After a big leak, Warner Bros. has officially announced that they are developing the game: Middle Earth: Shadows of War, Shadows of Mordor sequel, which is once again lead by Monolith Productions studio. The launch of the game is scheduled for August 25, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC this time it will be on Windows Store and Steam. It will also have support for PlayStation 4 Pro and the Project Scorpio. Middle Earth: War Shadows places its events between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, to continue the story where it was left on Shadows of Mordor. Talion, Celebrimbor and a new Ring of Power will once again be the protagonists in an adventure that will lead players to cross enemy hordes, and form an army to return to Mordor and fight against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

After the incredible reception of Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, we have greatly increased every aspect of the game, such as the world, history, role-playing systems, game style and, of course, the personal stories of the Nemesis system ” , Says Michael de Plater, vice president and creative of Monolith Productions. Middle Earth: War Shadows will be available in up to 4 editions: Standard; Sliver with expansion The Tribe of Death and The Tribe of the Outlaws; Gold that adds two other expansions centered in the history (the Sword of Galadriel and the Desolation of Mordor); And Mithril, which includes the four expansions and a statue of Balrog Tar-Goroth against the Carnan dragon among other contents. Warner Bros. has also confirmed that Middle Earth: Shadows of War will be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program on Microsoft platforms.

The Nemesis system, which generates personal stories through enemies generated procedurally and who remember each confrontation, will continue to be present. The novelty will be the introduction of the followers, who will form new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Nemesis also expands through strengths, allowing players to use different strategies to conquer bastions with their own army. All decisions and actions of the player will influence the environments and characters of Shadows of War, creating a personal and unique world with each new game.




From the hair loss, to the nauseating fatigue, or the never ending pills, cancer treatment is nothing less than dreadful. Chemotherapy in itself attacks healthy cells as well as the malignant ones causing the symptoms mentioned above. But what if there was a way to treat cancer without the side effects?  What if there was a way to target the malignant cells by themselves?

Well Adah Almutairi, co-director of the Center for Excellence in Nanomedicine and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), has created a technology that involves light-activated nano-particles that just might do that. Using matter on a scale of 100nm (nano-meters) Adah placed drugs molecules into nano-spheres, when these nano-spheres are released for treatment, the molecules will remain inside the spheres stopping the drugs from causing any harm to the healthy cells. When exposed to near-infrared light the capsule breaks apart releasing the contents within. If they can perfect the control over when and where the drugs are needed, drug uptake will increase, and the side effects will be reduced.

The impact of this technology will greatly benefit society for both patients and  the pharmaceutical industry. By creating safe, non-toxic, biodegradable materials, Almutairi’s research exploring uncharted areas in the science of efficient nano-based drug delivery, but it’s only just the beginning. Nano-technology is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come. With the benefits this offers, funding will increase, clinical trials and patents will follow. If they perfect the use of nano-technology the medical field will be changed for the better.


Make any pair of headphones wireless with this device

Chords are messy and get in the way of everything, speaking from experience here. Although braided chords are a lot better then most normal chords, they still get tangled and kink. Because companies noticed this they have come up with devices that don’t use headphones jacks, forcing you to purchase adapters. Which can range from $5 for a cheap knock-off brand to buying wireless ear buds from Apple for $220.

This device is called the “Jack” by Podo Labs. This device is available for $40 on Kickstarter. Its a device you plug into yo ur headphones and it communicates wirelessly with your phone. You can also sync your headphones with blue tooth and share with friends. Jack also has up to 12 hours of battery life with its 300 mAh battery. This device also works with headphones and all in-line remotes. The device also features high definition sound, with CD-like quality.

Jack has 3 modes.

Share: Lets you sync headphones and share music wirelessly with a friend. you can also sync two jacks and receive audio from the same Bluetooth source.

Receive: Receives audio from any Bluetooth source. You can play it through your headphones, speakers, and any other audio device.  Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Transmit: You can use Jack to transmit audio to another jack, or Bluetooth headphones from a normal aux output.

The Kickstarter campaign is also offering a free 3.5 male to male connector when you pledge and share with a friend. Now let’s talk technical and get to the specs. Jack measures to be 1 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighs 20g. It also includes a USB port and a 3.5mm AUX jack. The audio is aptX audio codec. Making it high definition stereo sound. On the Jack there is a metal clip included so you can clip Jack to anything as well as a LED indicator and a button.

What do you think about devices like this? I personally don’t mind plugging in my stuff into my audio devices. But for people who get annoyed with chords being everywhere, and having to unplug to share and add an audio splitter. This s a good device for them. For $40 this is a pretty good deal.

My only question is ow durable is it? I take my audio with me everywhere so durability and sustainability is my biggest concern.



