After a big leak, Warner Bros. has officially announced that they are developing the game: Middle Earth: Shadows of War, Shadows of Mordor sequel, which is once again lead by Monolith Productions studio. The launch of the game is scheduled for August 25, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC this time it will be on Windows Store and Steam. It will also have support for PlayStation 4 Pro and the Project Scorpio. Middle Earth: War Shadows places its events between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, to continue the story where it was left on Shadows of Mordor. Talion, Celebrimbor and a new Ring of Power will once again be the protagonists in an adventure that will lead players to cross enemy hordes, and form an army to return to Mordor and fight against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

After the incredible reception of Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, we have greatly increased every aspect of the game, such as the world, history, role-playing systems, game style and, of course, the personal stories of the Nemesis system ” , Says Michael de Plater, vice president and creative of Monolith Productions. Middle Earth: War Shadows will be available in up to 4 editions: Standard; Sliver with expansion The Tribe of Death and The Tribe of the Outlaws; Gold that adds two other expansions centered in the history (the Sword of Galadriel and the Desolation of Mordor); And Mithril, which includes the four expansions and a statue of Balrog Tar-Goroth against the Carnan dragon among other contents. Warner Bros. has also confirmed that Middle Earth: Shadows of War will be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program on Microsoft platforms.

The Nemesis system, which generates personal stories through enemies generated procedurally and who remember each confrontation, will continue to be present. The novelty will be the introduction of the followers, who will form new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Nemesis also expands through strengths, allowing players to use different strategies to conquer bastions with their own army. All decisions and actions of the player will influence the environments and characters of Shadows of War, creating a personal and unique world with each new game.