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Affordable and Healthy Ingredients for College Student Meals.

Like me, you may be a student who relies on a student loan, or has just enough to get by for your college education. Even if your not, I’m hoping this article will somewhat help you further. Let’s get started.


Affordable cooking is sometimes a challenge if you have no job and have high rent costs. However, you do not need to buy luxurious and expensive foods. You really just need a balanced diet, and perhaps some cooking skills and you should be good to go.

Cheap foods like instant noodles are no longer an option. Now you must rely on healthy cheap foods that require little preparation. I will be using Superstore for relative base prices.



First let’s look at grains. Most cereals cost around $6.99 per box. Though bread is as low as $2.60 per loaf. Don’t forget rice. Rice is quite healthy for a grain. A 10lb bag is around $9.00~$14.00 depending on the store. Great, toast in the morning, buttered bread, or bread for sandwiches, and rice for a side to other meals.



Next up is vegetables. Big Carrots cost around $3.00 for a 2 pound bag. Or you could get baby carrots which are just as much, but I’d suggest big ones, they make for good soups. A 10lb bag of potatoes for $5.00~$7.00, a 4lb bag of onions for around $3.00~$5.00, a sleeve of 3 garlic for $0.80, and if your a fan of Mushrooms, it’s usually less than $2.00 per tray.



You don’t have to skip this is you are unable to eat dairy products. If you can’t, almond, rice, or soybean milk can replace pasteurized milk. Milk usually costs around $3.50 per 4 Litre or 2.30 for a 2 Litre jug. You can also get shredded cheese for around $3.50 as well. That should last you a while and can be used in your sandwich.



Beef is out of the question. However, the next best things are Pork and Chicken. Both are a fraction of the cost of beef cuts. Though you get more meat with Pork, mixing it up with some slow cooked chicken makes for a tasteful change every now and then. You can find pork in cutlets of 9 at 400 grams each for around 10.00~11.00. On the other hand Chicken breasts are around 8.00~11.00 for a package of 4-5. 



There you have it.  It’s up to you to make yourself some hearty meals with these ingredients. Given you have appropriate servings and portions for your meals, this should last you a minimum of 2 weeks with some ingredients left over.

I suggest heading over to LifeOfBoris’s Youtube channel. He has some very good recipes, and inspired some of the ingredients in this article. Here is a helpful playlist.


Other than that, good luck!