Innov8? More like do not resuscitate!

In our industry we are always using portable storage for large files, so which one should you buy? Introducing the Seagate Innov8 using Ignition Boost Technology, the Innov8 is the first 8TB USB-C-powered external desktop storage solution on the market. Just connect the device to your computer and you’re ready to go. The device is easy to move and can be placed exactly where you need it, and can handle up to 2 million songs, 4 million photos, and 800 HD movies. This device starts at $350 in stores and online. Even though the device sounds equip to do the job, is it? Speaking from experience hard drives are finicky and break. This is always heart breaking when they crash because it is months of work gone. I know many people in our class can relate to this because they have also suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do when the hard drive crashes but to maybe cry and buy a new one. So what can we do to avoid this situation and not spend hundreds of dollars?

The first step is to backup your files on an extra hard drive or by using google drive, so when or if your hard drive crashes your work isn’t gone. It will also help to safely eject your drive from your device. Since hard drives are finicky sometimes it will not allow you to eject it. If the message comes across your screen I recommend restarting the computer then ejecting it after the computer has restarted. This has happened to me several times and so far has worked every time I have restarted it. Although these techniques and tips may help there is no guarantee that the hard drive will survive.

So in the end is it worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on this “awesome” technology? My conclusion is that it isn’t worth it. Being a student my world is revolved around money. I am not to pleased with having to purchase an expensive piece of technology several times because they crash. I’d rather spend my money on more important things that will not cause me pain. So overall this hard drive sounds fantastic and promises a lot of storage, but is the hard drive worth the risk?


Being in this industry we are constantly working on computers, so what if we had a little helper by our side? Introducing the uArm, an a adorable robot arm from uFactory. This robotic arm is precise and small enough to fit on your desk. Currently the uArm is seeking funding from Indiegogo, where it has already raised $300,000. The uArm is programmable via a variety of methods and has several attachments such as suction cups and a claw grabber. Most people are hesitant on funding products such as the uArm, because other products seem to fail, but this robot arm is different. The company has had success in its past with its other products so they guarantee success. There are two versions of the yet-to-be-built uArm available through the Indiegogo campaign. The uArm Pro, which is currently going for $489. The uArm pro has a repeatability of .02 millimeters, which is the degree of change in motion you can expect when the arm repeats the same motion over and over. The regular uArm Swift goes for $289 and has a repeatability of 5mm and a less powerful motor. The robot is capable of taking input from a leap motion gestural control sensor and includes wheels it can use to roll itself around.


The robot will be ready by May, just in time to break out the mini-fan attachment to cool you down during the summer.


So how can this technology benefit us? This technology will prove to have many benefits for us starting with convenience. Being in the profession that we are in, we will be most likely be in front of a keyboard. So while working you start to feel hot you can simply as the uArm to use its mini-fan to keep you cool. If you want a piece of paper that is perhaps across your desk uArm can bring it to you. Also the robot arm shows great potential and may soon be able to do much more. Maybe in the near future you can ask the uArm to grab a drink out of the fridge and bring it to you. However, this can be problematic because we will become very lazy and probably become obese. Also the price is pretty high for something that will do things for us, that most of us are already capable of doing.
The possibilities are endless for this piece of machinery and I can’t wait to see what’s next!  

Sengled Pulse

In our modern age we shouldn’t be surprised of the new technology that is coming out. Have you ever thought of a speaker in a light bulb? well Sengled has. Introducing Pulse, the JBL Bluetooth speaker system built into a light bulb. Whole home audio has never been easier. It’s simple turn it on and turn it up. Each bulb has a JBL speaker hidden inside, producing invisible high-quality sound in plain sight. You can wirelessly control up to 8 Pulse bulbs for whole home audio. The pulse light bulb turns any light socket into your own personal sound system. The bulb is controlled by an app and is Bluetooth-enabled, it’s easy to see why Pulse was selected for Better Homes and Gardens Editors’ Choice Innovation Awards.

So if you’re interested in this product you may be wondering how many Pulse bulbs can you connect too? In your home you can connect up to 8 Pulse bulbs. What can you do with the Pulse bulb? Play music of your choice and adjust lighting in every room. The Pulse Starter Kit includes one Master bulb and one Satellite bulb if you are wanting to connect to more Pulse speakers additional Satellites are sold individually.

How can this innovative technology be good for students like us. Well for starters if you’re exhausted from homework you can let loose and have a party with music ringing through your house from the Pulse bulb, instead of investing in larger speakers that take up a lot of room. On a serious note, for students who may be in digital audio might prefer the Pulse bulb instead of headphones when working on projects. I found myself often annoyed with headphones when working on homework at home so for myself I much rather have the audio surrounding me. However, for assignments such as cleaning up audio it may be difficult to hear mistakes over speakers rather than earbuds. For the Pulse being around $75 I think it’s worth it. However, if you’re wanting to fill your house with 8 of the light-speakers it’ll cost more. Right now, like I have stated, the Pulse light-speakers are controlled through an app, but soon technology will advance to allow the Pulse to be voice controlled. I recommend this technology to people who either enjoy listening to music or people who work with audio.

