment in the announcement of the console a few weeks ago, when we saw images of Skyrim, a now old game that makes it seems that Bethesda is preparing for the new console , It is about Of a remastering like the one we saw last year for Xbox One and PS4.
We hope that in addition to all things Nintendo and third parties make a good original catalogue with names that decide to leave in Nintendo Switch because they trust the machine and its possibilities. And not because it is easy to remaster a game of four, five or more years ago to get them from 40 to 80 dollars.

Ways to maintain a smartphone battery



The mobile phone as you all know has become many users’ personal assistant, companion, day planner, wallet, health instructor, pay television station, video/audio camera, photographer and so many others. All these functions are driven by applications that could drain battery life.Statistics shows the total number of mobile phone users worldwide  for 2017  is forecast to reach 4.77 billion and by 2019 it will be over five billion.

But how diligent or otherwise the batteries of smartphones are charged can also affect its battery life, last week I read a research by Battery University which shows that Charging smartphone’s lithium-ion battery in short bursts can improve its lifespan, while leaving the phone plugged in once it is 100 per cent charged is bad for the power source, the research warned.So how do we make sure that our smartphone batteries last long. well here are some tips I like to share with you.


Remove phone when fully charged

Leaving it charging keeps the battery under high stress, which wears it down.

Removing the device from charging when it reaches 100 per cent is like “relaxing muscles after strenuous exercise”.

Regular charge at 100% unnecessary

lithium batteries do not need to be fully charged all the time, and doing so is not the best way to maintain the battery.

“It is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery”,  which will wear it down over time.

So I recommend multiple, short bursts of charging over one long charge.

Charge device regularly

Smartphone batteries respond better to multiple stints of charging throughout the day instead of one long charge when the battery is running low.

Battery University stated that charging your device every time its drops 10% of its battery life would be the best-case scenario.

As this is not practical for many people, charging your phone when you have an opportunity should be fine.

This will keep your smartphone’s battery performing better for longer.

Keep device cool always

Smartphone batteries must avoid extreme heat to function optimally, and Apple advises users to remove phone cases if they notice their device heating up while charging.

“It’s especially important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 35°C, which can permanently damage battery capacity,” stated Apple.

The Ouya and why it failed

On July 10th 2012, Team Ouya (pronounced Ooh-ya) started a kickstarter in hopes to fund their open source gaming console. This project hyped itself up with people calling it the next ‘big console’. Five years later and Ouya is no where to be seen amongst the console lineup. What happened to the console? even after raising over 8 million dollars it basically vanished. The “innovative” console failed horribly, but why?

The console claimed to ‘welcome’ hackers with opened arms, claiming that the Ouya was meant to be exploited, modified, and changed. It was advertised as a sandbox game console, where the buyers could do whatever they wanted with it. What people got was a modified android phone without the actual phone elements. people just saw it as, well, garbage. The only thing it could really do well was play iphone and android games, which obviously didn’t look all that appealing on the big screen.

Although Ouya was advertised as a smart phone game emulator, no one could have expected the lack of selection. With a very small amount of games available at launch, customers felt ripped off. The fact that there was without a doubt thousands of games already available on smart phones at the time and there was only around 100 games available at launch left people feeling scammed.

On a more technical level the Ouya faced many bugs and operating errors on the first few weeks of launched. a vast majority of their customers couldn’t even log in to the Ouya servers when they first unboxed their new console. That is, if you even received your console. The console suffered from physical problems too. Customers claimed the Ouya’s controllers were clunky to use, awkward to hold, and had unresponsive hard to maneuver joysticks.

Although majority of the features on the Ouya were a failure, there was a few features that were still awesome. Like the ability to emulate older game consoles like the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, and various others.

Without a doubt the Ouya was a failure, even with an impressive funding campaign the product failed. With a failed product comes disappointed customers, which is why its always important to never pre order a product, unless you’re absolutely sure that the product is quality.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will launching this year!

