Air Selfie Drone

The Air Selfie drone is taking the selfie game to a whole new level of taking pictures. It fits in the palm of your hand and its light weight. The drone works with IPhone 6/S, 7/ plus, Huawei P9, Samsung galaxy s7 and google pixel. The drone is designed to store and charge in its case that can also charge your phone which is a plus. The Air Selfie drone gives your arms a break and does the picture taking so you don’t have to stretch out your arm to take a selfie. If your worried about shaky or blurred photos don’t worry it’s a thing of the past with this picture taking drone because of its vibration absorber and in-flight stability system. The drone can fly 20 feet above the ground and comes with 5 megapixel camera making this drone excellent for your selfie needs. Air Selfie comes with its own self-generated Wi-Fi, which I find pretty sweet. When the drone is at a full charge it has about 3 minutes of flying time but it’s easy to charge it only takes 30 minutes to get it back to a full charge again. Air selfie comes with a 4 GB micro SD memory card for storing the pictures you take with this drone. The drone is half an inch thick which makes it easily to fit in your pocket. I personality would love to test out how well the image quality of this drone really is because I for one need to see to believe it before saying a product is great. The fact that the drone works with an app on your phone is really awesome but for a person who takes tons of selfie’s a day I wonder if the drone has enough storage. I would use the drone more for taking pictures of other things then myself because I’m not a huge selfie fan.

Air selfie is the new fun way of taking group selfies while you and your friends are having some fun at the beach or having a great time in your back yard having a Barbecue. Air Selfie is you’re on the go pocket size drone. You can take the selfies that you took on the drone and post them on your Instagram because the drone’s app wirelessly shares the photos with your smartphone. Air selfie is slowly replacing the selfie stick which I personality didn’t really get why the selfie stick was all that great in the first place.