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Throughout my high school career, I never once considered going to design school. I never took any classes in school that had anything remotely related to this program so coming into this was a big change in gears for me. Sure I would attempt to draw doodles on the side and paint sunsets for paint night but other than that, my skills were very limited. Unless the KidPix program I played on in Elementary school counts?

Learning Adobe Illustrator has been one of my favourite tools that we have learned how to use, along with After Effects, and Photoshop. I often find myself in my spare time going into some of these programs and playing around with them. Finding new buttons to play with, since there’s so many. Testing out different secret brushes I find or new tools I discover. Adobe Illustrator is like your digital pencil and paper, though actual pencil and paper are always quicker to get your ideas out. It’s so fun to experiment with the different drawing techniques and effects to achieve the perfect look that you couldn’t do on paper. Adobe also has a neat feature where you can import your physical drawings as graphics to draw with digitally. 

After Effects is a designers key to start learning animation. While you probably can’t create Disney/Pixar level animation with it, it’s fun to try and it’s a great tool to start understanding how animation works. Creating title sequences for popular movies and tv shows can be recreated with After Effects and enough patience. It’s neat to see a finished product that you’ve made that people recognize, or a concept that you’ve originated yourself.

Photoshop being used on a Mac. Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexel

Photoshop is basically the definition of image manipulation. A cat head on a shark? Photoshopped. Unrealistic celebrity pictures? Probably photoshopped. It’s a great tool for photo editing, collage making, and image manipulation. Postcards, posters, birthday cards, just about anything can be made with the help of Photoshop. While I don’t think Photoshop is the most exciting of the programs, it is the most versatile out of the three I think that can be used for more things. 

Illustrator and Photoshop combined are a power house for graphic design. While Illustrator and After Effects are best for animation and titles. The skills I’ve learnt this far into the program are skills I never thought I’d learn to do. The old days of iMovie slideshows and iPod drawing apps are long gone with these programs and tools they all provide to create the best work.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud Programs

  1. Great post! I really liked how you related each adobe product to how it’s relevant for us and its capabilities.

    I think the feature image is good in terms of a word that applies to all the content of your post but it’s not the most eye catching. I don’t know that I would decide to read this article if all I saw was the feature image.

    There’s a couple time where you repeat the same phrase or words in the same sentence or very close. Such as “Adobe Illustrator is like your digital pencil and paper, though actual pencil and paper are always quicker,” I think I would have tried to avoid the repetition.

    Good job overall though, I enjoyed reading it!

  2. I like your post very much, you present your topic very clearly. Yes! It is also a new experience for me to use Adobe Creative Cloud Programs.
    Illustrator Software is my favorite and I also try new experiments every time with different tools. I am also using Photoshop for editing images, But I find illustrator most useful than Photoshop. I think it is easy to use and understand the tools.
    Also, other programs provided by Adobe Creative Cloud are very useful in many terms.
    I really enjoyed your post, It is very interesting to read about similar things which Designers commonly used for designing. And giving information to other or new users of Adobe.

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