Exploding iPhone 7 Plus?


Brianna Olivas posted a video to twitter of her melted up rose gold iPhone 7 plus. Her iPhone 7 Plus allegedly began to smoke and melt away the aluminum body. When it had began smoking her boyfriend began recording the incident, did he do anot incident report? I have no clue personally.

There is a link to the video I had explained.

Issues with the iPhone had begun the day before. Brianna had said that her iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t turning on. She had taken it to the local apple store in Tucson Arizona. The employees at the Apple Store had ran a few tests on the device and told Brianna her iPhone 7 Plus seemed to be working fine and nothing of serious importance had come up. That night she had her iPhone 7 Plus plugged in charging beside her head when her boyfriend had woken up to use the bathroom and he said he heard it making weird noises. He had moved her iPhone 7 Plus from the bed and placed it on the dresser where it had began smoking and melting away the body.

The video she had posted to twitter later that day had caught apples attention and they are now allegedly reviewing the incident.

The whole incident makes me wonder if Apple rushed the production of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and took a couple short cuts in the testing of their devices. Like Samsung Apple’s largest mobile device production competitors had the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 line. They rushed the production and design of the note 7 leaving not enough room for the batteries electrodes to expand and reduce in size while charging.

With lithium ion batteries, while charging need at least an extra 5mm spacing around the battery pack. While charging electrodes that pump power to the battery and regulate it expand while heated; if not given sufficient room they will expand to much and press on the metal sides and cause a fire with then melt the device.

I hope this isn’t the case of this iPhone 7 Plus battery issue. This would set Apple back millions of dollars in getting the affected devices back and releasing new devices and it would make mIllinois of customers mad and loose trust in them.


*Blood warning*

Anime is an animated art style that originates from Japan. It is very popular in it’s home country but has a very large following in the western part of the world. The show’s them selves have a very wide range of genres, anywhere from Romance to Horror. The oldests Japanese Animation dates back to 1917, Mogura no Abanchūru (Mole’s Adventure). I have watched it and can say that the animation is extremely basic (which is a given concidering the time) but it is quite impressive of what they were capable of that long ago. The iconic style it has today however, did not surface until 1960(although it’s become more realistic in more recent years).

I myself enjoy the genre very much, and being an artist, the animation style peeks my interest too. Each show has it’s own unique style, much depending on the genre itself. The show Attack On Titan features harsher lines and less detailed design, where as some like God Eater feature a 3dimensional, game-like appearance.


Anime began like most animated shows, hand-drawn. The process is long and painstaking as each movement much be drawn seperatly. Now most anime are animated digitally, cutting the work time and increasing the quality. It is incredibly detailed and I genuinely admire the talent the animators have.

Most anime begin as manga (Japanese comics) and are then later picked up to be animate, much like how books are turned into films. For many, the animation style changes from the manga, becoming more detailed and expressive (like Haikyuu!!) but some of them have managed to keep the animation style almost eactly like the manga (Tokyo Ghoul). The skill to be able to animate a still photo and keep it the same, I think is very impressive.


Overall I think the Anime industry is only improving and in as little as a decade, I can only begin to imagine the types of animation styles and types of animators that will surface and if it will even become more photorealistic. But until then, I am quite content with styles and abilities that are around right now.

The Doctor called Robot.

In today’s society,where  there is an increasing shortage of doctors and nurses as well as increasing costs for healthcare. Many hospitals and healthcare systems are investing their money in robotic systems for medical check-ups, surgery and other procedures.

Medical robots can now perform check-ups on patients at hospitals without direct human assistance.Doctors have been turning to technology in order to provide innovative advancements in the medical field considering it is cost effective.

But even if it greatly helps us for efficient and accurate data on our patients, It might be a downside to some because having this technology to do all the workload might result to some nurses to become dependent and unreliable in their job.

This technology serves to improve accuracy and patient safety by reducing medical errors. Traditionally, nurses spent a significant portion of their shift walking back and forth between patient rooms, medication areas and the nursing station but with this technology it can also act as a nurse such as patrolling hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human

Below are some of the things that these medical robots can do: 

1.Medical robot can now patrol hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human intervention.

2.Medical robot can disinfect clinical equipment and also clean the rooms.

3.Medical robots can move medical supplies from one room to another without human intervention.This robot can move through hospital corridors ,elevators and departments at any time during the day to make deliveries

4.Medical robots can feed patients and help them to administer medications.

The Benefits of Medical Robots.

.Cost effective

.Direct human intervention is not required

.FDA cleared

.Contains two-way video screen so communication is easy no matter where the doctor is.

.Autonomous navigation

.Reduce waiting time

.Reduce spread of diseases

So far I believe that  from mic-robots that scraps plaque from arteries to personal assistant robots that help care for patients, medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare. What do you think about this?


