Video Game DLC


Some games companies such as bungie, & activision are building good games, but how good are they? I really liked this game called “Destiny”. Since its first launch in 2014, Its a good story to follow, the plot & everything though there aren’t much missions to go through, well as in today the game “Destiny” is fully complete, its has like 4 dlc’s that you have to buy in order to get more stages  I think they released it to early because.. Its playable but people are playing the same stages over & over again.

Like a Cheese burger, imagine  with just a bun nothing else, that’s the game itself, If you want a burger on your bun your going have to purchase a dlc  in order to get more excitement, to get more satisfaction, and it goes on. Want cheese with your burger? buy another DLC. how about ketchup & lettuce? purchase another one.  DLC means Downloadable Content by the way. Some gaming companies as I mentioned earlier are over doing it, they want our money, but for what another game so we can keep going under the endless cycle of paying them.


MMO’s and Their Money Making Strategies.

So you wanna know what an MMO is? An MMO is a “Massively Multiplayer Online” game, essentially if a game is online based, it’s open world, and servers hold a plethora of players at a single time, chances are you’re playing one. Examples of such games are: World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Lord of the Rings Online.

So why am I talking about these games you may be asking.

Well some of these games are bought at the usual price of $60 and then after you get home and get the game installed (and the immense amounts of updates if the game has a bit of age to it) you have to pay a monthly subscription to play. The usual monthly subscription price among most of the subscription based games is $15 a month. Essentially you’re paying extra on top of the wallet chunk you handed out to pay for the game to begin with. Though a subscription based game usually doesn’t create mass amounts of miscellaneous paid content such as EXP (experience) boosts, currency boosts, or flashy cosmetic items that make you look so cool.

But what if you don’t want to continue paying for a game you already paid for?

Well you’re in luck my friend, because there are MMO’s that are free to play after purchase, or just straight up free to play that you just have to download from the internet. Games that are free to play after purchase are: Elder Scrolls Online (after losing too much money more than likely), and Guild Wars 2 (best genre game 10/10). These games tend to release a handful of miscellaneous paid for items which mostly range from cosmetic items to timed EXP (experience) boosts.

Then there are straight up free to play. Some of the games in this section are just, the worst things ever to me but others I’m fine with. These games tend to entice a general audience with the factor of “the less armor a female characters wears the more defense she has”. As with their game being free they shove out paid cosmetics like crazy to try and make some money to keep their game rolling.

If you want my opinion:
Do some research before you buy an MMO that you have to pay a subscription for, or play something like Guild Wars 2, There’s free expansion updates and no after payment is required to enjoy it.


Loon Copter Drone, air and water!

Have you ever wanted to have both an RC plane and boat?  Well now you can, with the Loon Copter you can both fly AND dive!  This abnormal drone can land in the water, upon landing it begins to draw in water into its buoyancy chamber, causing it to sink.  As it sinks, the copter tilts sideways so that it’s propellers can pull it through the water at blazing speeds!  That was sarcasm, it is very slow both in the air and underwater as it is only in its prototype stages, however Oakland University hopes to make it into the next big thing and mass produce it for the public to use!

Currently the drone is still being worked on, one of the biggest issues right now is the range of the signal from remote is only a few meters while the drone is underwater, this and the fact the drone cannot withstand many pounds of force that the water puts on it.  This presents a rather large issue as people want to see the drone dive deep underwater so that people can utilize the camera on the drone to get some nice shots.

Members of the university say that this drone is just a prototype for a bigger version that people can actually ride in, however they do tell us not to get our hopes up as it is still in the making and may take quite some time before it is released.


Nintendo Celebrates Mario’s 30th Anniversary with the Release of Mario Maker

While it is a bit late seeing as Nintendo’s actual celebration ended in December 2015 it is still an achievement and I think Mario’s 30th anniversary is a monumental topic.  While some might not think that a video game character would need an anniversary; others may think ‘Wow. Mario has been around for 30 years’.  Considering that most game characters don’t last for more than one game Mario has been around for a long time.  Personally my thoughts are ‘It has been 30 years since the release of an iconic and revolutionary game’ .