Even though it will not be launching at mobile congress this year in Barcelona,

Which is held from February 27th 2017 until March 2nd 2017.

The GSMA, Mobile World Congress is a combination of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile

Industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators,

Device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

With the huge success of the galaxy S7 and S7 Edge I am sure the S8 will do just as good and more.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to have the best tech specs that are currently out.

It is rumored to have a 4k 5.8 inch display and sd835 chip and now converting to the USB type C as did the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (which was a fail in all cellphone tech).

The Galaxy S8 could have a full face glass display, with no home button. The home button is rumored to be just a touch sensitive portion of the screen. Kind of like the home button on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The finger print scanner is said to be rear mounted like the LG G5.

The batter will still be encased in the phone. It is to be a 3000 mAh battery. I think Samsung should have opted to create a design that allows the batter to be removed and replaces by the user and not have to go to a cell shop or send it away for a in or out of warranty repair. If Samsung had stuck with removable battery design it could have brought over more customers and have kept previous that have left due to the battery being in-cased in the phone itself.

Gladly the Samsung S8 is said to be keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack and not following Apple’s lead and removing it all together. I feel this is a good decision because not everyone has the time or money to replace lost expensive Bluetooth headphones.

I am overly excited for the Samsung Galaxy S8. I can’t wait to see what the final design looks like and how well the body’s design will work with the user. I am praying to the phone Gods that the Galaxy S8 has a GUI similar or comparable to the GUI of the galaxy Note 7.


The Monitor Predator

Acer has finally introduced the Predator Z301CT, the monitor that had years of preparation and the first 21: 9 monitor with eye-tracking functionality from Tobii. The model has a robust design thanks to the stylish black frames with sharp angles and details, and feature NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to game without interruptions.

Acer curved monitor

The 30 “Acer Predator Z301CT is in the pinnacle of game immersion and its demonstrated by its “Best Innovation” award at CES 2017. Tobii’s eye-tracking integrated technology is added to the arsenal Of the player, shoot and explore intuitively .. The eye tracking of Tobii technology uses the movement of the players eyes to create a new mode of interaction.  A more immersive experience for the player who may be able to imitate real-life actions like looking to cover or aiming at a target.The angles of the belt also surrenders automatically when the player’s view Fixed in the frame of the screen, once the characters and scenarios of the game react when the player looks around.

The sounds and graphics of the video game adapt dynamically depending on where the players look. In addition, the Ultra Wide Full HD (2560 X 1080) and 1800R curve display makes the gaming experience even more attractive and powerful.

It is necessary to emphasize the refresh rate of 200Hz and the response time of 4ms. In addition, it offers wide 178 degree viewing angles and an extremely narrow frame for maximum viewing area. For optimal comfort.

It also comes equipped with GameView technology, gamers can comfortably switch between three customizable monitor profiles to correct the settings in the game without having to navigate the OSD menu, a significant advantage when every second counts. Configurations include adjusting the level of blacks to see clearly any threats in the dark, and the possibility of choosing on the screen the refresh rate.

Thanks to Acer EyeProtect technology, Acer’s new monitors combine anti-blinking, blue light filter, ComfyView and low dimming technologies to protect the eyes from flickering images, screen brightness, blue light emissions and excessive illumination. it will help crease eye fatigue during long gaming sessions. Its powerful connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort v1.2 and a USB 3.0 hub (1 up / 4 down).

Acer Predator Z301CT available in February 23 in EMEA from an estimated price of around 860 euros.

And in February 1 in the United states and Canada for 920 American dollars.

The benefits of social media

All the many events that have taken place globally this year, what has stood out to me most is the power of social media.We have in one way or another witnessed how its use has saved lives, given job opportunities, created strong relationships and many more. It is also able to tarnish reputations, build hostility and kill relationships. So we must all realise that its power is really not in the tool or the makers of the tool, but the users behind the tool.