Robots and why they suck

Robots are becoming bigger and bigger in technological advancements. No doubt that robots are going to be a big part of our future, but is that a good or bad thing? Plot twist, they’re probably going to do more harm then they are worth. Of course everyone has heard of the “robot uprising” however what if they become active members of society, they are able to think and operate on their own. If robots would be made to have the same consciousness as people they could think for themselves, so on top of them being able to commit crimes just like any human being they would also be better than us in almost every way. Like what would happen if you were just walking down the street and a robot just came up to you looking like and android and just tries to fight you like what are you gonna do? you don’t have any weapons because that’s the law and if you punch the robot its probably going to hurt because they’re made of steel. Not to mention the scientists who made the robots are like super nuts so chances are they will equipped the robots with like lazer guns or something deadly. I’m not one hundred percent sure about anyone else reading this blog but I don’t really want to get into a fight with a robot because let’s be real here they’re probably going to destroy me or disintegrate me or something horrible. Basically, what i’m saying is that I don’t think robots should have rights if we do develop them like we should just reduce them to worker bots or something because if there isn’t a robot uprising where it’s basically terminator I would hope we just treat them like robot slaves because honestly who wants to compete against a dude that is literally made of steel and circuit boards? I sure don’t so here’s what I propose, we just don’t develop robots at all. Like do we even need robots? probably not. Like sure they’re pretty cool but who would want to run the risk of getting totally destroyed by some robot with heat vision? I bet no one would.


Hoversurf Scorpion-3

Have you ever wondered if you can have a motorcycle that can hover and move like a speeder bike from Star Wars? That has now become a reality. On February 20, a Russian company called Hovercraft Inc. has created the first handmade hover bike called Scorpion-3.

It’s a four propeller, single seated bike that can hover and fly. It reaches the height of 10 meters and travels 50 km/hour. It can carry the weight up to 120 kg. This is the company’s first prototype and looking at the video, it looks like a successful ride. Both professional and amateurs can fly this hover bike, but with proper training. Hopefully we would see more of these soon in the near future. Who knows, we might even see a hover board in the mix.

The price and availability is currently unknown, but in my opinion, I would diffidently would buy it and fly it to school everyday (except for winter and when it rains.) I think it’s a whole new way of travel because of two reasons. 1. It’s looks safe to fly to almost anywhere. 2. For star wars fans, it makes you feel like you are on the Endor forest while blasting scout troopers as you are being hunted down by the empire. It’s a dream come true for star wars fans. But the bad part is that this ride doesn’t have blasters.

Now we can have those storm trooper chases we all once imagined about, but lets not do it in the forest because I don’t want to end up hitting trees.

Compare it to the PAL-V helicopter car, the Scorpion-3 has the image of a motorcycle with propellers like a drone. Both of them only have one seat. I can diffidently see James Bond riding these two rides for top secret mission. The only difference is that the PAL-V has three tires, while the Scorpion-3 doesn’t.

Here is a video of the Scorpion-3 in action. I have also provided the link to Hoversurf’s webpage.

What are your opinions on this ride? Do you like it or do you hate it? Remember, this is a prototype and there might be some improvements along the way. Leave a comment below.


How the Smartstone helps people speak

A small device that looks like a white river stone lets people communicate and speak in their own language of touch, sound, and colour.  This invention is intended to help those who are blind, autistic, elderly, or otherwise find it difficult to communicate verbally.  It’s a sensory I/O device that is less complex than Braille or sign language, and it can be worn like a piece of jewelry.

This is the Smartstone.

Creator Andreas Forsland says he was inspired when his mother got pneumonia.  She was on a ventilator, thus she couldn’t speak and had very limited mobility. “She was really kind of locked in her mind,” he said, “and when you have a fairly serious illness, you really just need comfort and to know that somebody is there.”

Many people were reaching out to him for something like this to be developed.  According to Forsland, the problem with modern technology is that it isn’t tailored to a person’s specific needs.  The user interface was the biggest impediment, and so he intended to help create something where the language could be customised for each individual.

The Smartstone acts as a remote control for their app :prose, where a user can make touch and motion gestures to send messages to a friend or family’s phone in order to communicate.  It’s never been easier to say “I love you”.  In addition, the :connect app adds location trackers and push reminders for those family members  who want to keep an eye on their loved one.

And most recently, Forsland has teamed up with Emotiv to develop a headset.  Brainwaves can be recorded and give commands to the Smartstone and its app.

Although the indigogo campaign raised only $35 000 of its $50 000 goal, the response has been huge, and the production of these inventions have been long underway.  There is demand in a device like the Smartstone, and it’s important for every person that needs it, especially today in a world where communication is everywhere.