To go along with the thirtieth anniversary nintendo released ‘Mario Maker’.  While similar to previous Mario games, being a 2-D platformer, it has its own unique aspect.  In Mario Maker players are able to be the creators of the levels using any graphics from all previous Mario games.


This is a wonderful idea for a game to celebrate 30 years of Mario games. This gives players, who loved any of the older Mario games, an amazing opportunity to play their preferred game of choice.  In this day in age one might think that those people would just play their original copy of the game or use an emulator, which they probably still will, but this gives them an opportunity to experience something entirely new in the previously familiar environment.  Giving players the ability to create the levels they always wanted to experience and simultaneously allows players an endless number of new levels to play.  I say, thank you Nintendo for giving lovers of Mario bros. games this opportunity.

Summer Break

Summer Break…or Bust?

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I should do over the summer break. We have a solid 4 months of vacation till school starts again and I was looking at some of the options out there. The most obvious choice would be to relax and enjoy the summer off to catch up with friends and family that have been neglected during our crazy first year. Then I got to thinking…I will probably forget some of the useful information I’ve learned over the last year, and I don’t want that. So I started googling, and I found an amazing program called Codecadamy, I am sure many of you have heard of this website. (I’ve inserted a link Codecadamy teaches you coding! online! for free!  This will be very helpful while away from school because starting September we will probably dive right in where we left off in April. If you don’t want to take the tests and schooling Codecadamy teaches you, and would rather fool around and try out different things on your own, then I would suggest the W3. The W3School has online web tutorials and can help you create a beautiful code. The JQuery Website also has a learning activity section that can help you apply many effects to whatever it is you are creating.

You could get a summer job working and gain precious industry knowledge, and new contacts that could possible help you when you are done school the following year. Whatever it is you do I highly recommend keeping your current knowledge up-to-date, even sprucing up your Portfolio over the summer with the new tricks we have learned over the last few weeks would be beneficial.

I know it can be tempting to just throw your books up in the air, or computers in our case, and just be free this summer!! but keep in mind September will come and loosing even some of the knowledge we have all worked so hard for would be disappointing.
Balance is the key to life, find yours! balance1


Self-Filling Water Bottle

Being out exercising in the wilderness can be fun, especially with friends! Rock climbing, hiking, biking, hunting… even just being at the beach is a good way to get exercise and catch some rays. However; being outdoors in the sun also takes a toll on your health, especially if you don’t stay hydrated. Bringing a water bottle with you is a smart idea if you plan on being outdoors for hours at a time, but there’s always the issue of running out of water and being left dehydrated and more vulnerable to exhaustion and heat stroke. Luckily, a startup company called Fontus might be able to help!

Fontus, an Austrian-based startup company, is developing a new water bottle that fills itself using the water vapour from the air, filling the water bottle gradually by using condensation. It’s supposedly able to produce 0.5 litres of water in a single hour. The water bottle will be released in 2 different models – the Airo and the cycling-specific Ryde – but it’s not yet available on the markets because the water bottle is still in development. Concerns such as dirt contamination, bugs, and dust getting into the water is something that should be looked into. This shouldn’t be too much of a milestone, however, because Fontus was a finalist to receive a Dyson award in 2014 for it’s solar-powered water filtration device.

The Austrian government just granted Fontus more funding to continue development on their water bottles, and Fontus plans to launch the product and make it marketable to the public in March, 2016 by using a crowd-funding campaign. Product validation tests are still in progress, and Fontus hopes that the crowd-funding campaign will help pay for said tests.

Here’s a video showcasing the award-winning prototype:


I-MMA Smash

A couple months ago I heard that the second years were making a Virtual Reality game as a project. Yes it appears I’ve come back to my first post about VR, but I started thinking about how we might end up doing the same thing in our second year. As I kept pondering the subject and mulling it over and over, I had an idea that we could do something of the sort; albeit maybe a little more mentally tasking as a class.

My proposal is this.. We create a game for PC or console (if possible), that is based off the all time favorite, Super Smash Bros. Now first off you might think that VR would be a bigger challenge, and in certain aspects you would be correct. What I believe would be the bigger challenge, would be inputting the physics, the damage calculators, and all of the game’s rules and logistics that would allow it to run and play just like a typical game of Smash. I don’t think we could pull off anything as amazing as the newer versions of the game at all, but I believe we could still make an older version and still have it work.

