An 80’s renaissance, in Canada?

As an undiagnosed computer operator, I’ve been a fanatic for media formats for a while, in fact, that my current college education enrollment is an Interactive Media Arts program, aspiring to turn my hobbies into careeries. Here is a blog-lengthed Album Review.

By chance, I have been practicing listening music lately, and this tiny blog serves as a good exercise towards my varying media practices. I will be reviewing the Canadian super group Tupper Ware Remix Party. For the unaware, TWRP are an 80’s-saturday-morning-cartoon inspired musical group based out of Toronto, with origins from Halifax.

The album I’ll be reviewing is their Together Through Time production which released May 2018, making it the band’s 4th studio album. TWRP, to start-off, is a 4 member Funk-Rock fusion band, each member having a highly customized stage persona. The album is 57 minutes in length, with 14 tracks of pure 80’s aesthetic renaissance. The intro track, Head Up High, rides out on the new waves of funk with full force, and trailed by a tsunami of slap bass and heavily synthesized backing tracks. Synthesize Her, the following track and first single, is a highlight for me as it’s a song about acceptance and comforting those who feel down and segregated.

The official video promoting this is synchronous with the songs subject matter, as it takes place during a high-school talent show with scenes of rivalry and redemption. Together Through Time expands on the bands motif on making conceptual songs based around sociological issues and acceptance, such as love & bondings, pride, and self-esteem. The Album’s final track, Feels Pretty Good, is potentially one of the happiest notes an album has ever finished on (based off my personal archives). The song is an instrumental for the first half, yet manages capturing the feelings of positivity and curiosity without saying a single word for 3 minutes, 40 seconds. The band has a tendency of tying multimedia into each of their albums and promotional artwork, rather by having a heavily edit video for social media platforms to announce tours, to having costume designs implementing electrical circuits.         

If anyone wants to experience this album you can purchase it and their other albums here.
Featured Image courtesy of TWRP and their Bandcamp.