Forsland concludes, “If you think about a room like a day program, where you have people who are sitting there just locked in… imagine a future where these people can have a laptop next to them, and they are literally saying things and having a conversation with someone else who can’t speak. That’s a future that I believe in.”


Take a Step Into Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has started becoming more and more well-known in the gaming industry. It adds much more immersive and engaging qualities to a game, and now that it has been around for awhile, inventors are coming up with new ways it can be integrated into games.

The Japanese firm, known as Cerevo, has come out with Taclim. Taclim is a set of virtual reality shoes. As you have probably already guessed, the purpose behind this is to allow users to feel the virtual world through their feet. Each shoe has 3 sensors, two on the bottom of the shoe (one at the front and one at the rear), and the other is located a top of the foot. While wearing the shoes, a person can feel water splashing, a wooden floor creaking, snow crunching, and even soft sand beneath their feet.

Imagine fighting someone or something in a game and kicking them. With Taclim, you would easily be able to feel the difference between kicking your opponent, or kicking his/her shield. This is exactly what Cerevo is going for.

This newest addition to the virtual reality world is certainly a positive one. However, there are some downfalls. The lucky people who were able to try this out said it felt awkward, and the shoes were quite big and clunky. They felt uncomfortable doing a kicking motion, because the shoes felt like they were going to fall off. They also felt odd to walk in. They were instructed to stand in place and shuffle their feet in order to experience the different “textures”. While doing this not only did they feel awkward, but the shoes were heavy on their feet. Obviously, with every new invention, there will be positive and negative feedback.

Taclim is worth somewhere between $1000 – $1500, and will be available in late 2017. So far it is only compatible with Google VR, which explains why it’s so pricey. Hopefully it will become compatible with more than just Google, because otherwise it might not sell too well.

So the question is would you buy this? Or is this just another silly gimmick that the gaming industry has come up with. With the release date being sometime this year, we will have to patiently wait.

Odd Ink – Kaalink

We have markers that can blend colors perfectly, and pens that can accurately copy colors from objects in our surroundings. But what if there was some way that we could have an infinite supply of ink and help the environment? Sounds strange and impossible, right? As it turns out, there’s a solution for this.

As odd as it sounds, a company in India (similar to MIT) is proposing this product as a solution to air pollution problems in Asia. What is the proposed solution though? Turning vehicle exhaust into ink. It’s unique and raises a lot of questions, but our knowledge of the product is currently very limited. What we do know, however, is that it involves what they call a “Kaalink“. The Kaalink is attached to the end of the exhaust pipe, and the device then filters and captures unburned carbon emitted from engine combustion.


According to the tests performed thus far, the Kaalink device is able to capture up to 93% of pollution emitted from standard internal combustion engines. That leaves only 7% for planet Earth to deal with! What about the ink itself? How long does it take to get at least an ounce? Here’s where how much you drive will come into play. It takes about 45 minutes of filtration for a single ounce of ink to be produced. So if you’re only driving around town it’s pretty likely you might not get that ounce for a while depending how long you actually have your car running when out and about.

How exactly these captured carbon emissions are processed is under wraps, but it is reported that the captured carbon comes out as high-quality printing ink that can be sold in both the consumer and industrial markets.

Currently the Kaalink devices must be individually, and manually, installed by the vehicle’s driver. Once the device is full, it can then be traded in at the lab in India. It also typically can collect carbon for up to about two weeks before it needs to be swapped out. Again, it would have to be taken back to the labs in India, thus making the availability and convenience rather… restricted. In order to be truly effective, the device also needs to be scaled up to a more significant size as well as become more supported and available in more areas.

Regardless, the idea is still quite valuable.

For further info:

Snapchat Spectacles

If you are a Snapchat user, you know that it can be a fun social media platform to share a quick picture or video of what you’re up to with your pals. It’s loaded with tons of features that are constantly improved and updated; from filters, stickers, and funny face-changers, to plug-ins like Bitmoji to personalize your snaps. With millions of daily active users, there is no doubt that this app is both successful and popular. The company has recently re-branded as Snap Inc., as well as implementing a new gadget to improve user’s experience with the app: the Snap Spectacles.

Image result for snap spectacles

These glasses, or Spectacles as they are branded, contain cameras in the frames that allow the users to film their daily activity without using their phone’s camera. Snaps can be shot in first person view, allowing Snappers to shoot amazing footage to share with their friends. Gone are the days of, “Hey, film me doing this!” With the Snap Spectacles, you can film your antics as they happen, and share stories shown in your perspective. When you’re done, put them back in the case to charge them, simple as that. According to, the Spectacles can record up to 100 10-second snaps in one charge. They come in Coral, Teal, and Black, and cost $129.99 USD.

