The Big Decision

For first year students, deciding what field you want to specialize in can be a difficult decision.  For Interactive Media Arts students, prior to registering for the program, there were two different sides: Interactive and Media.  Now that we’re in the month of April, both the Media and Interactive students have another decision to make.

For us Media students, we have either the technical side or the communications side to decide upon.  The Interactive students also have a choice to specialize in graphic design or web design.  This decision will determine what you want to specialize in during second year of the IMA program.

I have spoken with a few of my classmates regarding which field they’d like to specialize in.  One has chosen a field already, and another remains undecided.  During an 8:30 class this morning, it seems that half of us are still trying to figure out which side to follow.

Admittedly, I am also one of those hesitant students.  Originally, I registered for this program to learn how to use recording equipment for music production.  During my exposure for first year, I have developed an interest in radio.  Here is where my predicament comes in: Communications will not teach music production and Technical will not be part of radio.

As I grow older, I slowly begin to realize that wanting to record an album with original songs is starting to become more of a distant dream of a young man.  Then again, is it right to give up on a dream that I once held to pursue something else?  On the other hand, radio does seem quite interesting, even though I am not proficient at it yet due to lack of exposure.  I’m stuck making this decision at a more deeper and almost philosophical level.

Perhaps I do know the answer deep down inside, but I’m just stalling because there is something that I want to keep pursuing in Communications.

2 thoughts on “The Big Decision

  1. Great article Tyler. This part of our course will be fairly difficult for us, for the reason that we are deciding our paths for our careers. We all are facing quite the decision, but we have to consider what we signed up for and what we want to do. I myself am choosing communications, I like to work on the radio but I also enjoy working a camera and editing so I am on the fence of what I’m going to do with my choice later on in the next few days. But, I am pointing towards the communications side of things but I do like the knowledge of what the technical side of the course can offer. Basically you must consider all the stops in what both sides have to offer, ill be making my decision on my own, here real soon. Good luck on your decision.

  2. I too face this problem, as well. I am wanting to be a Director in the film industry, thus both sides of technical and communications have something good to offer. On one side, technical has an abundance of editing skills as well as some camera work, but the communications side has a more social and interactive side with people. What is best for a Director? I don’t know the answer just yet. But, I will need some time to think about it and make my decision. Good luck and godspeed Tyler.

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