I feel as if this would give us big test of our skills, not only the developers, but also the designers who would have to make all the concept art and graphics for the game. This would not only give us a good project to focus on and hone our skills with, but it would also give us a good opportunity to add something we created from scratch to our portfolios. I believe it would be very beneficial to add to a resume, especially if we managed to get some writes to publish it as an indie game on PC or Console.

Although publishing it is a bit of a leap, I think it would still be a great idea for a final project in the course. Even if we managed to get the basics set, it would make for a class project to work on at a later date. We could even use it as a project and try to fund the work through Kickstarter.

So my question for you is what do you think? Do you think having this as a project for next year is a good idea?


Steam – Ultimate Entertainment Platform

Play, connect, create, and more. If you’ve been on Steam, you know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure you must have heard of the Steam Controller or Steam link but what is Steam? Steam is an internet-based digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation which offers digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer, and social networking. Steam was first released on September 12, 2003 and is supported on Microsoft Windows but some games are compatible with the OS X and Linux. Steam is a terrific way to buy new releases, with both current and upcoming titles. Steam was originally designed to download patches for Counter-Strike, and other titles but it soon evolved into a store that boasts an incredibly vast video game catalogue with over 3,500 ranging from Action to Indie.

Speaking of which, Steam has something called Greenlight. This option allows indie developers to put their games on display and have feedback from Steam users. This allows gamers to vote for the games they’re most likely to buy. Without Greenlight, we wouldn’t have great games such as Vector or Surgeon Simulator. In addition to this, Steam features Steam Workshop where users can create, modify and upload their creations for Workshop-compatible games and share them. The Steam Engine automatically handles game downloads and installation. Using Steam, you can purchase games and it allows you to install them on multiple computers, but only one can be logged into an account at once. Steam has another function known as Steam Family Share, which allows the user to lend his/her games to others. If you switch to Offline mode, you can play a single game across multiple computers from a single account. Isn’t that neat?

Even though all those other features are great, Valve has something else that make it stand apart from all the competition. During summer and winter, Steam has Holiday Sales where gamers can stockpile games and have more than they can ever play. Rumours have it that Steam will be coming on Xbox soon but it’s just a myth. I believe if this ever happens, it would mean when you buy a game on Steam and you’ll be able to play it on other platforms. Sony will be in deep trouble!

Steam rose from a terrible project to one of the most popular gaming community. So why don’t you play some games and let off some steam?


Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an upcoming mobile app that allows users to catch virtual Pokémon in real life. That’s right, your childhood dreams of becoming a Pokémon master can now come true. The app uses augmented reality to portray sprites of your favourite Pokémon in the world right in front of you. To fully utilize the app, a separate wrist band is sold that uses bluetooth to connect to your device. This wrist band will light up and vibrate when you’re close to a Pokémon in the real world.


The point of Pokémon GO is to simulate being a Pokémon trainer in real life. To find Pokémon, you must physically leave your house and capture them. Once captured, you can train your Pokémon by fighting other Pokémon out in the wild. Where you live will determine the kind of Pokémon that you’ll be able to find. For example, the biome in Australia is really dry and rocky, so you would be able to find and catch rock or ground type Pokémon. If you lived in Sydney, you would be able to catch these along with water type Pokémon, due to the city being a harbour. The whole point of this is to encourage people to travel and get out of the house. I think this is a great idea, because video games tend to keep people in the house and away from the real world.

Along with being able to capture and train Pokémon, you can also battle Pokémon with other people. Pokémon GO takes the concept of Pokémon, and applies it to the real world. I am personally very excited to see games like this become more innovative and interactive. Augmented reality is still such a new concept, and I’m eager to see where it will go. As a person who grew up playing Pokémon games, it’s amazing to see it come to real life. I hope more games in the future consider augmented reality as a medium.

Do you believe that games like Pokémon GO are a good thing? Or is it taking away from traditional games? I believe that it’s a good advancement, and it can only get better from here.