Snap Inc. has also developed a marketing scheme that some are calling genius. By combining a “scavenger-hunt” style acquisition, and a limited quantity to be sold, Snap Inc took its users’ world by storm with the SnapBot.

Snapbot is a cute, friendly, travelling vending machine that looks almost like a Minion from Despicable Me. Customers must track down the vending machine’s whereabouts in order to get a pair – and even with this inconvenience, the glasses sold out in many of Snapbot’s visited locations.

Fortunately for consumers, and due to high demand and popularity, Snap Inc has recently made the glasses available online for anyone to purchase. Considering that the Snapbot only travels in the USA, this makes things a lot easier for anyone living outside of the States.

Cameras in glasses are nothing new. While many outside the target demographic might think $130 for a social media accessory is ridiculous, the sheer popularity of the app, coupled with the fairly young (and impulsive) demographic of 12-24 made this product a huge success for Snap Inc.

Do you snap? Would you buy these, and do you think they would get used often, or that the novelty would wear off after a while?

Innov8? More like do not resuscitate!

In our industry we are always using portable storage for large files, so which one should you buy? Introducing the Seagate Innov8 using Ignition Boost Technology, the Innov8 is the first 8TB USB-C-powered external desktop storage solution on the market. Just connect the device to your computer and you’re ready to go. The device is easy to move and can be placed exactly where you need it, and can handle up to 2 million songs, 4 million photos, and 800 HD movies. This device starts at $350 in stores and online. Even though the device sounds equip to do the job, is it? Speaking from experience hard drives are finicky and break. This is always heart breaking when they crash because it is months of work gone. I know many people in our class can relate to this because they have also suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do when the hard drive crashes but to maybe cry and buy a new one. So what can we do to avoid this situation and not spend hundreds of dollars?

The first step is to backup your files on an extra hard drive or by using google drive, so when or if your hard drive crashes your work isn’t gone. It will also help to safely eject your drive from your device. Since hard drives are finicky sometimes it will not allow you to eject it. If the message comes across your screen I recommend restarting the computer then ejecting it after the computer has restarted. This has happened to me several times and so far has worked every time I have restarted it. Although these techniques and tips may help there is no guarantee that the hard drive will survive.

So in the end is it worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on this “awesome” technology? My conclusion is that it isn’t worth it. Being a student my world is revolved around money. I am not to pleased with having to purchase an expensive piece of technology several times because they crash. I’d rather spend my money on more important things that will not cause me pain. So overall this hard drive sounds fantastic and promises a lot of storage, but is the hard drive worth the risk?

ZUtA Pocket Printer

As we all know, printing especially on a deadline can be frustrating. First, you have to find a printer with the paper you need that’s close to you. Then there is the issue of multiple people using the same printer, which can take up a lot of time, and ink, and paper. One solution is to get your own printer, but if something needs to be printed in an emergency, you are out of luck. If only there was a way to have a personal printer that you could have with you all the time, well with the ZUtA pocket printer there is. Here is a short video demonstrating the product.


The printer has a 10.2cm diameter and weighs 350 grammes. As you have seen, it is wireless and utilises a micro-USB connection to charge. As with anything wireless, we must know the battery life, this happens to be one hour, which with a speed of one page per minute, means at best you will get sixty pages off of one charge. The print quality is the standard 300 dpi, and the ZUtA comes with one ink cartridge, which is about a hundred pages, but this amount is still being tested. Sadly, at this moment in time, the ZUtA can only print in black and white, but it is incredibly likely that colour printing will come in the upcoming years.


As the above video is only a teaser, you may be wondering how do you start printing, well these are the steps you will take. Firstly you will turn the device on, then you will align the printer with the top corner of what you want to print on. Now you have a choice, you can either use the “print” button on the product or download the mobile app on your smartphone and print from there. To work with multiple pages, just re-align it to the top corner of the new page, and print using your desired option. If you would like more specific information on the ZUtA, you can visit their website here:


Interactive Car Windows

A few different car companies recently have come out with an interactive car windows or “tech windows”. These windows are designed to help passenger have more of an entertaining ride. These windows have many different abilities. There are a few different games you can play, different displays as you are passing different scenery, the ability to “draw” with your finger, window dimmers, and educational purposes.

The window comes with a little “traveling companion”. His name is Otto. He is an animated character who was created to be an educational helper, he will respond to the landscape, weather,
and car performance, Otto will be moving more quickly as the car speeds up. He can also provide lights or be controlled in his environment via gestures.

Another feature is “Spindow”. It provides you with a real time view from other peoples window from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is select the city you would live to view. This provides you with a realistic experience as you drive.

Next is “foofu”. The window turns into a “fog-like” background that you can create pictures through with only your finger.