3D Pens

Many of us have heard about 3D printers which allow us to create objects out of thin air, but have you heard about the 3D pen. The first recognized 3D pen was the “3Doodler”. Very similar to a 3D printer, just one is hand sized now. How does the 3D pen work? The 3D pen is basically a safer hot glue gun. The pen is filled with a plastic based cartridge that melts and allows you to manipulate the matter into designs of your choosing. This can be a finicky piece of tech because if you release too much plastic it could possibly ruin your design. This new technology could have an endless amount of possibilities for uses, and the creativity will never end.


Designers, such as ourselves, could find this 3D pen to be very helpful. Eventually when we are introduced to 3D animation or Stop-Motion Animation we could use the pen to create our desired figure so we can reference it while creating it. Although we haven’t started animation yet I’m assuming it would be easier to have something that I could analysis so I can study all of the angles to get my animation just right.


What can we expect from this pen in the future? Both the 3D pen and printer have an endless amount of possibilities of their potential use. What are some possibilities? This technology could eventually be use to make materials for clothing, cars, and maybe even planes. 3D pens and 3D printers are also starting to be used in the health industry. For example, Grey’s Anatomy, a fictional TV show, had used this technology to make stints to save people’s lives. Although Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show it bases itself on real medical procedures and new technology that is used in actual hospitals.
Some may argue that a 3D pen may be useless or perhaps a waste of money, but I disagree. Already the technology has been helping out in medical procedures, and even saving lives, and a lot of people are not capable of doing that. Like I have stated before the possibilities are endless and the future is very bright for this technology. Maybe in the near future most of our materials will be made from either 3D printers or pens.

iPhone 8

Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming in the fall of 2017 and many are expecting change. 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple has something big planned. Although we don’t know much about the new iPhone there are many rumours surrounding it. One of the first major changes on the phone is the display. The next iPhone will have an OLED display which brings a wider angle to view added with more brightness. The iPhone’s screen will have a 4k resolution that will have a fast response time. The phones have been made out of Gorilla Glass 4, but the new iPhone will be made with Sapphire Glass protection which is unbreakable. This means the iPhone 8 will have a stronger and wider screen. This is a good asset to have for people who are clumsy or people who accidentally drop their phone causing the screen to crack.
As technology gets better each new device has new advancements. Apple is the only smartphone company that increases its camera megapixels when they release new iPhone every year. Having a better camera will allow us to capture the important moments in our lives with perfect resolution. I have a 4th generation iPod and sometimes when I go back to view the photos they seem to have a low quality leaving them blurred. The new iPhone will not feature a home button, but instead will be a complete touch screen. The full touch screen is not a new feature for the iPhone being that it was featured in the iPhone 7. Although the company is attempting to make the device user friendly for everyone I think taking away the button was not a great idea. The phone still works the same but it relies on the pressure of your finger to know what you want. For people who are older this may frustrate them, I am 18 years old and it bothers me. I haven’t tried the new iPhone but I am very hesitant due to the advancements.

Although I am sceptical, change is affecting everyone and most of the change is revolved around technology. Someday we’ll all be in a position that leaves us no choice but to upgrade to the new technology. The new iPhone will be likely to launch early September 2017, and it is expected to turn some heads.


Why is the LG’s New 4K OLED TV more special then others? because its latest technology allows it to be incredibly thin. Unlike other Tv’s this TV has a thickness of 2.57mm. To compare, the iPhone 7 has a thickness of 7.1mm. How can a TV be thinner than a phone? it’s simple the TV itself does not have a battery or any other insides like speakers. It is just a screen that comes with a mandatory sound bar so that you can hear.

The TV recently earned global recognition for Best of Innovation at the CES 2017 Innovation Awards. The slick design allows the TV to become one with the wall. On the wall the TV can be seen as a window to a new world. With the new science LG was able to create this TV with pixel dimming control technology that renders Perfect black without any light leakage. LG allows the viewers to experience cinema in the comfort of your living room. The unique sound is provided by Dolby Atmos. This is a surround system where sound moves according to the content on the TV.  You could say that the sound flies in all directions. It is basically 360 degrees of subversive sound.

For myself having the cinematic experience is the cherry on the sundae. I am a movie fanatic and the difference between watching a movie at the theatre and watching it at home is jurassic. At the theatre it feels as if you have transitioned to a new world, but at home it is hard to experience it all. This new innovative technology will be game changing and it won’t be long before every TV is made like this. I think that this should have been done a long time ago because although we have a surround system hooked up it looks unpleasing and takes up quite a bit of space. If we compare the price of this new TV to buying a regular TV and a surround sound system, the regular TV and system is cheaper. Although this TV hasn’t been priced a 77inch is estimated at $20,000. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have $20,000 laying around.

Overall this TV is fresh, new technology that will change the way we watch TV.