AMD Navi: Pushing for a Better GPU Market

With AMD focused for the better part of their career on the entry and mid-level GPU market, it has become more and more apparent that Nvidia is in control of the high-end side of things. Products like the GTX 1080 and its “Ti” counterpart offer so much to the gaming and creative market that it almost seems like a no-brainer to go with the green team. But AMD has been quietly scheming; they recently announced their next GPU architecture. Goodbye Vega.

Hello Navi!

While the whole ordeal with AMD’s Vega line-up may have driven a few people back to Nvidia, AMD’s announcement of their new graphics card architecture has given the computer enthusiast crowd a reason to believe in the company again. With the release of Navi, AMD is boldly claiming that they will be able to provide GTX 1080 performance at the cost of only $250 USD. Nvidia has been able to charge $700 for the 1080 because they have had practically no competition in the past decade. Since the release of Vega, Nvidia has had to tread carefully with the way that they price their GPU’s. I believe that with the release of Navi, there will finally be something in the way of competition between the two tech giants.

If AMD is seriously capable of providing that kind of performance at that low of a price point, it would mean a serious blow to Nvidia’s market share. It would also mean that since Nvidia would have to worry about people buying their competition’s cards instead of their own, they would have to lower their prices in order to stay competitive with AMD.

Overall, the release of Navi is very exciting to the PC market. Not only does it mean that there are new gadgets to play with and test out, but if AMD’s claims hold true, then we will have an entirely revised market.

One that is more affordable to all.

One thought on “AMD Navi: Pushing for a Better GPU Market

  1. AMD has always been decent in their budget gaming parts, but if AMD like you said could create parts that can match up and even beat out the NVidia parts than you’re right it would completely change up the market and in the end mean better prices for the consumer. The only downside is now that Cryptocurrency has become such a trend its destroyed the market prices of pretty much all high-end cards. If something is done to protect the everyday consumer from the spike of miners snatching up cards than I think all together it will be a performance golden age.

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