One of my favorite features of them all is “pond”. It is kind of like an app where you can share music and messages. These are not only sent within the vehicle from window to window, but to other people that have these vehicles.


I think this is an overall great idea. It would not only help keep kids busy on road trips, but help keep teens pre-occupied as well. The idea of interacting with many other people around the world is super creative, but being able to see what other people see everyday as they are driving to work or school etc. is even cooler.

The down sides would be that these windows can not be put in the “shotgun’ seat because of the drivers vision purposes. I also think the windows would have to be cleaned constantly with all of the fingers on the screen all day.


AR for Visual Aide

By now, most of us have heard about augmented reality or have used it somehow. It is not a new technology, but the way it has been used lately is quite innovative and goes far beyond entertainment purposes.

Augmented Reality happens when we can see our physical real world environment and then modify, replace, or add objects to it (images, sounds, videos, graphics, and GPS data) generated by a computer. It is closely related to a wider concept called mediated reality, and it works by enhancing somehow our perception of reality.

It is important to keep in mind that Augmented Reality is soothing entirely different from Virtual Reality. In the second, we replace our real world environment by a fully simulated one.

OxSight, a new start-up, created and is testing Augmented Reality glasses to help people with very limited vision. They describe this device “as a hearing aid for the blind”. So far, the glasses have proven to work quite good for people who still have a little bit of sight (whether if it is a light detection, movement or shape impairment), and they use that slight portion of their vision to amplify it with the glasses.

One of the main advantages of the glasses, and that might be what is holding back its full potential, is that there is nothing connected to the brain and it doesn’t have a direct interaction with the eyeball. Instead, it works with well-known technologies like see-through displays, cameras and computer vision representations that have already been developed on Augmented Reality to understand the real world environment. It makes OxSight very friendly and easy to use.

Another great feature of the glasses is that their creators understand that there are a lot of causes for vision loss and that every case is different. That’s why they created a board so the user can customise and adjust the parameters of the image they are seeing. This board assures the user will be able to understand his/her surrounding and the objects in it.

For people who have lost their vision capabilities over the years, this has represented a great change because now, thanks to OxSight, they can see their families faces and that’s something they thought were never be able to do again.

Interactive public art

Do you ever go to an art show with interactive art pieces but they have a sign that reads “do not touch the art work“, well I got some interactive art that you can touch and interact with.


Image result for interactive swings montreal

Musical swings

This musical swing set of 21 is located in Montreal in the busiest quartier. This contemporary swing set is one way to bring people together in a public space with balance of fast-paced urban environment. Each swing has a different instrument that was pre-recorded and will play as you swing. The swings are equipped with motion sensors. The swings will play a complex melodies when the swings move together.


The Think sphere

The interactive think sphere was created for the TEDx Somerville that promotes “ideas worth sharing.” As people walk in the group’s building the bright sphere is like a beckon that draw’s people toward it to give it a go. It’s a public work but also acts as an interface between conference attendees and random passerby’s.


A flexible field of grass

This flexible field of grass will entertain you to no end, this fun interactive field was created by Daniel Lyman. Find this interactive piece of art in Salt Lake City that is composed with more than 1,000 moly-filled nylon rods which are each 10 feet long. People are invited to walk through this urban field and interact with the flexible rods that bend and undulate mimicking grass or tree’s blowing in the wind. During the night is when this field of grass gets colorfully lit creating a magical feeling.


Image result for roller coaster stairs germany

Roller Coaster Staircase

This roller coaster staircase of fun and excitement is on top a hill in Duisburg, Germany created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. They call it the Tiger and turtle: Magic Mountain which is a 70 feet tall sculpture that looks like a winding thrilling roller coaster but is actually a staircase. People can explore this staircase for its view while others are recalling childhood memories of theme parks.

These interactive art pieces are very exciting and makes me want to travel to test out and see them first hand.

Which one of these interactive art pieces is your favorite?

Concept Or Story?


Have you ever watched a good animated movie, anime, or even played a game where the characters are just perfection and complete the whole story, almost to the point where they were created of being so? Of course, they were, and with that one character or two that usually has you cheering for them until the end rather them being a protagonist or antagonist you just find their looks seemingly memorable.

But have you really considered the time it’s taken to get the characters down rather than the story itself? It’s the director who gives his/her ideas off towards the concept art group and it’s their jobs to make his/her ideas come to life on paper or computer, if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, Naruto, or Bleach they started straight from scratch with papers before sending them towards the computer crew for coloring. Another great anime was Inuyasha created by Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha has some of the most inspiring Character Concepts including Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and all the other characters themselves.

