A Disconnected World

Imagine. A world where you can only talk to people face to face. A place where if you wanted to know something, you’d have to go to a library or a school to learn. Somewhere when if you wanted to listen to a song, you’d have to go to the store and purchase a CD. Sounds exhausting right? It’s hard to believe that was life just 30 years ago. Now for myself, and the rest of my generation, we have not experienced this world. However, I think it’d be interesting to see how we’d fair.

So, what would exactly happen if the internet suddenly disconnected tomorrow? Well, you’d have a lot of enraged and angsty teenagers first of all. But they would be the least of the world’s problems. Almost all businesses in the world would be affected and lose a big chunk of their advertisement. Millions of jobs would be lost in a day, and the stock market would be sure to collapse. For the first few days or weeks, there would probably be mass hysteria and chaos in populated cities. However, smaller towns and communities may fair better.

With the the internet being cut-off, small communities would lose communication with larger cities. People would shop locally way more often, which would lead to an increase in local jobs such as cashiers and managers. This would also force these small businesses to be creative in how they advertise. Perhaps there would be more billboards and signs advertising business around towns.

So how would individuals be affected by the cut-off? Well after everyone has calmed down, families would most likely come together and try their best to reach out to extended family through landlines and mail. Socially, family and friends would spend much more time together bonding in person. Schools would likely resume after a while and classes would probably be re-worked to adapt to the change. There would be a huge increase in students going to the library for research purposes.

In Conclusion, I believe that this event would change the world drastically. However, I also believe that older generations who grew up in a pre-internet era would take charge and become leaders in their communities and social groups. The Human race has survived thousands of years without the World Wide Web, and I believe that we would persevere and adapt to this new, disconnected world.


3 thoughts on “A Disconnected World

  1. I agree a lot with what you have to say Tanner. Our world has become way to dependent on technology. Rural towns like the one we find ourselves in suffer from the convenience of online shopping and services. It would be really interesting to not only see how much social impact removing the internet, but economical. Its a double edged sword. On one side people have built livelihoods on the internet, but its also driven down some local business. I would like to see also the effect of kids who’ve grown up with only using technology, go without it for a year or two and see how they would change and react.

  2. Very thought provoking subject matter, I find your handling of the issue and the ideas which you postulate are both very delicately covered in your blog post.

    I’m very curious to know; What do you believe would happen? Would society collapse into chaos, or would we perserve through hard times? History has shown that man is capable of adapting to harsh environments, it’s what seperates us from the dumber animals such as the gibbon, or albatrosses. I believe we would remain stoic and absolute in our resolve to re-establish dominance on the food chain, even without the use of the internet to share memes.

    All in all, a good post, friend. Keep up the hard work 🙂

  3. Great point Tanner!! I agree with everything that you said about the internet being cut off. When I was still living in the Philippines, the internet wasn’t a big deal for us. Me and my friends would still knock on each other’s doors to come play outside but when we had the internet connected to our house I just messaged them online asking if they want to hang out. But I did experience doing all my projects and homework asking my mom for her knowledge or reading the newspaper to find some new ideas for my homework, hell I even needed to stay late in my school because I needed to use the library for everything. So, in my opinion, it would be great if the whole world disconnected from all the technology and just appreciate the whats around them.

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