The mistake people make is the wrong assumptions that social networks mean social media. Wrong! Please understand that social networking is just a part of social media. There are user review sites, video sharing, micro blogging, blogging and others.  Therefore it is important to tailor your social media use to the kind of business or industry you operate in

Provide Market Insights and Money Making:

One of the many benefits of social media is its ability to provide you with insights on customers, competitors and Industry around the world. Through social media, you are able to know what exactly your customers think of your brand and those areas that can be improved. Social media chatter is a valuable source of information. What are your customers saying about your brand, what matters to your to customers? What is being said when you are compared to competitors.

Depending on how strategic your social media use is, it can lead to a strong media presence which will in the long run lead to brand loyalty.My favourite part of social media is that it is free. Well to an extent but there are so many objectives that small businesses can achieve for free using social media.

Develop relationships and Increased exposure:

The beauty of social networks especially is the ability to “package” your brand. Brands have been given an opportunity to present themselves to the world in the light that they want to be seen. Some brands have even dared to join viral conversations on politics, economics, and entertainment. Social media gives you the best view of viral content in the world as they happen.It is now a medium through which you can respond to problems immediately and show the world just how great your customer service is.There are many people who do not leverage on the connections that social media brings. It gives the opportunity to access information directly from mentors or competing businesses.


Entering The Game Reality

Have you ever played a game where the graphics and the story are so full of life it brings the whole game out and is so captivating and breathtaking you begin to wonder why it can’t be a game that is a reality? And no, S.A.O doesn’t apply to this though it seems the same, a game that would change the way you see everyday reality even if it only lasts a couple minutes, an adventure that wouldn’t be forgotten so easily?

Ken Bretschneider, founder and CEO opened the start-up project they’ve been working on, and already the trailer of the Void is getting views and people are becoming interested in it. If you’ve already seen some of the trailers then you’ll know how magnificent it looks, the stunning visuals, the atmosphere.  Bretschneider states “The Void,  is aiming for an experience that can’t be replicated at home.” The VOID’s atmosphere and environments are actually monitored outside of the game while your playing allowing for a more in-depth feel. If you walk outside that part of the maze will be warm or cold depending on the environment given in the game.

In the Void you are paired or either put into a space by yourself, a maze like room full of different routes whichever route you take will lead you to different levels, equipped with censored gear that allows the user who’s playing to feel an impact such as taking a bullet (don’t worry not for real), getting pushed by a monster, or even feeling an explosion nearby in-game, the gear your wearing makes this feeling come alive. The user is also given special gloves that have “motors” on them that allow them to interact with devices in the game, allowing them to pick them up or simply enter a code or key into a door to unlock/unseal it. Every move you make in-game is what you choose, either you hide and make a sneak attack or like going head-on it’s how you play.

Currently the Void is able to simulate a couple of environments though they are still in progress, the most progress they’ve had is a HALO sci-fi shooting game which allows you to co-op with several other players around the other corner of the maze to scout and take out the enemies, and a Ghost vs Hunters game which is more or less a replica of Ghost Busters that sets you and another player together into a maze which is filled with ghosts you must exorcise in order to move onto the next levels.








Laser Pens

Image result for laser pen that heals wounds

When the words “laser pen” comes to mind, we think a little red light that we were always told not to shine in people eyes.  Now, when we think of a laser pen something else might come to mind. Cold Laser treatment or Portable laser pen .

The portable laser pen is made from optical fibers.  But, before scientists came up with optic fibers they first started using a carbon-di-oxcide laser pens. Those are a lasers that are also referred to as “Welding Lasers”. They are meant to heal wounds in a matter of minutes. Scientists have been working on these pens for over 10 years. But their first main issue was that they are unable to control the heat that is produced. So they then moved to the optic fiber pens, which worked a lot better. The only down side to this product now is it leaves scars and messy “healing” lines.

