The Joys of Typogrpahy

Let’s talk about typography, since I think that typography is an important key element in design.  Rule #1, leave comic sans at the door, they aren’t invited to this party.


Party Time?

Who is invited to my typography party? Well that depends on the type of party I’m having. If I’m having a kids party, then you better believe I’ll be inviting some big bubbly font that has a childish feel to it. If I’m having a formal party then I’ll be inviting some delicate cursive font accented with a clean sans-serif accent. Ok maybe “party” isn’t a good analogy but the moral of the story is, the type of font you use determines the attitude of the piece you’re working on.

Kerning, tracking

Kerning, Leading, Tracking…

Picking a font for your piece is just the beginning, that’s the easy part. Where do you put it? Why does it look so… blah? Something just doesn’t look right so what do I do? Well I’d say “That’s simple bud”, but honestly, it’s not. This takes practice and patience and literally moving font pixel by pixel till BAM! Everything aligns and all is right in the world. Practice, practice, practice. To help you understand what I mean let’s talk about kerning, leading, and tracking. These are terms used in typography to describe different types of spacing. Kerning is the spacing between individual letters or characters, or emojis… it is 2019. Leading is the space between two or more lines of type. So no more just hitting enter and hoping for the best. Tracking is very similar to kerning but instead of determining the space between individual characters it determines the space between groups of characters. Here is a cool site that does a really good job describing these three terms. Lots to think about huh?


In Conclusion…

As with everything design, this takes lots of time and effort to master the art of typography. To me it is a game changer for a piece, you could have a really cool banner designed and as soon as you slap some typography on there that doesn’t match up to the feel of the banner you may as well just scrap it.


If you have any cool type ideas comment below, or if you have an opinion on type I’d love to hear it! See you next week!

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog because of the fact that i’m starting to get into typography and I enjoy it. I like the personality that was put into this blog, very humorous and INVITING. I also like the information given, and the website you provided helped more with the content and going more in depth about typography. I would have liked to see more content on the blog itself instead of going into a different website but the personality put into it made up for the lack of information. Overall I really liked this blog, next time you should show us some of you’r work for typography and graphics.

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