Hit and Runs in Brandon Manitoba

Anybody who owns a car would surely know the pain of being struck. While MPI will usually cover the cost of a vehicle being damaged, they cannot do so with hit and run situations where the perpetrator cannot be found. One of the ‘hotspots’ for these kind of collisions is the corral center parking lot. In bigger cities there are often cameras that watch over the parking lots, making it much easier to catch the person who had hit the other vehicle, however that is not the case here in Brandon Manitoba. After interviewing multiple associates of the stores in the Corral Center, it turns out that nobody has cameras that view the biggest parking lot in the city!

“We do not have cameras that can view anything outside our loading zone, its a shame really…we get about three or four calls per month or so about hit and runs in our parking lot.” Said store manager Erin Bowie of the Home Depot. After speaking to her and an associate who chooses to not be named from the Liquor store, it became apparent that there is almost no way to track any sort of crime committed in the parking lots of the Corral Center.


In conclusion, it is always wise to park closer to the store than it is away from it as they often do have some cameras that can view nearby the store. But as for hit and runs? Your best hope is that they dropped their license plate or left at least a bit of information for you to track them. Have you ever resolved a hit and run situation? If so, please let us know your story!

Crunchtime: The Struggle of Prioritizing Assignments

As the school year comes to an end, many students find themselves encumbered by tests and projects that pile up on top of each other, leaving students struggling to prioritize which assignments they should channel more effort into.

Figuring out priorities can be a struggle for people of any age. Whether it’s balancing work and family life, or your personal wellbeing over tasty junk food, but it’s this time of year that students’ ability to prioritize is truly tested by several combinations of exams to study for and assignments to work on.

Interactive Media Arts student Joshua Delaronde finds that at times, assignments can even seem more important than personal health:

Every student seems to have their own way of dividing effort among their assignments, but many struggle to find a method that really works on every level. Instructor Erin Cox says to “start with a list and prioritize all the tasks you need to complete for your individual assignments… first based on the deadlines, then by order of importance, and how you decide on the importance is really ultimately up to you.” Ultimately, it seems that focusing on deadlines is the most important way of prioritizing, but what do you do when all of your assignments are due on the same day, as they often are?

Ultimately, while the weight of assignments and deadlines are important, when it comes down to it, personal health takes priority over all.

School Security An Increasing Concern For Brandon Students

While the academic year for students at Assiniboine Community College is coming to a close, Students are not only trying to finish up last minute assignments, But in doing so they’re also spending late hours at the college in order to complete their year. Over the past year one sole problem has plagued students of Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College alike: Lack of security guards to keep them safe while they’re spending time working on assignments. With the college being open until midnight each day, This is especially an issue when students are working on projects into the early hours of the morning. Read More

Deadlifts, dumbbell curls, and danger?

Deadlifts, dumbbell curls, and danger?
-Dan Botan


Assiniboine Community College’s Athletic Centre comes under fire for repeated health and safety violations while repeatedly ignoring complaints.


Brandon-For many, the Assiniboine Community College’s (ACC) Victoria East Campus athletics centre is one of, if not the, quintessential ways of releasing pent up stress. Frequented by dozens of students, instructors, custodians and others who attend Assiniboine Community College, the athletic centre boasts a wide range of fitness equipment including a squat rack, a bench press station, elliptical machines, and treadmills. However, in recent months the athletics department has been drawing heavy criticism which has gone ignored by members of both the ACC student council, as well as the staff.









(The ACC Athletic Centre)

As early as September of 2017, complaints have been made by several members of ACC staff with regards to the improper maintenance, and deteriorated condition, of gym equipment in the athletic centre. As of April 2018, their voices have gone completely unheard as management staff has done little of nothing to remedy the situation. An effort was made, some time after December, rubber mats were placed across the floor of the gym, but this has done little to repair the mangled equipment


(Damaged Equipment Found In  The Athletic Centre)

Safety has become the  primary concern for those who voice their opinions about the situation. Specific focus has been drawn towards an unevenly level bench press machine which, for several months, had been balanced out with back-copies of lifestyle magazines, and is now supported by a small plastic disc.

Other student concerns raised include the deteriorated condition in which support cables were found. A barbell – broken since December – has yet to be replaced. Missing equipment such as safety knobs have become lodged in machines due to improper use, and many pieces of safety equipment are missing. Further upsetting gym-goers is what appears to be ACC’s repeated sidestepping of the issue.

ACC Student Vice President, Shelby Mymko, could only attest that “It’s not even our problem,” when asked about what is being done to fix the problems, and asserted that it was a staff issue.

ACC Student Services, Human Resources and Managerial Staff could not be reached for comment on the issue, and while rumours persist that the athletics centre is due to be upgraded in 2019, no official plans have been announced.


For ACC Newsline, I’m Dan Botan.


It’s About The Wonderful Animals Here At The Brandon Humane Society

Our family pets, like dogs and cats, have become important in our lives. They are there to comfort us when we are feeling down, entertain us with their funny moments, and most of all they have become our family.

