Animation to Reality, is it Worth it?

We all saw it, or at least we all heard about it. I’m talking about the live action Avatar, the Last Airbender film. Bringing in one of the worst ratings in all of movie history, this was an absolute disgrace to the series. It was a mix of child actors, bad casting and overall bad acting that made this film as terrible as it was. Now another thing that would play into the absolute horror that this film was would be peoples expectations. We all know that in an animated film the action scenes are going to be a thousand times better than those of a Live Action film. We know that exaggeration and colours are much more vibrant and prominent in the animated films than it is in their Live Action counterparts. Like how does one expect to see Zuko control flame in the form of a serpent in Live Action? Every animation like that is more budget for the company, so naturally they will cut corners where they can. Its unfortunate, but Live Action will never be as good as the animated series.


Now, I bring this up because Netflix has recently announced that they are making a Teen Titans live action series for their website. I personally am scared to see what they will do with the beloved characters that made up my childhood. I feel that for a Live Action series they will have very limited budget, which is disheartening because the Teen Titans will require a lot of CGI work which is very, very expensive. Beastboy turns into animals, Raven controls a dark energy and flies and Starfire shoots sparkly beams around as well as flies. These are all cool, but just how much budget is going to go into it? How much CGI? Where will they cut corners? All these questions will be answered soon enough I am sure.


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