Concept Art for Sailor Moon (School Clothes)


Concept Art for Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)


Figuring out concepts for game characters is no different than playing around with their appearance as much as you want like creating concepts for anime or such, but it can take endless hours to create that “one” appearance that sticks in the eyes of someone while after playing games, especially when it needs to be changed up once again, the nice concept gets spiced up with a whole new look or one that looks the same with just a few modifications. It doesn’t really effect the story in anyway how the character dresses, but is it reasonable to make a character wear something light in cold environments when meanwhile they could likely freeze?


Jr & Chaos Concept Art (Xenosaga).


Lightning Concept Art (Lightning Returns)



As an aspiring Concept Artist myself, I find now that making concepts to match the personas you plan for your main characters is a necessary step in moving forward throughout it. With loads of ideas and different clothing types to hairstyles for characters it’s often difficult to choose just one, but it all starts right from a single thought, endless hours of coming up with the character you’re thinking of takes time, effort and most of all, patience.

In a game, anime, or animated movie what do you look forward to most, characters or the story-line, does it impact you most with characters that are most memorable or just a story that is?

Video Game Classics

Have you ever played a game that was just so good. So good you still play it every once and awhile. Maybe you play it a lot. There are some games that are just so darn good that they’re basically a classic. But, what makes them a classic.

One game I can always count on for hours of fun is Golden-eye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Sure the graphics aren’t up to today’s standards. Aside from that there is so much replay-ability value. The levels are designed well and the controls are pretty good too. The amount of times that I’ve booted up the old 64 just to play it, is countless.

If you look at what makes a game a classic is how much fun you had playing it and how many times you went crawling back to it. Games with a lot of content, and good game design are attractive for a long time. Sure graphics can be amazing , but without good design or thought , they really do not matter. Even Mario has had some major hits. The color palettes and the characters , and the game-play always brings back a lot of fans. Fans who will always stand by Super Mario Bro’s. I know I will .They just stand the test of time , because they were designed well and fun to play. Design is so important in video games.Good design is the difference in whether people will actually want to play your game or just chuck it in the garbage.

Some games have even made me want to play them twice , or send me on a wild goose chase just to find a copy of them. If you have ever played Commander Keen , good on you ! If not , Commander Keen is a plat former where you travel around as a little astronaut who has crash-landed on some alien planet. Sounds simple enough, it did have its difficulties.But if i could get my hands on that it would be a dream come true. The colors they used , the level design, and the replay-ability always kept me coming back for more, which by my standards makes it a classic.

Classics are games that keep you coming back for more and more over the years.

Are there any games that you would consider to be a classic ? Any games that you’ll always go back to ?  Let me know in the comments below.

Olly, the Robot with a Personality

Imagine, a black donut shaped robot that will rise to greet you and face in your direction whenever speaking.  A robot that doesn’t just respond with a voice, but also responds with light patterns.

Meet Olly, your robot with a personality.

Olly is a brain-inspired artificial intelligence formed by a group of machine and neuroscience learning scientists.  Olly is a robot you are able to have a conversation with, and is always there to help.  And since you are a unique person, every Olly is different and unique, depending on your daily conversations and interactions.

A couple of years ago in London the first Olly prototype was showed on stage at the TechCrunch Battlefield, and this year they picked up multiple awards for the product which include four innovation awards; Smart Home, Drones and Unnamed Systems, Home Appliances, and Home Audio-video Accessories.

Since the Olly was presented, many things were changed.  The overall design of Olly is completely changed, the company itself has built a speech recognition, and all hardware is tailor made.  They have used shape, colour, and movement to create a UI system.  This allows Olly to express its personality and emotions.

To show just how unique each Olly is, Emotech had a booth at CES where they had two Olly’s present.  The first Olly was very energetic and wanted to start a conversation with anyone who walked by.  Olly number two would wait patiently for someone to come up to it to start a conversation.  The booth was to show that Olly has deep-learning capabilities, which means if you were to buy one yourself, Olly would slowly become more like you when it starts to understand you and your daily routines.

But what else can Olly do?  Olly is also quite similar to Amazon’s Echo and/or Google Home.  Olly can look up questions for you, and you can connect it to your smartphone.  But with it’s deep-learning capabilities Olly is then able to detect things such as wanting to listen to music and what type of music.

Olly is not yet available to the public, but when it is the price should be around $700.

What do you think about Olly?

The First VISOR?

For any of you who have a love of Star Trek, I’m assuming you’ve seen, or at least know of Star Trek: The Next Generation. One of the main characters is man named Geordie La Forge, a Starfleet engineer who was born blind. Now, this isn’t a problem as this takes place in the 2300’s and the technology is far superior to ours. Mr. La Forge (before getting ocular implants) wore what is called a VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement) that allowed him to see by detecting electromagnetic signals across the EM spectrum (between 1 Hz and 100,000 THz) and used them to send signals to the brain through implants. This seems a little excessive, even for this day in age, but the technology isn’t far off.