Personally, if I had a fatal wound and was no where near a hospital I wouldn’t care if it left a messy scar if it saved my life. Doctors aren’t using these on the surgical bed, it is strictly for emergencies.



Cold Laser Treatment pens are similar in the sense that it is good for healing and rejuvenating. However, it will no heal open wounds. Some of the treatments benefits include

-Relieving acute and chronic pains

-Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair including reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

– Increases blood supply

– Stimulates the immune system

– Stimulates nerve function

– Develops collagen and muscle tissue

– Helps generate new and healthy cells tissue

– Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation

– Reduces inflammation

– May significantly reduce bone on bone knee pain

– May reduce tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

– May reduce Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

– May help promote healthy hair regrowth

– The Laser Therapy Pen may aid in weight loss, reduce anxiety, depression, help with allergies and smoking cessation.

These pens can even be used on your pets!

Although you can go somewhere to get this professionally done, you can also buy them and do it yourself at home.

However. the down sides to the pen are that it stimulate already existing cancer cells, so if you have/had cancer it may not be the right treatment for you. It is also very expensive.



5 Weird Gadgets You Need To See To Believe.

We all know what cool and awesome gadgets  are about, but looking at some weird gadgets is also fascinating to see. Here are 5 weird gadgets that are somewhat useful and others that are…well special in their own way.

Charging Grass-

Here’s the first of the list, you know the struggle right? When your Ipod, Phone, Ipad, or such is at it’s last 1% the endless minutes of panic as you run towards an outlet but realize soon enough you forgot your charger. This grass will charge your phone for you, and it has a cord inside. While being kind of cool just imagine if grass everywhere could charge your phone, though it would lead to lots of little pests bugging you or maybe you enjoy the outdoors.


LED Umbrella-

A more cooler looking gadget is the LED Umbrella, with a thought by not have an Umbrella that works but also have it look like a glow stick along the way? Don’t fret it does come in different colors, depending on what color you like, purple, blue, even red maybe. You can even get the umbrella part with just LED lights going down and a normal handle.  It helps with illuminating  your path well, which can make you the bright light for any dark night.

Sonic Grenade-

Now wait I know what your thinking, but no it’s not a real grenade. Actually the Sonic Grenade has made a name for itself as “The most annoying gadget ever created!” It has three levels of noise, one being low, to medium, then high. Have you ever felt kind of moody towards someone who’s been mean towards you, why not use this to give them a what for, sure it’s mean but still just give them a small scare. But I wouldn’t actually recommend this gadget as it is a useless annoying gadget.

Printer Toaster-

Here we have the Printer Toaster, have you ever had issues with toasting a piece of bread, and wanted it to have a letter or image? The Printer Toaster does just that, though it can be fun to playfully print letters onto a piece of bread, but why not eat it put some jam or peanut butter (if you’re allergic forget that) and have a taste of the glorious printed toast you just made.

LICKI Brush-

And here, we have probably the weirdest gadget I’ve ever seen. The LICKI Brush, designed to “lick” your cat (yes, this exists) and create a everlasting bond of friendship and love the LICKI brush brings you and your cat a greater bond.


Weird gadgets are fun to discover, I want to know which one made you ask “what?” the most.

Youtubers and Creativity


Over the past couple of years Youtubers have been quickly gaining recognition and wealth through frequent uploads on the popular video sharing site. Most notable well known Youtube persona “Pewdiepie” known in real life as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has been at the top of his game for several years now, amassing an estimated $124 million (not included taxes being based in Sweden) it is without a doubt that he is very successful for such a young age, being 26 years old.

With the success of Pewdiepie comes other Youtubers wanting to make a profit and a name for themselves. Youtubers like Jackseptieye and Markiplier were able to amass large viewer numbers by preforming similar content to Pewdiepie.Not all Youtubers are limited to preforming voiceovers on gameplay, other Youtube stars made a name for themselves in the form of blogs, or controversial prank videos (like Swoozy and JoeySalads, or Twinztv) and many other subjects. Video Bloggers like Swoozy attract viewers by sharing stories of their lives while prank videos are self-explanatory, they prank random people in the street in order to get a reaction out of people (my favourite is Bait Bike in the Hood go ahead search it up).

