6 New and Emerging Tech Highlights Pt. 1.

When it comes to technology, there’s a lot going on. From new tech that is helping to personalize online business to customer interactions, to tech that helps to make your devices more secure, to the always present virtual reality. We’re going to take a quick look at some relatively new and emerging tech, as well as tech that’s been around for a while and is getting progressively better.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality
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Let’s start with one that’s been around for some time and has been progressively getting better. We all know what virtual reality is. You put on a funny little headset, swing your arms around wildly trying to hit a monster, slash a block for points, or pick up an object just because you can. All the while you are more than likely going to run into something or someone because, well, you can’t see anything outside the game. That’s all virtual reality is right? Really janky controls that barely work and the possibility of real world hurt. Honestly, you’re not completely wrong. You’ll run the risk of running into things due to your lack of real-world spatial awareness once that headset is on. On the flip side, virtual reality has come a long way in so much as the design of the games is at the point where the team at have created haptic gloves which use precision hand-tracking to help control your movements in-game, making it all the more realistic of an experience.


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Biometrics (think sensors that are able to read what’s happening in your body, fingerprint scanners, etc.) is an interesting branch of technology. It has been around for some time, but is getting to the point where it’s usable for more than just scanning your fingerprint to unlock your phone. There are iris scanners for more secure protection on your devices, as well as special sensors that can measure your heart rate, blood glucose levels, body temperature, and more. This technology is making it easier for individuals to help regulate and track their “stats” if you will. It can be used by fitness buffs looking to stay healthy, people who don’t like inputting passwords to unlock their devices, and most importantly, can be used in the healthcare field, helping doctors and nurses regulate and track their patients’ vitals.

Voice Activation

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Voice activation is a technology that we’ve had access to for some time as well. From the ability to text using your voice, to virtual assistants on your devices (Google Assistant & Siri), to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home for activating things around the house easier. This technology has progressed to the point where you can more confidently ask your phone to call your best friend by name and not have it dial a random number. This tech keeps getting more precise and accurate.

This post will carry on next week with the continuation of this interesting and emerging tech list.

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  1. I liked your article Tim! The recent developments in the technological field are really starting to increase in functionality over the years. I’d like to see how much Biometrics will evolve and enhance our day-to-day lives. There’s a lot of untapped potential when it comes to how this tech could be utilized other than the usual security uses we use it for today. I’d like to think that there is a potential market for using Virtual Reality in the Graphic Design market, with users being able to exist in a 3d space while designing new experiences. The possibility of being able to design a 3D Space while existing in it, and creating assets right in front of you that you can immediately see how they look and react in the world VR allows you to be in. As for Voice Activation, I’d also like to see it implemented into the design market, with designers being able to make commands out loud in order to perform different commands, really allowing users to feel like we’re in the future. I look forward to seeing the next three technologies!

  2. An informative article that keeps humor inserted so as to grab the readers attention, which as someone who dislikes long bundles of text can tell you, is a big plus. I was engaged because of the above reasons and the topic chosen was an interesting one. Minus the few spelling changes that missed the memo to be edited out, the read is concise and interesting. Picture usage is concise and gives good visualization ideas of what the post is trying to convey. It was also easy to tell the writer had both an interest in the topic, as well as spent time researching the topic. Overall, a solid read and the next part will be an eager wait.

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