Black eSight3

This is the eSight 3, A device that, although doesn’t “fix” blindness, allows people who are legally blind to see clearly. It works for about 4/5 people and works best for those who suffer from Macular Degeneration, but it works on a number of other conditions as well.

eSight CEO Dr. Brian Mech wanted to take advantage of the current improvements and successes of VR to help people. The eSight 3 uses high-speed, high-definition cameras to capture what the user is looking at, and displays it on 2 OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes. Using a remote that is connected to the headset, the user is able to zoom in or brighten/darken so that she is given the best sight possible. The headset can also take photos, capturing what the user is seeing. This not only gives people their sight back, but also gives them freedom. They can safely walk around in public without aid so that they don’t have to rely on a guide dog or white cane. It also helps them read so that they won’t need to use braille.

A couple of the drawbacks are that it isn’t waterproof, nor are users able to drive while wearing it, but the stages it’s at now are remarkable.

eSight 3

Sitting at $10,000 a piece, it is most definitely not the most affordable thing out there, but for many of the users, what the eSight 3 does for them is priceless.

We may not be at the point of curing blindness, but this step forward is truly incredible and who can even imagine where we will be in 10 years. And who knows? Maybe we will reaching VISOR technology sooner than 2300.


Espionage or writing utensil?

How about Both?

Have you ever found it almost impossible to take notes while in a meeting or a lecture hall and still keep up with what the speaker is saying? Or have you ever wanted to remember a special moment in your life and not be that obnoxious person with a huge camera snapping pictures that results in a huge flash every five minutes? Or have you ever wanted to do something slightly more devious and spy on or record someone without their knowledge? If you answered yes to question one or two and okay three (even though i totally do not condone spying on someone FYI) then the Spy Camera Pen is probably the thing you are looking for.

This little gadget comes equipped with  a built in lithium battery that can be recharged by using any USB port (perfect if you are doing covert espionage and only have your laptop near you) and it can record up to 2 GB of video, which again would be perfect for those who love to record the memories as they happen or spy on people as things happen. Either way, that’s a lot of video for your viewing pleasure once it’s all said and done. That video would also be good quality for your viewing pleasure as it takes crystal clear video through 1080p and 780p. It will also allow you to take smooth action shots if you are the type who will settle for a snapshot instead of a video. Also for those night owls who love to take pictures at night it also has the capability of a low light performance with minimal pixilation. Which for me would be handy because I absolutely can’t stand it when a picture looks pixalated. And the last feature but certainly not least, it comes equipped with a Time/Date stamp feature so that you can remember when and where exactly those photos were taken. It also has the dual feature of turning it off just in case there are some pictures or videos you’d rather forget when they were taken.

I personally love to record things, and remember passed events via video or pictures but i also don’t really like carrying around a camera or even my phone all the times. This pen would be perfect for me as I could just pop it in my pocket and be good to go to record and remember things as long as I had a USB port nearby just in case the battery life was used up before


Personally, I think that today, most of our lives are controlled by electronics. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it could soon take up residence in our medicine cabinets in the form of “electronic aspirin.”   Are you a patient of Migraine, Headaches and Facial pain, and you use a lot of Aspirin tablets that don’t just help to stop the pain? Don’t worry because scientists at Autonomic Technologies Inc. (ATI) in Redwood City, California have developed a state-of-the-art neurostimulation  system that helps with the treatment of Migraine Headaches. And this device is called Electronic Aspirin. The Electronic Aspirin  is a patient-powered tool for blocking Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) signals whenever you have a sign of a headache.

This little device is a stimulator that is just about the size of an almond which can be implanted through a surgical insertion into your gum near the molar, and most often it is placed on the side of the head where the headaches occurs most of the time. With this new technology anyone suffering from headaches can just place a remote control in the side of the cheek where the pain is and stimulate the SPG nerves, stopping neurotransmitters that cause the pain. After the pain is treated you can just remove the remote control to deactivate the implant.

This are some of the reasons I think anyone having a lot of headaches should try the little device.

1.   The patient will experience an almost pain free life.

2.  The patient will be able to control when to use the device.

3.  No downfalls of pain medication such as internal issues or tolerance.

4.  It is now  readily available  .

5.  It lasts longer than any other pain medication.

The only side effects known for now occur  during and after inserting the implant. Some common side effects include throat numbness, lowered blood pressure, and nausea. Rarer symptoms include nasal bleeding, nasal infection and a temporary increase in headache pain. But my question is would you want to place such electronic device in your body and does anyone think that he or she could be controlled through the little device?.