Manned missions to Mars and even eventual settlement are the eventual objective of almost every space agency on planet at this time. Having people on another planet even for a limited time will change how we communicate, for example will the people operate using the time system we have or would they have new  clocks for the different time on Mars.  When we communicate with whoever is on mars be it astronauts or settlers the communication will be vastly different then when we communicate to people here or in space near earth. The internet would take far longer to load and operate thanks to the vast  distance,  What kind of websites would we build for these people where every bit of data will slow down the speed of their systems, we might create a far more efficient code to use so that they may receive information at a acceptable speed.

If we do have people on mars for long periods of time the way they interact with things will change in ways that we have never thought of. The atmosphere on Mars is a much lower pressure than what we have here on earth will our modern technology survive in the environment there? It would be far better to send people with the best we can offer managing things with tablets rather than the much older technology that we used to send people to the moon.These missions will be happening in the next decade or so so what do you think will our technology need to be changed to talk with Mars?



Where Will We All Be?

I think many of us can agree that the IMA program has been a life changing event for us. And it’s not really surprising, I mean, college is usually a time of big transition and growth. We’ve learnt so much over the last 5 months, and I mean that in more ways than one, not only the technical skills, and design theory. We’ve learnt about each other and from each other. We’ve learnt who each person is, what their strengths are, what they like to do, and what they don’t like to do. Really, we’ve become a family, as cheesy as it sounds. We spend 8 hours together, every single day, that’s more time than I spend with my own family. We’ve learnt to work together and help each other, and we’ve all become quite close.

New friendships have been made, and even old ones have been strengthened. I’ll be the first to admit, when the course first started I had no idea I would be so close with the people in the class, and to be honest I’m glad I am. I think, and hope that the friendships we make in these 2 years will be life long relationships. At this point in time we’re at the peak of the first year and we’re too busy getting the work done for the deadline to sit and think, that in a year and a half, we’ll be graduating.

It’s crazy to think this much time has already gone by, and the rest is also going to fly by. It makes me wonder, what paths will we all take? what specializations will each of us choose? what cities will we move to? what goals will change from now till then?. It’ll be an interesting time, when we graduate and say goodbye, and each of us move on to continue living our lives and chasing our dreams. I can’t help but wonder, in 5 years time, where will we all be?


iPhone 7: No Headphone Jack?

Apple has been a very innovative company over the years. With the introduction of the iPod Touch and the continuous development of the iPhone, it’s really no surprise that a 7th generation of iPhone is in the works. Although most of its features still seem to be rumors at this point, one of the main concerns with the device is that it may eliminate the use of regular headphones entirely. With its Lightning Port, the slot in which you use to charge your phone, there is discussion that Apple’s own wireless headphones will function from this port as well. It’s supposed to make the newer phone thinner and more sleek, but do we really need that? iPhones have already proven themselves to be quite fragile as their models become slimmer, so why continue along that path?

The rumor came about when an iPhone jailbreaker discovered ‘Headphones.have.%sinput.NO.’ in Apple’s 9.3 beta software.


We all have our favorite earphones or headphones that we can conveniently plug into anything with an audio jack. This allows us to listen to our favorite music or watch our favorite videos with ease. If Apple pursues this idea of a phone that is only compatible with their own earphones, will this allow them to profit or will they falter with millions of unsatisfied customers? In my opinion, I think that this is a bad move on their part. Along with the expensive prices of their phones upon release, they are forcing us to buy and use only their headphones, limiting what we can use and what we prefer to use. The only way I could really see this working is if third-party companies began to produce headphones that were compatible with the new iPhone, allowing a bit more diversity when it comes to using what we want. Adapters are also a possibility, but how much would those cost?

Although this is just a rumor at this point, I’m not really sure if the iPhone 7 will be a huge success or a major flop. If they decide to integrate this idea into their technology, I will definitely be switching to something else.

Open-World Game

Linear VS Open World Games

Having a game hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do at all times can be frustrating, but so can being totally lost, on the verge of searching the web for directions. This balance of having an experience that supports both exploration and clarity, remains one of the biggest struggles that games and their developers face today.