Some Youtubers got their following from on the spot humor like VideoGameDunkey or penguinz0 by taking jabs at the games they play. VideoGameDunkey reviewed Grand Theft Auto V and gave it a 0/5. This means is that anyone can be rewarded for sharing their own humor and content. Some Youtubers have perfected this and are creating a large profit off of this effectively making Youtube content creation their full time job which is very interesting to say the least.

This means that you can share your own content or personality with others and get rewarded for it by fame or perhaps a profit. Although I would probably never get into making Youtube videos I think that it is a great advancement in media to allow Youtubers to essentially survive by providing content. The video sharing site really rewards creative thinking and different personalities. I feel that Youtube is one of the best websites available and I bet that’s not a unpopular opinion. 

Infinite Ideas comes some controversial ones, primarily controversy in the prank video field some ideas go over the top in order to horde more and more viewers. Trollstation, a Youtube channel run by a group of prank artists faced jail time after robbing from the National Portrait Gallery. This “prank” caused panic, property damage, and even caused one woman to feint.

Even with possible controversy I feel the good heavily outweighs the bad and will be a primary force for people to really let their creativity and uniqueness shine. 

The future of fashion

The Technological Institute of Georgia (America), in collaboration with the University of Chongquing (China) , have been in conjunction efforts  of investigation on a new textile material. According to the official Chinese press, these clothes are capable of charging a single mobile e electricity. Any small gadget that needs electrical power can benefit from this new property, including wrist watches.

The composition of the material that converts clothing into a dynamo (brand name) are polyester fibers combined with a metal layer. To the recipe are added solar cells, nanometer generators and semiconductors capable of storing and transmitting energy. You will think that they are a very thick thread with the above mentioned characteristics, but in fact it has a thickness of 0,32 mm

According to the process of the triboelectric effect there are certain materials that generate the electric charge by coming into contact with others. This is the method by which it is explained, for example, like a balloon attracts hair from the human body after rubbing them, or the static enegy generated by some type of sweaters, or how electricity generates the energy that loads our phone any kind of fashion that can take advantage of this energy surely has a big business ahead

As you will know, the human body conducts electricity and you may be asking yourself some questions about this topic like if clothing made from this material can cause discharges that harm people. you can breathe easy because according to Chongquing University professor of chemical engineering, Xing fan, “the clothes are safe for the human body”.


Another important issue is the duration of these clothes generating electricity. Although they still have many tests to do regarding this problem, such as water resistance and other materials that may damage it, what they do know is that these clothes can be folded 500 times without losing their effectiveness. Will this invention reach the general public to satisfy them enough that people start to abandon the use of portable batteries or will this technology be forgotten? what d you think do you feel attracted to this types clothes? would you wear them?.

Internet Penetration In Africa

The internet has spurred the economic and social growth of most developed nations and the same effects are being seen in many developing nations in Africa. But as reported by Internet world stats, Internet penetration in Africa stands at only 37.5 percent. The growth of Internet in Africa is limited, compared to what is obtainable in developed countries. According to recent surveys conducted,listed bellow  are some of the obstacles I think is hindering information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet growth in Africa.

1.) HIGH LEVEL OF (ICT) ILLITERACY – The high rate of illiteracy in the continent is hindering the growth of internet use and this has contributed to the decline in the use of this super facility. People are ignorant of what the internet is all about, it’s uses, applications and benefits in solving their problems. Most people have not seen a computer before, not to talk of understanding internet concepts. Although it must be said that ICT knowledge in Africa is growing and being embraced, yet there remain a large majority of rural population that has not seen firsthand, the immense benefits of the internet.

