A Call to Action

So, imagine this: we are at the start of the second year, life is good. But you feel like you want to get more experience. Of course, you have the opportunity at WCGTV. But maybe that isn’t your speed, well look no further I have a solution. We have a hidden gem nobody seems to talk about, our sports programs. You often see the sports at ACC are so underwhelmingly covered.

This year I did not know when any teams were playing or what was going on. I first learned about the women’s hockey team when they were set to go to the nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Where the second years were going to cover it. Last week I had a thought, Why stop there? So I got talking to the schools Athletic Director Alanna Simpson asking what we could to get the teams more exposure. If it’s one thing that we agreed on its that these sporting events give kids a wonderful opportunity to hone in on such skills as play by play and color commentary, blog writing, social media skills, PA announcing and so many little tasks that you wouldn’t even think of. And often these positions go unfilled and the public lacks a general knowledge of what’s going on. So here’s what I propose. ACC has four main sports: Women’s Hockey, Soccer, Futsal and, volleyball. Why don’t we have 5 people from our class cover a sport. ¬†Which would consist of going to a practice, interviewing a coach and some players, asking them how they feel about upcoming games how the season is going. Go to the games be the social media person update game scores, let people know when games are and create hype. Even write a write up after the game, because people won’t know what’s going on if we don’t inform them. And if you stick with a team the whole season you can document their journey. As opposed to just covering a game and being a one and done. So I challenge my classmates to get active with sports, be involved we have a great resource in front of us and it would be a damn shame to see it go to waste.

2 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. Thank you for your intriguing article Joshua. I fully agree with your proposal that we cover more games. It would be great for us, as it would give us lots of time to practice and develop or skills. As well, as great for the sports teams, as it would give them lots of coverage for their games. I also think it’s great to write up an article or informational editorial on the outcome of the games, as to inform the fans and those who couldn’t make the game. Surprisingly, I had no idea ACC had the sport Futsal at the campus, just goes to show how much ACC needs this kind of idea.

  2. Josh,

    Great article, I really think that as students in the media industry we should really jump at the opportunity to cover sports right here in what is essentially our own back yard. It would be an awesome chance for us to practice our skills and considering the equipment at our disposal it just makes sense. I feel that the ACC cougars have a big local fan base and the ability to have access to coverage would be a great addition.

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