Some games are known for having vast, open worlds in which you can explore and do whatever you like. Others are known for their guided, intricate stories that without such guidance, would be impossible to tell. Both can succeed, but it’s the purpose behind the game and what it wants to provide you, the player, that makes the difference. Some like to sit down and experience the 300 hour-long world of Witcher 3. Others like myself, would rather have several shorter experiences that still provide a sense of immersion, yet we can pick up, play, and put down as we please. Don’t get me wrong, when Zelda comes out this Christmas, you might not see me at school for a couple months, but for right now when it seems like I have work I could be doing at any time, I can’t see myself committing to such a game.

I find open-world games often give the player too much freedom, but maybe that’s just me. They also severely limit the amount of games I can play because of their size. I felt this way especially in 2015, where we were bombarded with games like The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Metal Gear, and Fallout 4 hitting every other month. These games literally drop you in with a backstory and a set of tools and tell you to go explore and live in their world for a few hours. How is that supposed to make me feel Kojima and Todd Howard?! If they were here next to me, they’d probably say it should feel “freeing” or something like that, but it’s impossible for me to keep up, and I found myself not even touching the $80 dollar game I just bought. Lately I play games that can be experienced in 5-45 minute intervals and see how it goes from there, because I never know when I’m going to remember the paper that’s due tomorrow. I think you just have to pick that one AAA game series that clicks with you and ride that train to the grave.


Droppler – Evaporating Our Ignorance

Are you ever in a public restroom and see others washing their hands in the sinks? Odds are, you have at least once, but did you ever notice how much water they’re using just to clean their hands? Do they leave the tap on when they aren’t using the water? Do you? Even in our homes, we may be a tad ignorant to how much water we use simply because it’s too tedious to turn the tap off and on exactly when it’s needed. We can ignore the impact our waste of water can have on the environment simply because we can’t visualize it. Until now.

The Droppler, a product currently looking for backers on Indiegogo, is a product that can be attached to the tap of your sink. Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, it can show you how much water is being used.


While a very simple idea, its impact is surprisingly large. Other environmental solutions are often on a grand scale to fix a problem within the span of a decade. However, the Droppler takes a different approach by tackling the problem straight from the source. We can be a bit careless with our water, but the Droppler helps us see that it’s wrong to. By seeing how much water we waste, we become much more aware of the problem and immediately want to fix it. Perhaps, in the future, we can all become accustomed to only using as much water as we need.

I definitely think this product can have a positive influence on the environment, but only if we’re willing to buy and use it. A downside to this product is that its price is looking to be 99$ USD, which may be out of the price range for a lot of people; Or, simply, may be asking too much for something as simple as making a lit up bar smaller every time water is used. With a simple price reduction, I do think that those who care about the environment will want to buy it that much more.

I also think this product is a stepping stone to removing our ignorance for everything we waste. Future products could take note of what the Droppler does and apply that to other things we waste, such as garbage, energy, and food. If that were to happen, our society could become much more conscious about the environment.


The Value of Perseverance

Missing school because of personal problems outside of school is a problem in itself: you miss class because of external problems in your social life, an illness, being up too late, or even just straight-up irresponsibility… but be what it might, you must learn to adapt and persevere or fail. Everyone has issues, and everyone handles their issues differently, but if you don’t at least try to keep up with what’s important – and I mean truly important – you’re going to have an even harder time as the stress piles up because of your neglected responsibilities located outside of your problems.

Take me, for example: I missed class all week last week because I had bronchitis. However, I stayed in contact with the instructors and got extensions where they were needed, and even worked from home to get some assignments finished. If you inform your instructors of what you’re up to, they’re more than happy to accomodate you and help you when you ask. Persevering through your problems goes a long way, and although it may be painful to try and wrack your brain with everything else jumbling it up, it really adds up in the long run. Getting that high mark at the end of such a struggle is a huge boost to your self-esteem, work ethic, and your GPA, of course.

When evaluated at the end of the year, you will hear about how you were absent so often and that your attendance might have been better, but at the same time, they will comment about how hard you worked despite your demons trying to drag you two steps backward when you took a step forward. When you’re applying for a job in the future and they look at your transcript, the employer might not be impressed with your attendance, but your grades might convince them to give you an interview regardless. It really matters in the end, even though it doesn’t seem like much now. The value of perseverance is one of the golden virtues, just like patience and kindness: each of those takes a lot more heart and courage than it would to give into the temptation of it’s opposite.