2.) HIGH COST OF GETTING INTERNET – Internet doesn’t come cheap in Africa. One of the reasons for the high cost of connecting to the internet is the costs involved in using satellites due to a lack of cable infrastructure. Most Internet traffic in Africa often times needs to be routed by satellite via North America and Europe Website.

3.) POVERTY – There is high cost of feeding, education, and health in Africa. The poor will rather not waste their little income to access the internet when they have their priority as food, clothing and shelter. Many cannot afford to own a PC at home, even the fairly used ones being shipped from developed countries; talk less of engagement in internet connectivity

HiCan High Fidelity Canopy

This is the new High Fidelity Canopy, or HiCan for short. As shown above; this bed is very different than what someone would think about when the word “bed” comes to mind. Other than an adjustable mattress for optimal comfort, the HiCan is a “sleeping pod” that has everything you could ever dream of. No pun intended.

To start off, this bed has retractable blinds. So whether you do not like sunlight, or don’t make your bed in the morning, it can be fixed with the click of a button. HiCan also has a built in projector and retractable screen at the foot of the bed. To make that even cooler, it has a complete surround system to give you that “theater like” experience.

Do you like reading before bed? Well the HiCan has you covered with their reading lights inside of the canopy.

Are you a gamer? Well, not only does this bed have a multi-media PC, but it also has a gaming console inside of it as well.

This Canopy even has 8 different colors to chose from to personalize it even more.

The company says  “It’s designed to bring in our most personal space the emotion of driving our life through our dreams and passions.”

That sounds great, and as you could imagine there is a huge wait list of people who want this bed. Which would not be that surprising…. if the bed didn’t cost $67,018. However, the company knows that their bed is far more than expensive for a bed and having many failed efforts on trying to lower the price. The company offers people to try the bed for themselves for one or two nights. They are also offering a “smart-coupon” for 10% off any of the companies products, so maybe you can save a couple dollars on the canopy.

Although this invention is very innovative, I think I would rather buy a new vehicle, maybe put a down payment on a new house, or just save my money for something more logical for my life.


Competitive Gaming


Its without a doubt that gaming has definitely expanded its audience in the past 20 years, now with the rise of games that are meant to have a competitive environment how exactly do they work?

Video games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch all share the same trait. Each game has a competitive ladder where the better you get the higher you climb. What this means is each games has a mmr which stands for Match Making Rating, this rating is used to describe how good of a player you are and help the match making system find mores players similar to your skill level. Typically the mmr rating is hidden from players with the exception of Defense of the Ancients and Overwatch (which is shown to players at ant point of their climb),  usually the mmr system  is hidden and replaced by a rank that players can see.

The rank system is completely based off your mmr so you have a rough idea of what your rating is but not exactly. I’ll use League of Legends as an example, their ranking system from bottom to top goes bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and challenger. With each rank comes 5 divisions, what this means is you cant just go straight from silver to gold, you have to go up divisions from silver 5 to silver 1 in order to get to the desired gold rank.

With a very competitive matchmaking system developed it started a trend of people watching “pros” (highest ranking players) play these games with streaming websites like twitch.tv.  Competitive tournaments with thousands of people coming to watch teams of players fight each other for prize pools (in the 2016 League of Legends worlds tournament the prize pool was 4 million dollars) is proving to be one of the most successful trends in gaming over the years, with the U.S government acknowledging gaming as a sport. Players from around the world are now able to get visas and play in these tournaments.

But with a very competitive ranking systems and tournaments worth millions is likely to bring some bad apples. These games are very notorious for sparking hate filled communities, a lot of players desperate to climb the competitive ranks are known for getting angry with other players. League of Legends is especially notorious for having the most “toxic” players (a term used to describe rude or hateful players in online video games) infesting their servers.

With these features it is without a doubt what made gaming go competitive, i highly encourage anyone to at least try League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients as they are both free to play and could kick start a love for climbing ranks and maybe even being the best.