However, there are animals out there that are being mistreated or worse abandoned, and not getting the same love or have the same comfort of living in a safe environment.

This is why humane societies such as the Brandon Humane Society are around to bring these mistreated animals in and give them a second chance of finding a forever home.

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Keeping Healthy During the Warm Seasons

With the new seasons fast approaching, there are some people who are happy to see the snow leave. The rising temperature mean that getting outside is becoming more and more accessible to people. But for some, there are more than a few reasons to be apathetic about the upcoming seasons.

For some, allergies are a real reason to hate the spring time. Irritants like pollen and dust can make it hard to appreciate the beauty of the spring time. When it gets warmer out, things like mold and mildew can be especially aggravating to people.

Newsline asked this man about how his allergies affect his life. This is what he had to say.


Of course, there are many ways that you can help keep yourself happy and healthy when your allergies start to act up. Here are some precautions that you can take to make sure that you stay safe this spring season.

  1. Understand when pollen is active. Try to avoid staying outside for excessive amounts of time from around 10 AM to around 4 PM. This is when pollen is most likely to be active.
  2. Taking a shower after you come back from being outside is a good way to keep your indoors clean of any irritants as as well.
  3. Keeping your grass mowed and short ensures that anything caught in it will be swept away by the wind, keeping your healthy and your lawn looking fresh!




Pothole Season Brings Awareness to Community

How citizens of Brandon can deal with the dangers of potholes during this time of year.

With most of the snow melted, it may seem like our roads and streets are completely safe for driving. But as it turns out, that’s not always the case; especially at this time of year. Potholes usually form in the spring season because of the melted snow, which then causes water to seep into cracks in the pavement. When temperatures drop below 0 degrees, water freezes which can push the pavement out of place, creating a pothole. Potholes are most likely to form in area with poor drainage and lots of heavy traffic. More information on how potholes are formed can be found on the City of Brandon’s Website

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The Big Decision

For first year students, deciding what field you want to specialize in can be a difficult decision.  For Interactive Media Arts students, prior to registering for the program, there were two different sides: Interactive and Media.  Now that we’re in the month of April, both the Media and Interactive students have another decision to make.

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Is Binge Watching Taking Over Our Lives?

With the introduction of streaming services binge watching TV has become the newest trend that most people have adopted. Binge watching TV has become a staple with on demand TV with services like Netflix leading the charge with hundreds of TV series all available with the click of a remote. Binge watching can burn away those extra hours before bed, but binge watching has began to have some negative effects on lives. Read More

Nostalgia Trip: Cassette Tapes Making A Comeback?

The year is 1989, you’re cruising down the street listening to your brand new copy of Tom Petty’s “Full Moon Fever” on cassette tape and life is good. Then suddenly cassette tapes just sort of fade away, succumbing to the infinitely superior CD.

Being born in the very tail end of the 1990’s I’m barely even old enough to remember a time when cassette tapes were one of the prefered choices for music distribution, Read More

Getting Over the Creative Block

A big issue that happens all the time in this industry, and just in general is having a tough time finding inspiration to do a job. Many tasks that we as media people have to do is use our imagination and be creative to do what we have to do. This can be draining on our minds and we lose inspiration and the ability to try and be as creative as possible. Once we start to run out of ideas, we end up with lackluster creations and work that we aren’t that proud of.  Read More

Sam Hyde Is The Shooter: A Look At The Dangerous Side Of Memes.

There are several facts in life which cannot be debated; What goes up must come down, grass will grow, and the Internet is a dark and scary place. At the best of times the ‘information superhighway’ acts as the biggest game of schoolyard ‘Telephone’, information passes from source, to recipient through several dozen channels which dilute the information. Much like Telephone on the playground, often what is heard wasn’t near close to what was said. The relative ease of accessing information, and of spreading information, across the internet has made miscommunications abundant. Never has this been more apparent with the rise of the ‘Sam Hyde is The Shooter’ meme. For all intents and purposes, here’s a quick rundown on who Sam Hyde is, what the meme represents and why it is dangerous.


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A Call to Action

So, imagine this: we are at the start of the second year, life is good. But you feel like you want to get more experience. Of course, you have the opportunity at WCGTV. But maybe that isn’t your speed, well look no further I have a solution. We have a hidden gem nobody seems to talk about, our sports programs. You often see the sports at ACC are so underwhelmingly covered.

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AMD Navi: Pushing for a Better GPU Market

With AMD focused for the better part of their career on the entry and mid-level GPU market, it has become more and more apparent that Nvidia is in control of the high-end side of things. Products like the GTX 1080 and its “Ti” counterpart offer so much to the gaming and creative market that it almost seems like a no-brainer to go with the green team. But AMD has been quietly scheming; they recently announced their next GPU architecture. Goodbye Vega.

Hello Navi!

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